Monday, November 05, 2012



I've had quite an unintended long hiatus from my blog. Apologies.

 I have been going through a MAC binge lately. I have bought something from each collection this past Summer & Fall season - which is unfortunate for my wallets but I couldn't pass such hyped up items including this year's Holiday Glamour Daze/Fabulouness Collection which is my opinion has been the prettiest package I've seen in a long time (seriously, what was with the crap Marilyn Monroe stickers...hmph.)

There wasn't much swatches to go buy in the 2012 Collection prior to my purchase a few weeks ago but I knew I wanted a palette and a few lipsticks unique to my collection.

($39.50) Fabulousness - Neutral Eyes
($19.50) Extra Dimension Eyeshadow - A Natural Flirt
($16.50) Outrageously Fun Lipstick
($16.50) Dramatic Encounter Lipstick

For the most part, I feel the collection in a whole embodies the fall/winter color scheme. Cool, dark and vampy shades with an exclusion to some bright colors here and there. I love the Fabulousness Eyeshadow palettes - very Victorian and something worth displaying on your vanity. The casing is a soft, plush fabric that I had planned keeping in my daily makeup bag but with the material being easy to stain I might refrain from that.

The lipstick and extra dimension casings are all shiny, which at first I didn't realize until I compared to the regular MAC items (I say this because I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't add a cute design to those packaging as well) but nonetheless nice packaging overall.



A Natural Flirt - At first the shadow didn't catch my attention until I saw a swatch. It's a soft, peach champagne shade - the peach is more noticeable in person and such a gorgeous shade. I'm happy I picked this one up. Not the biggest fan of metallic finishes but I know I can play with this shade in various neutral looks.

Blonde Mink - It's a nude shade with silver/grey undertones, frosted finish. Not my favorite out the bunch - could look ashy on darker skintones.

Magical Mist - A Taupe shade, reminiscent of MAC's Taupe but more silver. It blended well as the color didn't turn muddy but fallout does happen.

Brun - Dark Brown, grey undertones. I actually don't have this shade in my collection. I can describe it as muddy brown (I like saying muddy... muuuddd ah I'll stop) because when blended it looks just like that so it would make a great brown smokey look. With no shimmer and a light hand, you can use it for brows as well.

Enviable - Dirty Sea/Mint-Green. This shade is really gorgeous, perhaps the sole reason why I purchased the palette because I had nothing like it in my collection. I'm a sucker for minty-cool looking shadows.

Smut - Dark Brown, Red undertone. I also don't own this permanent shade and it's a lovely shade that also has a muddy effect (the more you blend the more you're able to see undertone shades).


Outrageously Fun - Pale but Bright Magenta shade. I have a lot of bright fuchsias shades and this is from that same category but I would say the uniqueness of this shade is that it isn't as overpowering as the bright pinks MAC has released. I love creamsheen formula because the first swipe is always a tint-like look and the more you layer the more intense.

Dramatic Encounter - Deep Purple/Berry color. I have some vampy colors but none with the right mixture of wearable without looking ridiculous. I like the berry undertone in this, paired with a right lip liner and look - it's very neat. It's in the same family as Rebel, if Rebel were to go emo you'd have Dramatic Encounter haha.

Where any of you fortunate enough to pick up some items - thoughts on the collection or other palettes?