Monday, November 05, 2012



I've had quite an unintended long hiatus from my blog. Apologies.

 I have been going through a MAC binge lately. I have bought something from each collection this past Summer & Fall season - which is unfortunate for my wallets but I couldn't pass such hyped up items including this year's Holiday Glamour Daze/Fabulouness Collection which is my opinion has been the prettiest package I've seen in a long time (seriously, what was with the crap Marilyn Monroe stickers...hmph.)

There wasn't much swatches to go buy in the 2012 Collection prior to my purchase a few weeks ago but I knew I wanted a palette and a few lipsticks unique to my collection.

($39.50) Fabulousness - Neutral Eyes
($19.50) Extra Dimension Eyeshadow - A Natural Flirt
($16.50) Outrageously Fun Lipstick
($16.50) Dramatic Encounter Lipstick

For the most part, I feel the collection in a whole embodies the fall/winter color scheme. Cool, dark and vampy shades with an exclusion to some bright colors here and there. I love the Fabulousness Eyeshadow palettes - very Victorian and something worth displaying on your vanity. The casing is a soft, plush fabric that I had planned keeping in my daily makeup bag but with the material being easy to stain I might refrain from that.

The lipstick and extra dimension casings are all shiny, which at first I didn't realize until I compared to the regular MAC items (I say this because I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't add a cute design to those packaging as well) but nonetheless nice packaging overall.



A Natural Flirt - At first the shadow didn't catch my attention until I saw a swatch. It's a soft, peach champagne shade - the peach is more noticeable in person and such a gorgeous shade. I'm happy I picked this one up. Not the biggest fan of metallic finishes but I know I can play with this shade in various neutral looks.

Blonde Mink - It's a nude shade with silver/grey undertones, frosted finish. Not my favorite out the bunch - could look ashy on darker skintones.

Magical Mist - A Taupe shade, reminiscent of MAC's Taupe but more silver. It blended well as the color didn't turn muddy but fallout does happen.

Brun - Dark Brown, grey undertones. I actually don't have this shade in my collection. I can describe it as muddy brown (I like saying muddy... muuuddd ah I'll stop) because when blended it looks just like that so it would make a great brown smokey look. With no shimmer and a light hand, you can use it for brows as well.

Enviable - Dirty Sea/Mint-Green. This shade is really gorgeous, perhaps the sole reason why I purchased the palette because I had nothing like it in my collection. I'm a sucker for minty-cool looking shadows.

Smut - Dark Brown, Red undertone. I also don't own this permanent shade and it's a lovely shade that also has a muddy effect (the more you blend the more you're able to see undertone shades).


Outrageously Fun - Pale but Bright Magenta shade. I have a lot of bright fuchsias shades and this is from that same category but I would say the uniqueness of this shade is that it isn't as overpowering as the bright pinks MAC has released. I love creamsheen formula because the first swipe is always a tint-like look and the more you layer the more intense.

Dramatic Encounter - Deep Purple/Berry color. I have some vampy colors but none with the right mixture of wearable without looking ridiculous. I like the berry undertone in this, paired with a right lip liner and look - it's very neat. It's in the same family as Rebel, if Rebel were to go emo you'd have Dramatic Encounter haha.

Where any of you fortunate enough to pick up some items - thoughts on the collection or other palettes?


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

NOTD: Wet N Wild's Everybody Loves Redmond

Wet N Wild's FastDry - Everybody Loves Redmond

2011 Limited Edition item but I have seen some older LE FastDry randomly at local drugstores.

Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Have not done comparable swatches.

I hardly ever do manicures because of laziness and last night I decided to paint the nubs and just randomly selected from my FastDry stash because I couldn't be bothered with waiting on them to dry.

Everybody Loves Redmond is a bright tomato-red, but at times can appear a red-coral. I didn't think much of it when I selected it but upon wearing it, I've grown to really love the shade. Especially in the sunlight when it takes on the red-coral appearance. The formula is jelly and very thin. Application was semi-opaque and easy to layer on, I only applied two layers and there was still a bit of nail-bed visibility. With perhaps three or four layers it would achieve maximum opaqueness but I was personally satisfied with two.

I put no base nor topcoat on my nails so for chipping time, on my dominant hand, I saw chipping on the corners within a day. On my non-dominant hand it's been going strong for two days. Topcoat is definitely needed to prevent chipping.

As for the drying time, I say it dried fairly fast - around 5 minutes with both layers on (I have had other polishes within the FastDry line take a long time to dry) and I let them be for another 15 minutes. The first coat did dry up pretty quickly, the layering did slow down the drying process though.

All in all, a really beautiful shade for this Spring & Summer time for one on the go.


What do you think of the FastDry line - any personal favorites?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Monday, May 07, 2012

BIRCHBOX: April 2012 - Natural Wonders

Only ships to United States territories & APO boxes in the beginning of each month.
You can sign up here:

Pricing: $10 monthly recurring payment or $110 for an yearly subscription.

My Pretty Pink Box (out of business), Glossy Box, MyGlam Box - to name a few.

MARCH 2012

I'm pleased with the items I have received in the April box but unfortunately I found out there was a setback but it doesn't deter me from not liking their service and the products I have received as a whole. I did receive the box around mid-April (guess I should get these reviews out sooner to post exact date lol) so it was a little better in delivery than March's box. You can read product description in the photo below.

*Sidenote: I actually always liked that they add the information card with product details and pricing, it helps me out because some products come with no word of what it is. Yummy looking candy can actually be shower bath bombs. Oh, happy memories...

The scent itself is decent - I can definitely smell a citrus scent, like grapefruit but it's not a fruity, sweet scent. It reminds me of men's cologne, masculine, but with a citrus flair - it would be nice if it went less on the blood orange note so it can be a unisex perfume. I don't like perfume samples much just because they can be attained for free at any beauty department but I wouldn't mind so much, I just detest perfume samples coming in those hard to open vile.

I don't even know how to pronounce that, haha. The smell for this hydrating oil is pretty strong. Comes in a spray tube, the oil is very thick feeling but not greasy. I would use this to hydrate my cuticles after manicures as I do like the texture. Better than this other oil brand I received from BirchBox.

...all these brands I can't pronounce. I have not tried these because I keep forgetting but I'll update this section for when I do. I've read they were pretty good so I'm excited to see how they taste.

Daily Moisturizer & Gentle Cleanser
The box came with 5 sample packets - pretty generous amounts, 2 cleansers and 3 moisturizers. I have yet to try them but was going to try one each until I looked up Makeuptalk's BirchBox thread about the moisturizers being expired. I checked my packets and they were - expiration date... 2010. Nice. I've read the cleanser doesn't have a nice smell to it. BEFINE are pretty shady for trying to get rid of these expired products. I was too late in doing their survey to receive 100 points for the mess up but BirchBox has been really good in customer service when it came to things like this. Last time I was sent an item I received the previous month already and without a beat, BirchBox emailed me with the mess-up and sent me an extra item.

What actually made the box was this .46oz/13g, multi-use product. When I first saw the color Sunkissed, a muted-bronzey coral, I thought it wouldn't look nice at all. It had a weird condensation going on - as if it wear melting, totally thought it was going to be a dud until I swatched it. A really gorgeous shade that glided on easily and blended just as easily too and I'm no fan of creme-blushes so I was really happy with this. Don't know about it's claim about using it on the lids too (*side eyes*) but it'd make a really pretty lip tint with those of fairer skins, otherwise as a blush - most suitable on medium, olive, tan to dark skin. If it weren't so pricey, I'd purchase more of these!

[Left] Two-layer swatch // [Right] Single layer blended

What do you think of the April Box - what? did you get


Monday, April 16, 2012

BIRCHBOX: March 2012


Only ships to United States territories & APO boxes in the beginning of each month.
You can sign up here:

Pricing: $10 monthly recurring payment or $110 for an yearly subscription.

My Pretty Pink Box (out of business), Glossy Box, MyGlam Box - to name a few.

About Birchbox
If you're unfamiliar with BirchBox - it is a monthly subscription to try out beauty products (hair, skin, makeup, health) based on your personal assessment. You're given up to 4-6 sample items, sometimes even full sized items - all for $10 a month with free shipping. If you liked the product, you can then directly purchase the full item off of their site. It's really great for those looking to explore and try new brands. I had cancel this for about 4-months due to tight on budget, really happy I reopened it and considering a yearly subscription.

My personal advice, because obviously everyone lusts over that one box that has the best sample, be honest in your self assessment. It pretty much caters to you. For example, it asked what my hair is - I'm not gonna click straight and fine just to get a top notch brand. It's curly, dull and dry - I want things that cater to that as you can tell from my box. Same with makeup and skincare. I like that all the samples I have gotten were of use to me because it was selected for me based on my assessment.

One thing I'm somewhat annoyed is how late the boxes are arriving to me now than my first-time subbing. Before I remember my shipments arriving within the first two weeks, usually by the 12th I can expect my box. Now, my box arrives much late into the month - this March box came to me around the 23rd. I don't know if it's because of the up-rise of subbies they have now but I would have better piece of mind if they used a better delivery services as UPS tends to be lackluster in tracking in my own experience.

As for the March 2012 box items, this has to be one of my favorites because I'm really into hair treatments and just started getting into things for my curly hair (I tend to buy products for hair straightening), low and behold I got a bunch of Miss Jessies products.

I have only tried the Curly Meringue cream which came in a pretty hefty sample jar and thus far I am really liking it for my curls, smells wonderful! I'm a fan of fruity-sweet smells and it lingered for quite a bit. It left my hair fairly hydrated and kept the texture without feeling brittle or sticky.

And the only other product I have tried is the Color Club nail laquer in Age of Aquarius - holy crap that polish didn't chip on me for over a week and with no top coat. The color was surprisingly suitable for my skin-tone, don't know if they matched up shade to skin-tone but it worked out for me. I'm definitely looking into that brand in the future.

I haven't tried the other products yet, normally I would have a thorough review on each item but I like keeping steady on one product for awhile before switching things up. And how awesome that they included double of the sample Miss Jessie packs? Definitely an awesome box. I just saw a preview of my April box - very pleased, can't wait to receive it...

Apart of Birchbox - did you get a good box, or apart of any other monthly services?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New Spring 2012 LE Flora and Fauna - Get The Look Collection

Flora & Fauna: Get the Look Collections

Available in selected drugstores Mid-March 2012

Suggested retail price: $4.99

I looked through my own WNW stash and haven't found a shadow that were similar to each one apart from the pale, champagne pink "browbone" in the Fauna trio shadows which had many comparable shades. Read more in Overall Thoughts for other comparisons.

Enter our lush gardens of beauty, fantasy, and desire. 2 flourishing collections in playful and seductive shades that evoke Spring’s infinite possibilities.

Each Get the Look Collection Includes:
1 Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Trio
1 Color Icon™ Mini Blusher
1 Glassy Gloss® Lip Gel
1 Fast Dry Nail Color

Flora Eyeshadow Trio
- Chartreuse Green, Seafoam Green, Bright Orange w/ more yellow undertones
Mellow Wine Mini Blusher - Brighter Rose color
Mow the Glass Glassy Gloss - swatch here
Twining Vines

Fauna Eyeshadow Trio
- Champagne shimmery pink, Shimmery Teal - more blue based, Shimmery Lilac
Pearlescent Pink Mini Blusher - Soft Rose with hints of gold shimmery
Glass Confusion Glassy Gloss - swatch here
Teal or No Teal Fast Dry Nail Color

I just received these today in the mail and oooo it was a nice surprise. Both are due this month and they are limited edition along with a few other LE displays. It comes in a cute designed package with a new eyeshadow trio and additional perm items such as a blusher, glassy gloss and fast dry nail polish. Pretty good deal for only $5. Fauna to me is more on the cool tone side (not saying it is but appearance wise) compared to the warmer, yet brighter, Flora set. The gloss, nail polish and blush all compliment the eyeshadows which I didn't notice until half-way through swatching - you can tell they gave a bit of thought into this.

I actually would have LOVED for them to use a Mega Last lipstick and nailpolish instead of the Glassy Gloss & Fast Dry. I think that would be a lot more appealing as those are their top sellers. The blushers on both these collections are divine! They swatched so easily and very pigmented. To me, they both looked very similar blended out - a different shade (like a fairer, soft pink) would've been best in the Fauna collection but I do really like both and plan on leaving one in my Travel makeup bag. To get into this further...

Is my FAVORITE out the two and I think would be easily sold out. All the shadows swatched easily and nicely pigmented. Oh, did I pray the orange would swatched nicely and it did. I like that it's not a true-orange, has a slight yellowish undertones but still very bright. The chartreuse green is that of MAC's Bitter except the texture is shimmery and ever-so-slightly powdery finish. The palette reminds me of oceanic colors, very islander - the Glassy Gloss given to this did not go well - definitely a lipstick would've been more appropriate for these sets.

Just looking at it, it didn't look unique. I've seen them pairing eyeshadows like these for awhile BUT the Teal and Lilac purple are nice. The pale, champagne color was the hardest to swatch out of all of them followed by the Lilac purple. I did get the purple to show up though after several swatches and it ended up blending nicely - reminds me of MAC Parfait Amour. The winner of this trio is the Teal-Blue in the middle, it really is a unique blue in the WNW shadow collections. It reminds me a lot like MAC's Birds and Berries or Parrot eyeshadow just by looking at it (I will be doing MAC/WNW comparison post soon - don't fret) so I thought that made up for the lack of uniqueness. I can't entirely knock this collection down though, because in terms of the other three items - Fauna all the way!

I recommend Flora out the two - it had an overall better quality and uniqueness. If you're looking more towards the blushers, glassy gloss and fastdry - then the Fauna collection is your best bet.


[L-R] Flora Trio Shadows; Mellow Wine Blush

[L-R] Fauna Trio Shadows; Pearlescent Pink Blush

What do you think of these products - able to spot them at your local store?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaLiner Liquid Eye Liner

MegaLiner Liquid Eye Liner available in
Indigo Blue
Black Sparkle

Available at mass market retailers nationwide beginning February 2012.

Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Comparable to WNW older Liquid Eye Liner. L'Oreal has a similar product and so does NYC Cosmetics.

This classic is formulated with high definition pigment and a unique blend of polymers for a rich, fluid formula that dries fast and stays put to subtly enhance or dramatically define. An easy-to-control flexible brush delivers precise application. Smudgeproof.

Blue Indigo - a bright, royal blue with very faint shimmer
Black Sparkle - a blackest black shade with silver sparkles

I tried this MegaLiner in Black last year and didn't like it at all because the felt-tip wand was hard stiff, don't know if it was just mine but it didn't have any give to it so it hurt to actually put it on (think applying liner with a toothpick that had a thin felt over it) - I was hesistant to try it again. I don't know if it's the color or they actually made it different but these were a huge improvement in the felt-tip. It had a little give but was soft enough to apply with the stiffness to control the line. Love!

The colors and pigmentation are great, that didn't falter with the "old" or "new" liners. The blue (although the swatch looks faint) is actually REALLY bright and the black was very opaque on 2 steady strokes. The glitter is there, faint but noticeable - I actually liked it, to spruce up a look or if wearing grey/silver shadow - this liner would compliment it really beautifully.

As for staying power, they both wore on throughout my day (minimal 6 hrs work shift) and would wear on if you don't have a habit of accidentally rubbing your eyes (ahem, raises hand in guilt). These aren't water-proof, mind you - so with water they easily came off with a slight stain (black sparkle having the more difficult removal time) so if you have a naturally oily crease/lid - this might wear off. But I haven't had that problem (just me rubbing it off accidentally) and with makeup removal, staining was very minimal to non-existent.

To anyone on a budget and like liquid felt-tip wands with a bit of "stiffness".


What do you think of the products - any rants or raves?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Review + Swatches: MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre + MSF Redhead


MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre - Daphane Guiness Collection
MAC Redhead Mineralized Skin Finish - Naturally Collection

Both products are Limited Edition. Some MAC stores may still have it (mines only carried Blonde MSF currently).

MAC Azalea Blossom's purple shade is comparable to another limited edition blush - MAC Sakura. See swatches below.

It took a lot of thinking, but thankfully I caved in and bought both blushes because they are amazing!

Especially Redhead (thanks Jillian for your photos, really sealed the deal) since I now wear it everyday and it definitely is my favorite MSF I currently own. It's beautiful for an everyday highlight that can be worn alone or on top of peach, bronze, orange or other warm blushes. There are four separate shades from champagne to a coppery-brown. It has a slight pink undertone to it which makes it more wearable for those of olive and deeper complexions. The shimmer is at a minimal, all you're really getting a beautiful warmth to the skin.

I like Azalea Blush because of it's Ombre effect, lol not going to lie - it's beautiful to look at. I wasn't going to get it initially because I read how similar it was to Sakura. I love Sakura Blush so I thought to myself, I prefer a blush similar to one I love - that way I would definitely wear it often. I would say it is somewhat like Sakura as in the purples are similar to each other but not at all a like, also the pinks bring different overal aspects to one another. Azalea is a more toned down version and not as vibrant, blended together it definitely leans towards the soft pink side with a slight purple undertone while Sakura is more purple with an undertone of fuchsia.

Only thing is that Azalea is a bit hard to get on the brush, personally I don't mind because I prefer layering on as oppose to carefully avoiding a heavy hand but it still can be a nuisance as it takes a few pan swirls to get a decent amount of the brush.

If you missed out on either one, it's a good compromise!

REDHEAD MSF - Warm Undertones is more suitable but it can be nice for those in the cooler family if using the lighter shades or on top of a complimentary blush.

AZALEA BLOSSOM BLUSH OMBRE - Those with cooler complexion is best. I'm warm and caramel skin tone and found it working just as fine, the purple shade helps balance the coolness of it.


MAC Redhead Mineralized Skin Finish. First 4 on the left - Individual swatch. Far Right - blended together.

[L-R] Azalea Blossom, Sakura

[First Three (3) on the Left is Azalea] Pink section, Purple section, blended together
[Last Three (3) on the Far Right is Sakura] Purple section, Fuchsia heart, Blended together

What are your thoughts - any personal favorites, rants, or other dupes?


*PS: This is an old drafted post I made in January and completely forgot to post it, just an FYI in case someone wasn't aware this limited edition collection was sold some time back.

Friday, March 09, 2012

FOTD: 24 Carrot Gold

MAC Vanilla p/m (lid)
MAC Dazzlelight (highlight inner corner)
MAC Quarry (crease)
Wet N Wild Brown Liquid Liner
Ardel Lashes
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Stila Topaz Liner (Waterline)

MAC Sunbasque Blush
MAC Margin for Highlight
L'Oreal True Match foundation
Sally Hansen Air Spray Foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
NYX Orange l/l
Wet N Wild 24 Carrot Gold l/s
MAC Watch Me Simmer (lined a tiny bit)

I decided to experiment and venture into orange lipstick zone by trying one of Wet N Wild's new megalast lip colors in 24 Carrot Gold. Pictures can't reflect how bright this is in person, it looks more pink-coral in the photos but in person it's that nice combination of bright-pastel color, if that makes sense? I so love it but don't know if I'm brave enough to just walk out straight like this to the grocery store (sigh, wish I worked for MAC so I can use that excuse lol). I'd definitely blot it down and perhaps find a apricot colored gloss to go on top. Hmm.

What do you guys think - would you rock bright orange lips?


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New Color Icon Single Eyeshadows

Color Icon Shimmer Singles in

Color Icon Eyeshadow single in

Available at mass market retailers nationwide beginning February 2012.

Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Wet N Wild's 3, 6, 8-shadow palettes are the same formulas. These are just in single shadow form.

Eyeshadow single has jet-milled base and silicone technology that provides longwearing, stay-true color for hours of crease-resistant wear. Blends well and applies evenly.

Panther - a satin semi-matte, black shadow

Shimmer singles features intense sparkle, bold fade-proof color and silk-smooth shimmers that stay put for hours with no fallout.

Unplugged - a stark white with light shimmer
Platinum - platinum shade with light silver shimmer
Golddigger - a pale yellow with gold shimmer
Trashed - black shade with silver shimmer
Glamrock - a lilac shade with silver shimmer
Sellout - a pale fuchsia shade with light shimmer
Stagedive - a bright blue with silver shimmer

I never purchased the single shadows from WNW because they were similar in color to their pans so to my delight I received these new shades and they deliver the same quality as their palettes too. Wet N Wild really, in my opinion, is the best drugstore brand for high quality eyeshadows and for such a cheap price. Better than NYX, which I use to hoard back in my early stages of makeup collecting.

These single shadows all performed well, most only required about 2 to 3 swatches each for opaqueness, Golddigger, Glamrock and Sellout are more on the sheer-side but when it comes to those colors they often are sheer, don't know why that is - I'm guessing that's their intended color payoff but they swatched on easily so I'm sure to reach desired color intensity won't be much. Although I wasn't a fan of Golddigger overall (baby chicken yellow - not my fav color at all lol).

Not a fan of shimmer but these weren't heavy on shimmer, although you do see it when applied, it's not a glitter bomb and they all have satin to semi-matte finishes which I like. Unplugged, Platinum, and Golddigger can all slightly lean towards frost-type of finishes but barely, I was really happy Unplugged worked well for a white shadow. Sometimes the white shadows can be a hit or miss for WNW. The shimmers do stay for quite a while and I didn't really experience fallout, blending was good - these shades had no undertone colors so no muddy effects if continual blending occurs.

For something versatile, I would pick up Panther or Trashed because black is a good option and these two are very pigmented and also Unplugged for a white color. If I HAD to choose three of their new shadows it would be: Platinum, Glamrock and Stagedive. Stagedive is a gorgeous blue (I love their blues) and if you don't have anything similar, it is a great color - very bright and opaque. Glamrock had good color payoff so for those who like soft lilac/violet shades this one is really pretty. Similar to MAC's Parfait Amour. And Platinum is just an awesome silver color, I like how true to platinum it looks.


[L-R] Panther, Unplugged, Platinum, Golddigger, Trashed, Glamrock, Sellout, Stagedive

What do you think of the products - any rants or raves?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Review: GK HAIR 4 IN ONE Curling Iron Set

Global Keratin HAIR in
4-in-1 Curling Iron Set

Available through GK HAIR 4-IN-1 Curling Iron Set
Suggested retail price - $198.00

Folica offers free shipping on purchases over $50
Refer to Coupon sites for additional savings - retailmenot

Check folica by clicking here for other Clipless Curling Irons.

Global Keratin 4-in-1 Curling Set is all you need for versatile styles with incredible curls or waves. Four inter-changeable barrel heads come in sizes 1/2', 3/4', 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Also comes with a heat resistant glove.

-Clipless Curling Irons
-Adjustable heat, up to 430F/230C
-Ceramic/Tourmaline Heads
-Negative Ions to promote smoother, silkier hair
-Far-Infared Technology
-Swivel cord to prevent from tangle

There is one handle that fits all 4 barrels, the 3/4" barrel is the only one that is of tapered shape while the other three are round and all are clipless (meaning no clip to hold the hair in place.)


I am SO loving set. I was really happy I was able to receive this for review. As a person who has natural curly hair, I never found it necessary to buy curling irons for the longest time but I was seeing all these YouTube video tutorials using clipless curling irons and my friends using theirs too and I HAD to try it. I like that it's more on the naturally-curly effect (depending on how long and which wand you use) to a nice variety of waves but like mentioned, all natural looking.

What I personally like about this product besides it's a 4 in 1, I like the way it heats up. Normally for flatirons, it either heats up on the spot when turned on or it takes awhile and indicated by blinking lights etc. or you move a dial to your temperature but you're not sure if it's the actual temperature. Anyways, since it's a digital display - the smart thing about this product is you actually see it rising once you turn it on until it reaches to it's desired heat, usually takes less than a minute to reach 360 (might be a dislike for those who are on a rush and can't wait for it to heat up quickly). Oh, and the turn on button must be pressed down a bit w/ force which in my opinion is good, no soft touch for accidental on/off.

The only thing I really didn't like is how to remove the wands from the base, you have to push two buttons inward and then pull out but the pull is very hard and it hurts your fingers having to push the buttons in at the same time. I would get so annoyed by this process. And just to be a bit nit-picky, another glove would be idea - having to take it off constantly to do the other side got annoying as well - but I overcame the process by not using it period.

As for the results with the product, I have yet to use the smallest wand the 1/2 so it's being excluded from this review. Product was used on already straighten hair with argan oil for heat protection.

1 1/2 - as you can see in the photo below, it gives a nice, natural soft wave to my hair. Like, the "day after you curled your hair and slept in it" look - haha. I really like it for casual looks and works best for longer hair as the wand is pretty big.

1 1/4 - is the second larger barrel, this is like the 1 1/2 but the curls/waves are tighter. Still great for a natural, effortless looking style. Best for med-long hair.

3/4 - is the only tapered barrel, it gives very defined waves. I didn't see curls with this one because I believe of it's shape so I'm only guessing the 1/2 would end up being more defined curls than waves. Anyways, this one gives beautiful romantic waves as you can see in the photo below. It was hard to capture but because the layer of waves all fell randomly on top of each other, it ended up giving volume to the hair. Love! And the more popular type of clipless wand.


I recommend this set, but if it's too steep - like I mentioned above they have cheaper alternatives. If you're looking into one, definitely invest in the sets. You're getting your monies worth and I guarantee you'll enjoy at least a few of them and it's definitely great to have options. If I had to choose one, really it depends on what you're looking for - but I'd get either a tapered clipless wand for waves and probably my 2nd choice would be something of a round clipless wand in size 1 1/4 because it gave nice curls or soft waves in a natural but more defined wave.

What do you think of the product - do you own one, favorite way to style?


*FTC Disclaimer: I received these products for free as a part of the Folica Review Program but the views and opinions are that of my own.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WET N WILD WEDNESDAY: New MegaLast Nail Color 2012 Collection

MegaLast Nail Colors in
Wet Cement *NEW
Break The Ice
2% Milk
Private Viewing
Sugar Coat
Bite the Bullet
Through the Grapevine
Club Havana
On A Trip *NEW
I Red a Good Book *NEW
Haze of Love
Under Your Spell
I Need a Refresh-Mint *NEW

Are available at mass market retailers beginning February 2012.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Here is Nouveau Cheap's comparison on the old bottle versus new.

I Need A Refresh-Mint = China Glaze's For Audrey

New bottle design, 5-day chip-resistant formula, ManiCurve Pro Brush designed with a flat rod for even liquid dispersion, Formaldehye, Toluene, and Phthalate free.

Wet Cement - deep gray, brown undertone creme
Break The Ice - sheer frosty white with shimmer
2% Milk - sheer egg white creme
Private Viewing - sheer pale peach with very light shimmer
Sugar Coat - milky pink creme
Undercover - rustic mauve creme
Bite the Bullet - deep lilac creme
Through the Grapevine - bright plum creme
Candy-Licious - pink creme
Tropioca - fuschia creme
Club Havana - coral/orange creme
Heatwave coral with red undertones creme
On A Trip - blue/violet or cobalt creme
I Red a Good Book - red creme
Haze of Love - burgundy creme
Under Your Spell - dark burgundy with shimmer
Disturbia - dark purple with shimmer
I Need a Refresh-Mint - mint creme

Wet N Wild revamped the already popular MegaLast Nail Colors in formula, bottle and performance. There's more product and the brush is thicker for easier coating. Although this might be a problem for those who naturally have smaller nails and the brush overlapping easily onto the skin. As for the formula claiming to be chip-resistant up to 5-days, I can say overall my manis last a good 4 days without chipping and with the constant washing of my hands so that's a plus. I never really had problems with the megalast not lasting less than a few days so that's saying a lot for a drugstore brand. Also they are pretty opaque after a few coats which is a major plus and minimal streaking in most of the polishes.

I like the shades overall, I had already owned a few previously of the same name. When it came to drugstore polishes, I always went for WNW or Sinful because they're easy to experiment different colors without breaking the bank, their accessibility, variety and they last a good amount of time without or with very minimal chipping.

Again, the only con I can find is the brush - as I know some folks aren't a fan of it's thickness or it being wide.

The new polishes are a great addition and it's hard to narrow it down to three but if I had too:
Wet Cement
On A Trip
I Need a Refresh-Mint


*All polishes received two-coats each.

1 Wet Cement
2 Break The Ice
3 2% Milk
4 Private Viewing
5 Sugar Coat
6 Undercover

7 Bite the Bullet
8 Through the Grapevine
9 Candy-Licious
10 Tropioca
11 Club Havana
12 Heatwave

13 On A Trip
14 I Red a Good Book
15 Haze of Love
16 Under Your Spell
17 Disturbia
18 I Need a Refresh-Mint

What do you think of the products - any rants or raves?


*DISCLAIMER: Products provided were sent for review consideration to MakeupByCelly. This does not alter my personal opinion on said products.