Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaLast Nail Color 2012 Collection

MegaLast Nail Colors in
Wet Cement *NEW
Break The Ice
2% Milk
Private Viewing
Sugar Coat
Bite the Bullet
Through the Grapevine
Club Havana
On A Trip *NEW
I Red a Good Book *NEW
Haze of Love
Under Your Spell
I Need a Refresh-Mint *NEW

Are available at mass market retailers beginning February 2012.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Here is Nouveau Cheap's comparison on the old bottle versus new.

I Need A Refresh-Mint = China Glaze's For Audrey

New bottle design, 5-day chip-resistant formula, ManiCurve Pro Brush designed with a flat rod for even liquid dispersion, Formaldehye, Toluene, and Phthalate free.

Wet Cement - deep gray, brown undertone creme
Break The Ice - sheer frosty white with shimmer
2% Milk - sheer egg white creme
Private Viewing - sheer pale peach with very light shimmer
Sugar Coat - milky pink creme
Undercover - rustic mauve creme
Bite the Bullet - deep lilac creme
Through the Grapevine - bright plum creme
Candy-Licious - pink creme
Tropioca - fuschia creme
Club Havana - coral/orange creme
Heatwave coral with red undertones creme
On A Trip - blue/violet or cobalt creme
I Red a Good Book - red creme
Haze of Love - burgundy creme
Under Your Spell - dark burgundy with shimmer
Disturbia - dark purple with shimmer
I Need a Refresh-Mint - mint creme

Wet N Wild revamped the already popular MegaLast Nail Colors in formula, bottle and performance. There's more product and the brush is thicker for easier coating. Although this might be a problem for those who naturally have smaller nails and the brush overlapping easily onto the skin. As for the formula claiming to be chip-resistant up to 5-days, I can say overall my manis last a good 4 days without chipping and with the constant washing of my hands so that's a plus. I never really had problems with the megalast not lasting less than a few days so that's saying a lot for a drugstore brand. Also they are pretty opaque after a few coats which is a major plus and minimal streaking in most of the polishes.

I like the shades overall, I had already owned a few previously of the same name. When it came to drugstore polishes, I always went for WNW or Sinful because they're easy to experiment different colors without breaking the bank, their accessibility, variety and they last a good amount of time without or with very minimal chipping.

Again, the only con I can find is the brush - as I know some folks aren't a fan of it's thickness or it being wide.

The new polishes are a great addition and it's hard to narrow it down to three but if I had too:
Wet Cement
On A Trip
I Need a Refresh-Mint


*All polishes received two-coats each.

1 Wet Cement
2 Break The Ice
3 2% Milk
4 Private Viewing
5 Sugar Coat
6 Undercover

7 Bite the Bullet
8 Through the Grapevine
9 Candy-Licious
10 Tropioca
11 Club Havana
12 Heatwave

13 On A Trip
14 I Red a Good Book
15 Haze of Love
16 Under Your Spell
17 Disturbia
18 I Need a Refresh-Mint

What do you think of the products - any rants or raves?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaShield Lip Color SPF 15 Collection


MegaShield Lip Colors in
Birthday Suit
Peachy Keen
Bare-ly Legal
Arrst Me Copper!
Ring Around the Rosy
Make Me Blush
Salsa Lessons
A Currant Affair
That's Berry Beautiful
Pink Slip
Lolly Popstar
It's A Girl
Within These Adobe Walls
Pink Champagne

Available at mass market retailers nationwide beginning February 2012.
Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Have not tried L'Oreal nor Revlon's moisturizing lip balms but this is within the same vicinity.

Delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage, Vitamin E, amino acids, avocado oil, and rice bran oil moisturize and condition, SPF 15 protects lips from harmful UVB Rays.

Birthday Suit - pale champagne shade w/ golden undertones, frost finish
Peachy Keen - pale coral shade w/ golden undertones, frost finish
Bare-ly Legal - pale copper shade w/ golden shimmer undertone, frost finish
Arrest Me Copper! - soft brown w/ golden shimmer undertone
Ring Around the Rosy - nude w/ pink undertones and slight shimmer
Make Me Blush - taupe brown shade w/ pink undertones, slight shimmer
Salsa Lessons - deep rosy pink w/ golden slight shimmer
A Currant Affair - red w/ creme finish
That's Berry Beautiful - pale dirty red w/ golden shimmer undertones, frost finish
Pink Slip - coral w/ red undertones and slight shimmer
Lolly Popstar - magenta pink w/ golden shimmer, frost finish
It's A Girl - soft bubblegum pink, creme finish
Within These Adobe Walls - pale soft pink, creme finish
Pink Champagne - champagne shade w/ frost finish

For what they are, they're good products. I can't knock it down because personally for me, I'm not into moisturizing lip balms or lip sticks because of their sheerness. Not a fan of tinted lip colors, I should say. But they are moisturizing and have pretty good color payoff and all are opaque within a few applications. I'm not a fan of shimmer lip products, and majority of these were of shimmer texture.

What I definitely did not like was the plastic wrapping of these MegaShields. Oh man, was it a huge pain to unravel it all. Normally, WNW has sticker guards or plastic shields to prevent from opening - which is a great thing! These on the other hand, I don't think Houdini would've escaped it. It had the plastic shield and on top of that the NEW sticker and also the product ingredient list - which happens to be a sticker itself wrapped around the entire product. When all is removed, it leaves that sticky residue, bleh, I was highly annnoyed that dust/hair/paper was being stuck to them. I know you can clean them off but it was just too extra. Hopefully they rethink the protective shields in future products.

My favorite out the bunch was It's A Girl, the one that I think will compliment most skin tones, as it's on the soft pink side and creme texture. A Currant Affair is nice too for those who love red lip colors and benefit added moisture.


[L-R] Birthday Suit, Peachy Keen, Bare-ly Legal, Arrest Me Copper!, Ring Around the Rosy, Make Me Blush, Salsa Lessons

[L-R]A Currant Affair, That's Berry Beautiful, Pink Slip, Lolly Popstar, It's A Girl, Within These Adobe Walls, Pink Champagne

What do you guys think of these - any favorites or dislikes?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaSlicks Lip Gloss 2012 Collection

MegaSlicks shades in
Rasp-berry Voice
In A Tutu
Seedless Watermelom
Panning for Gold
Mauve-jave Desserts

Will be available at mass market retailers nationwide beginning February 2012.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Moisturizing lip gloss to add sheen on lips, Vitamins A & E and jojoba oil.

Rasp-berry Voice - red with pink and golden shimmer/undertones
In A Tutu - sheer, hardly any color - pink shimmers
Seedless Watermelom - sheer pink, very faint color
Panning for Gold - sheer, hardly any color - orange/golden shimmers
Mauve-jave Desserts - sheer, hardly any color - pink shimmers

LOL at my swatches down below. Womp. They are sheer glosses intended to add shine to your lips or on top of lipsticks so if you can decipher which is which without caption, be my guest haha. But in photograph you can't really tell the very subtle differences between each shade, it was hard to capture that but it really is difficult to capture sheer anything so...

I personally only own one clear gloss for the same intended purposes (to add shine to lipsticks) and these are good as a cheap alternative.They were fairly sticky but not to where you smack your lips together and it gets stuck - twas moisturizing, thickness, and as always the stickier it is - the longer lasting they are. The wand is a doe foot which I'm not a fan of because lipstick tends to leave a stain on it. The smell is of watermelon or strawberry, not too appealing - very drugstore smelling gloss (if you know what I mean!). I do like the shimmers it has, it gives a nice subtle glitter to the lips that isn't overpowering.

I'd recommend Rasp-Berry for those who want added red sheen to a matte lipstick or perhaps who wants a sheer red tint to their lips, the rest - I'd pick either one because they're all clear w/ very little variation. It's good to have a few selections in your collection in case you want to add shine to your lips without added color.


[L-R] Rasp-berry Voice, In A Tutu, Seedless Watermelom, Panning for Gold, Mauve-jave Desserts

What do you think of the products - any rants or raves?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaLast Lip Color Collection 2012


Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color
Cherry Pickings
Don't Blink Pink
Dollhouse Pink
24 Carrot Gold
Purty Persimmon

Should be available starting February 2012 at mass market retailers nationwide.
Retail Price: $1.99

4-Hour longwearing, Semi-Matte, Creme Finish, Full Coverage, Infused with natural plant marine extracts, co-enzymes Q10, Vitamins A & E

Cherry Pickings - a semi-bright berry shade, slight red undertone
Don't Blink Pink - a medium tone fuchsia shade
Dollhouse Pink - a bright bubblegum pink, cool/blue undertones
Pinkerbell - a pink shade, slight coral undertone
24 Carrot Gold - a medium tone coral/orange shade
Purty Persimmon - a medium tone red, coral undertones

I personally really love the WNW MegaLast Lip Colors, mainly because they're semi-matte finishes and that they're really cheap with a vast color collection to choose from. In honesty they're all really great and if you hit a sale with WNW, snatch them all up and play around.

See my past post of swatches on the full MegaLast collection here.

The one I've tried on myself that I love is Cherry Pickings, it reminds me of MAC Rebel kind of. 24 Carrot Gold swatched bea-u-ti-fully, I loved how it looked so I'm curious what look to match it up with. Those two are ones I definitely recommend to try if it were an absolute choice because they're different compared to other shades.


[L-R]Cherry Pickings, Don't Blink Pink, Dollhouse Pink, Pinkerbell, 24 Carrot Gold, Purty Persimmon

Where any of you lucky enough to grab some - thoughts, favorites?


Also, my winner for the Color Icon Bronzer is Olga from please message me at! Thanks to those who've entered.

*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Haul + Swatches: MAC Shop/Cook Limited Edition Collection

MAC Colour Added Quad
MAC Call Me Bubbles Quad
MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick
MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick
MAC Naughty Saute



[L-R] Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash eyeshadows


[L-R] Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packeged, Self-Serve eyeshadows

[L-R] Quick Sizzle, Naughty Saute, Watch Me Simmer


Hollywood Nights/Quick Sizzle - Well, there's obviously a huge difference lol jk, they are the exact same shade but with different finishes. Hollywood Nights (from the Heatherette Collection) is satin while Quick Sizzle is matte and a nano bit cooler.

Vegas Volt/Watch Me Simmer - They're very similar oranges, both bright, but Watch Me Simmer has more pink/peach undertones wereas Vegas Volt leans more towards coral.

This was a really nice collection MAC put out that offered all different bright eyeshadows, beautiful lipsticks and glosses. I felt like this collection was well received overall and while I'm not entirely happy with dupeable colors, the hype I thought was deserved. I bought my first quads ever, they so happen to be the first quad that's been released that to me didn't have a shadow I already own.

I've read and heard some say about Colour Added quad and it's Self-Serve shadow not working well and fortunately for me it did, I was able to pick up shadow with my brush - not the absolute best but it's passable in results. Colour Added is such a beautiful shadow, I own nothing like it in my collection.

I liked all the lipsticks in the collection but were all, except for maybe Naughty Saute, were dupeable. I picked up Watch Me Shimmer because it was a tad pinker undertone than Vegas Volt which btw, on me, is hard to wear, so I got WMS in hopes it was more wearable. I'm still up in reservations about it - I don't want to own it just to own it, I want some usage out of it so I'm definitely going to experiment with that color.

If you already own Hollywood Nights, then skip on Quick Sizzle. If not then hopefully you were able to get it! I actually prefer Quick Sizzle because I'm a matte person but truthfully, I can't STAND obtaining makeup that is exactly the same or very similar to something I already own.

I overall am really happy with the Quads I bought. The lipsticks, well...

Anyone hauled what they wanted - thoughts on the collection?


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: Color Icon Bronzer Giveaway [closed]

So, I lied - I couldn't wait another week on doing another small giveaway! I personally bought things here and there to giveaway, especially limited edition items because I KNOW how hard it is to come by, and this just being a personal thanks to my followers especially the ones who share their time and comments on my blog!

You're probably like BLAH BLAH BLAH I JUST WANNA ENTER...


Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana.

  1. Must Be A Follower Of This Blog - specify from where (RSS FEED, GFC, BLOGLOVIN').
  2. Must Leave Your Blog Link. (

Example: "Following from BLOGLOVIN and my blog is"

*One comment entry per individual. Disqualification/Comment Deletion may occur if entry did not meet the requirements, you may try re-commenting.

Those without a blog are unfortunately not eligible for this giveaway, YouTube VLog Channels will be accepted - please provide your link.

Open Internationally - ends February 14th, 2011.

  • One (1) qualifying winner will be pick at random.
  • Winner will be notified the following day, Feb 15th, in a Wet N Wild Wednesday Post.
That's that - can't wait to discover new blogs!
Good Luck!


WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: Color Icon Bronzers

Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15
740 Bikini Contest
739 Ticket To Brazil
743A Reserve Your Cabana

Walgreens & Walmart Exclusives - should be available at mass market retailers nationwide beginning February 2012.

Retail value at $3.99.

Dermatologist-tested, Oil-Free, SPF Protection.

Bikini Contest is a warm copper-brown bronzer, the deepest bronzer in the collection. Brown with red and golden undertones.

Ticket To Brazil is a true bronzer shade. Light brown color with golden undertones.

Reserve Your Cabana is a pearl-like shaded highlight/bronzer with pink undertones.

These are actually really good for the price. The texture is very smooth, velvet-like which reminded me of Milani's Bronzer I just purchased. All 3 bronzers in the pan have a shimmery appearance to them but when swatched, there wasn't much of a shimmer appearance but more satin if anyone is worried about a glitter-bomb on your face. It's very minimal and the satin sheen adds to the luminous glow. Ticket to Brazil was the only one that had a bit more shimmer than the other two.

I would've thought upon appearance that Reserve Your Cabana would swatch chalky but it didn't and when blended, had a nice iridescent pink undertone to it. For swatching purposes I did swipe it on a heavy than I would with a brush. I didn't find anything spectacular with Ticket to Brazil but I do personally like it because it goes with my skin tone and gives me a nice glow without being over powering or dark.

These aren't bronzers I would contour with though, because of the satin finish, but it's great to give the cheeks a flush of color and healthy glow. They're all very pigmented, easy to apply and the range on these three are suitable for most to all skin tones.

I personally really liked Bikini Contest because it was more on the pinky-side, so if I feel like wearing it alone as a blush it's passable. I think this shade is most suitable for tan to darker skin tones. And ladies, even women of color CAN wear bronzers - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even if it doesn't appear on your skin, the point being is that it gives you an added extra glow that looks sun-kissed!

For my fair-skin chicks, Reserve Your Cabana is best suited for you. On myself, it is too pale to pull off used alone. Although it didn't make me chalky, any skintone darker than mines might come across with that problem. You can however add it on top of your blush for added glow and soften a shade.


[L-R]Bikini Contest, Ticket To Brazil, Reserve Your Cabana

Any of you guys have thoughts - rants/raves, got your chance to grab one?


ps. Will be doing another giveaway next Wednesday (perhaps of something you just read lol) so look out for that! :)

*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

FOTD: Copy Cat

Recreated this look by Tymetheinfamous...
My camera washed out some of DBG pigment but next time I'm definitely using a darker base to pop it out and skip the glitter (I felt too drag with it on, haha).
Benefit Primer
MAC Aqua (inner corner)
MAC Deep Blue Green p/m (Lid)
MAC Prussian (outer v)
MAC Brown Script (crease)
MAC Peacoky Liner
Physician Formula Liner
LOreal Voluminous Mascara
Ardell Lashes
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil
ELF Brow Kit
Neutrogena Foundation
Revlon Concealer
Milani HD Concealer
Milani Mai-Tai Blush
MAC Redhead MSF
NYX Echo l/s
Revlon Lilac l/g


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wet N' Wild Wednesday: LE Coloricon Giveaway

I'm introducing what would hopefully be a weekly feature in my blog called Wet N' Wild Wednesday since I am/was one of their Beauty Advisers and get the amazing opportunity to receive latest info and try out products before store redistribution.

I'm also happy to accept guest posts or linkage to your blog to be featured with you using/reviewing a Wet N Wild product! Just email me for details. Hopefully I get hear my follower's experience, network and share feedback.

Wet N' Wild Wednesday will feature:
Product Swatches
Product Reviews
Latest Information
Guest Posts

To start off this feature I wanted to do a small giveaway to my Twitter followers!

Limited Edition ColorICON eye kit in Baking A Cake.

  • Follow me on Twitter: @MakeupByCelly
  • Tweet this to be automatically entered (it will be considered your entry form).

To copy: highlight text, click CTRL + C on your keyboard

  • Open Internationally and closes February 7th, 2012.

If your account is private - I won't be able to confirm if you're following!
  • One winner will be picked randomly from the hashtag grouping.
  • Will be announced the following Wednesday Feb 8th via Twitter!

Don't worry  if don't win - I have purchased many other things for blog and facebook page (once I have it set up) for those who don't have a Twitter account.

Let me know below what you guys think of this feature.