Friday, April 29, 2011

HAUL: ELF Studio Line

About 2 months ago (yeah, I'm THAT behind on blogging) I purchased some ELF Products I've been wanting to try for the longest. It was JUST a day before the BOGO 50% Off studio line so I was pretty pissed lol, but at least the time I got it was able to get Women's Health magazine subsciption for free after spending $30 so I wasn't too upset at the end.

Let's start off with the Studio Line Mineral Face Primer & HD Setting Powder.

Mineral Face Primer - $6:
WORST PRODUCT EVER! I don't know why so many good reviews on this, it felt so weird on my skin. It felt like hair gel on your face, not light weight at all and ended up drying my skin. I gave it 3 fair chances and just hated how my skin look and felt each time. Not worth the purchase. I use Benefit's face primer and it feels nothing like this, actually a lot more light weight and a bit moisturizing. Highly disappointed on this - Skip.

HD Setting Powder - $6:
I have nothing to compare this too but I do quite like it, but in camera it shows a white cast from where the powder went so use it very lightly and sparingly - no problem like that otherwise. I used with the ELF kabuki brush just to set my makeup and it controlled my oily t-zone a bit. Very soft and a lot of product for the price.

Stipple Brush (right) - $3:
I needed something similar to my MAC 187 but cheaper just for creme blushes, this isn't comparable to a 187 as it's not dense and there's no two different forms of bristle (hair/synthetic) - just synthetic, you can see what I mean in the 2nd photo. The density helps with heavier creme/liquid products in distributing it evenly. Since it's flimsy, this works fine as a highlighter brush and did ok with creme products. Not recommended for foundation usage. I would not purchase again.

Mineral Eye Blending Brush (3) - $5:
1. MAC 217, 2. MAC 224, 3. ELF Mineral Blending, 4. ELF $1 Contour
This brush is ok, I wanted something like a MAC 224 but thinner. This is good for a started kit and have used it several times but the bristles feel flimsy too. I actually much prefer their $1 times a million and I use that in almost all my makeup applications. So I'm a little dissapointed about it. Its closes to a 224 in length and works well for blending edges out, but personally for me I wouldn't repurchases since my 224 does a better job.

Not photo'd -
Studio Kabuki Face Brush - $5:
Okay, definitely the best purchase out of the whole bunch. I love it! So soft, nicely dense and works well for a face product. It's always sold out and for good reasons.

Studio Brush Shampoo - $3:
Waste of money! This didn't lather up AT ALL, small bottle, nearly used 1/5 of it on just one brush and still wasn't thoroughly cleaned. I ended up using face cleanser and hair conditioner which worked wonders. Skip.

Studio Makeup & Mist - $3:
Eh, it had a weird smell to it but did moist my skin up a bit. The "mist" came out really heavy compared to MAC or Urban Decay bottles which spray very lightly and evenly. I felt like my face was drenched in this product which is why I only used it as a skin care routine. The smell put me off on continuous usage though. Personally, I'd skip.

Any recent ELF purchases? What were your thoughts?


All these products where purchased by me but I am affiliated with the company.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BIRCH BOX: April Green Box

Through other bloggers I discovered Birch Box. A monthly service that let's you discover new items for just $10 - either sample or full size items with a monthly theme. I saw the awesome things people were getting so I went for it. A lot like My Pretty Pink Box - which I might probably sign up for too but I believe the main difference is the monthly theme by Birch.

Since I just received the items I'll show you what was in it without detailed reviews. I must say the packaging is gorgeous and I love the card they send with information about the monthly theme and each item you received. From what I know everyone gets something different of similar products. Unfortunately it took 2 weeks from my emailed shipment to receive the items.

I love paper with plant seeds in them! What a cute and clever idea!

Anyone else got their Birch Box - how'd you like this month's theme?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Giveaway Winner!


Congrats, you took 3rd place - you have 24hours to contact me at to claim your prize!

REVIEW: Maybelline Fit Me Liquid + Powder Foundation

I took advantage of Walgreen's 40% off Maybelline Cosmetics awhile back and bought me the new Maybelline Fit Foundations. I came out on top with paying around $10 for both!

2nd Photo is with Liquid only
3rd Photo is with Liquid and Powder on top

What they said
  • No oils, no waxes, no nonsense
  • Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural  
  • Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through
  • Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested

I did buy very light shades as I'm still in my "winter" mode and since we've had an unusual extended winter, I've become paler than my normal self would. I'm normally a NC45 in Summer or NC44 in Winter (for reference) and I was picking up shades ending in "beige" because I was so not tan haha. Anyways, their color range was passable although the more darker shades already looked oxidized and one even look purple to me so there wasn't an exact "Fit" for me so I improvised and bought 310 liquid foundation because it was as close as I can get and a darker powder in 315 figuring I can match it better. In hindsight I could've gone darker in the powder because I apply it sheer but whatever.

It took me awhile to really review this fully and here's what I think:
The Good - The powder is definitely a win for me because it did even things out, I only applied it with a kabuki brush for sheer coverage and to act as a setting powder. Made my face a little matte which is what I was looking for. The last photo you can see the difference it does. Have not tried this for heavier coverage but it won't go past medium-coverage at best.

The Bad - Well, the liquid foundation did make me end up breaking out a bit after continuous usage. Nothing major like MAC but a breakout is a breakout. I have really, really sensitive skin so I'm leery on trying things for me when others have worked, even when things say "non-cosmedogenic". Another thing is this felt cakey on me. I'm seeing a lot of reviews and raves saying it felt like second skin or blah blah. This felt like Leather Face's skin if anything. And it enhanced my pores - not cool. I do like it when I apply it super sheer but still can't help like it being heavy for me. On the upside, the coverage is good and blended easily but I wouldn't wear it for everyday.

This is based on my personal experience but I would see and try it out for yourself. Would I purchase again? No, but it has worked well for others. I personally use L'Oreal True Match for years and it's the only foundation to never break me out and matched my skin tone a lot better, granted it doesn't last long on the face but I rather have runny makeup than look cakey or develop acne. So I would advise to use with own discretion and definitely take advantage of any sales your local drugstore may have.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline Fit Foundation?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

OOTD: Casual Shopping

Hey - I'm somewhat back to bloggin'
March was full of birthdays (including my own) and just a bunch of ridiculousness.

During it all I ended up loosing my Canon camera that my mom bought for my birthday last year so I am really upset about that. I have to resort to my old camera (only takes batteries, bleh) I gave to my mom and my iPhone :Saddens me to think about it, barely lasted a year. Which I totally must say never buy anything small and black - gets lost so easily! That can almost be a dirty joke but eh...

So here was a look I wore to go shopping in some weeks back - nothing special, figured I haven't done an OOTD in forever. & with my new bag from Target...around $35, they had different colors too, really cute.

Jacket & Satchel
Forever 21


Monday, April 04, 2011

GIVEAWAY Winners Announced!

Okay - so I had to delete some comments due to:
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Sorry for those but rules are rules and I had to be fair on it all.
Now, how this is going to work - I picked three separate winners under the random generator.
First winner I picked gets to choose what prize pack they want and so on...

The three winners I have picked are:

First: peripatetic33
Second: Sasa
Third: Danielle87

All three winners have 24hrs to claim their winnings via email.
If neither one does not reply during the time allotted - I will pick another person in replacement.
Peripatetic33 has priority on prize chosen, if not responsive - priority goes onto Sasa and or then Danielle87 and a replacement and so on. Hope that wasn't confusing lol.
Will correspond with you guys in email.

Thanks for those who entered - I have another one coming up soon!