Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wet N' Wild REVIEW - Go For The Gold LE Collection (Summer '11)

Wet N Wild brings us the latest Limited Edition Items called Go For The Gold. Shades coming in bronze, golds and taupe colors perfect for the Summer. Below I have swatches and comparable dupes.

1. Wet N' Wild Trio ColorIcon Palette in The Gilded Age
2. Wet N' Wild Bronzer in Everything Under The Sun individually
3. Everything Under the Sun - Bronzer blended together

I'm not one to like different colored bronzer palette, I feel they tend to look a bit muddy when blended together. This one is decent but I'd prefer more of the brown and maybe add an orange and gold to blend better together than pink and white shimmer. The brown though makes a beautiful eyeshadow shade!


If you don't have these High End Dupes or missed out on the Go For The Gold items - here are some dupes I have that are comparable from my own collection:

1. MAC - Tan p/m
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Sin

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Huste
6. MAC Spectacle Of Yourself Mega Metal Shadow (le)

7. MAC Amber Lights
9. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half Baked

WNW shade is a shimmery champagne color and thought I would have problems finding a shade similar, while MAC Tan leans towards pink - they have the same consistency. UD's Sin is the closes dupe I got in shade color. A small tip is you can use this as a highlight shade for your cheeks as well!

WNW Crease shade is a bronze brown, I love their browns - all very unique and the harder ones to duplicate out of my own collection. UD Huste is more muddy and doesn't have any of the metallic texture. MAC's Spectacle has the texture but had more red undertone than WNW which a true brown shade.

WNW shade is a golden shade, not entirely unique but still it compliments the package very well. Compared to MAC Amber Lights' it is a bit deeper while AL is more bronzed-golden. But I found UD Half Baked to be really similar although HB is a bit lighter in shade but passable.

I really enjoy this palette more so than the bronzer, I tend to be a bigger fan of their more neutral, bronzy shades than bright but overall in terms of pigmentation this one is a winner. Unfortunately it's only limited edition, hopefully you guys were able to snatch one up!


*disclaimer: wnw beauty ambassador. products provided were sent for review consideration, this does not alter my personal opinion on said products.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HAUL + SWATCH: NYX Cosmetics 50% Off Sale

Jumbo Pencil in Baby Blue & Yellow - $4.50
Rouge Cream Blush in Orange - $6.50
Concealer in a Jar in Tan - $5.50
Slim Lip Pencils in Bloom, Orange, Rose & Pale Pink - $3.50

Rouge Cream Blush/Blended

[l-r] Pale Pink, Rose, Orange, Bloom

Remember that whole NYX debacle? Yeah. Well, I don't haha.
I wasn't interested in the whole "scandal" that a lot made it up to be because frankly at the end of the day, it's just makeup and the company is able to run it however they want. I'm just happy I got a good discount off of it anyways, something is better than nothing! The only thing I am mad about is me not getting more items - I was strickly in a under $20 budget and did well with only spending $18 (free shipping was included).

I went to Ulta the week after I got my haul and big mistake, I swatched their glitter and liquid liners and cursed at myself for not getting these. I wish there was a database too for all swatches because I would have def bought more lip liners and lipsticks if I had more accurate swatches. Google can only do so much.

Slim Lip Pencils
Pale Pink - a nude shade with very light pink undertone
Rose - a pastel pink, lightly bright
Orange - deep shade of orange, at times looks orange-red
Bloom - fuchsia/berry

Rouge Cream Blush in Orange
I actually liked the feeling of this and it's similar to MAC's cream blushes, not sure about wear time. Very light and easy to apply. It can dub as a lip gloss if need be too.

Look out for a NYX Lip Liner Swatch Post soon - will include all that I own in my collection.

How did you end up in the Sale?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WET N' WILD $100 Summer 2011 Giveaway

Make sure to enter via Twitter! Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HIGHEND MAKEUP DUPE: Wet N' Wild Spoiled Brat (Twitter Giveaway)

Wet N' Wild Spoiled Brat - 3 Shadow Palette
$2.99 Walmart (sold in Walgreens, check local drugstore)
Swatches are done with UD Eden base and duplicates are based on closes matches I have in my personal makeup Collection. Mainly MAC & Urban Decay Cosmetics.

1. MAC - Post Haste
2. WNW Eyelid
3. MAC - Fuchsia Pigment

4. Urban Decay - Oil Slick
5. WNW Crease
6. MAC - Carbon

7. MAC - Electra
8. WNW Browbone
9. MAC - Idol Eyes

This is an awesome palette overall, although for me personal - not unique as I obviously have similar shades in my makeup collection. Here's a rundown on duplications (obviously they are similar but not exact copies):

The Pink - Eyelid
It's vibrant on the pan but not as bright as MAC Fuchsia Pigment and not as deep as Post Haste, but when applied on the lid - it does definitely looks more like MAC Fuschia p/m as it has a bit of shimmer in it too.

The Black - Crease
I love WNW version of black, I don't own MAC Black Tied but it's similar. The shimmer are very noticeable when swatched. MAC Carbon is obviously a matte shade but all black shadows look alike it depends on the shimmer. I swatched it next to Urban Decay's Oil Slick, which to me is more gritty and a lot darker but in terms of shimmer has the same consistency.

The Silver - Browbone
I did the mistake of comparing it to MAC Idol Eyes which has the worst color payoff ever, but in the pan they are both very similar looking. WNW is what Idol Eyes should have been - yet Idol Eyes swatched much darker in person (and in the photos), weird. As for MAC Electra, it's passable but Electra leans more towards silver and WNW is more metallic
For those on a beauty budget, I would definitely check this and add it to your collection.

Although I am WNW Beauty Ambassador, this palette was purchased by me.

EDIT: Silly me, forgot to edit this - will be doing a 24 hr twitter giveaway to 1 (one) individual.
They will be receiving WNW Spoiled Brat palette.
  • Internationally opened.
  • Follow me @MakeupByCelly
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Will have another small twitter giveaway next week, make sure to follow and be on the lookout for tomorrow's post :)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

BIRCH BOX: JUNE - Laura Geller Bronzer Swatch + Mini Reviews


Sorry for my absence in between post, my laptop is where I store my photos and edit but it's just really slow and I don't have a good attention span where I can be on computers for more than an hr. Thank you for the sweet comments and hello to all my new followers!

Before I do a small review, make sure to to click on Follower Contact on my Page Tabs & post your blog links in the chat box if you would like me to check it out! I love finding new blogs to follow and such. :)

So, I didn't post the May Birch Box edition because frankly it was quite boring lol. This month proved to be a good one and received a full size Laura Geller Bronzer.

Flirt! Cosmetics - 19 Bronze Kissed // Laura Geller - Baked Blush N Brighten

1. Flirt!
2. Laura Geller

Compared to my Flirt! Bronzer, Laura Geller has more pink/brown undertone (can't tell much in the photo) than Flirt! which has more peach undertones. I like it very much and gives off good pigmentation. I prefer my Flirt! more on me, gives a more golden sheen but I can't dismiss LG for it's more subdue look that doesn't over power. LG reminds me a lot like MAC mineralized skinfinish when touched.

Now some might say, you're already brown/dark skin so why need bronzer? In actuality, it gives a pretty natural glow to us and we can pick up the undertones easily. It acts like a highlight or MSF. I get complimented when I wear bronzer, so it's definitely not limited to those with tan to fair skins.

The Deborah Lippmann the Stripper To Go Polish Remover is actually really neat.
It's a travel package and the product is like a mitt where you put your fingers in, although I would much prefer no mitt because after a while it got difficult to remove polish when there's some already stuck inside. Very moisturizing and it didn't dry very quickly so I could have probably removed the polish on my toes too. Although it did drip a lot! I would definitely buy some of these to keep for travel.

1. Juice Beauty - I received this in the Month Box. I didn't mind another one because I liked it. But after this months arrival, Birch Box promptly sent emails out to those who received this as it was unintentional and we will be sent another product. Really nice and professional of them even though I never contacted them for this blunder.

2. Sircuit Cosmeceaticals - I love hydrating mists! I use this before I apply makeup or when I wash my face. It's REALLY moisturizing, more than my MAC Charge Waters. That full size prize is painful though, lol. But it's definitely worth looking into.

Eh about the Kate Spade perfume, lol.

Anyone else enjoying this months Birch Box?


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

FOTD: Surf, Baby!

NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil
MAC Sun Blonde (lid)
MAC My Paradise Blush (outer lid)
MAC Carbon (crease line)
MAC Malt (crease wash)
MAC Brown Script (crease blended)
MAC Surf USE (lower lash)
MAC Sketch (crease deepen)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Prestige Liquid Liner
Ardell Lashes
Stila Topaz Liner
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (liquid)
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (powder)
Coastal Scents Concealer Palette
MAC My Paradise Blush
NYX Abu Dhabi matte cream l/s
Revlon Crystal Lilac l/g

Happy First of the month!
Thank you everyone on the congrats - you'll be seeing me on the website once they fix their servers. Haha, Yay! Anywho, I wish my camera hadn't made the makeup looked washout and the crease cut barely visible because it was super vibrant in person - need to force myself to use natural lighting. But I absolutely adore this collection - I might go back for Saffron since it's been on my mind lol. My Paradise Blush as an eyeshadow looked really pretty in person next to Sun Blonde, everyone should definitely try out that combo!