Saturday, October 29, 2011

FOTD: I Heart Matte


UD Primer
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil
Wet N Wild I ♥ Matte Palette
MAC Gorgeous Gold (inner corners)
MAC Passionate (crease)
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Eyeko Graffiti Liner
Ardell Lashes Demi Whispies
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
MAC Blush Sunbasque
MAC MSF Lightscapade
MAC Sugar Trance l/g (le)

So here's a look I played with randomly at night testing out my WET N' WILD'S I ♥ Matte Palette. OH MY GOD. This palette is perfect! I used it again for my friend's Halloween makeup look doing the same as mine and it looked good on her fair skin too. Once I see this in the store I'm definitely getting some for giveaways.

AnyI♥Matteways, the placement is - I used the WNW Peach color on the crease, MAC Passionate on the crease as base. WNW Blue on the lid and lower lashline, and the Purple on top of the pink to deepen the crease and on the lower to unify the look together. Put MAC Gorgeous Gold in the inner corner and when you blend it with the Blue from WNW it creates a pretty turquoise shade (which I did on my friend and it made such a pretty transition). You can always switch the Blue with the Green from the palette to create another fun look.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SWATCH: ELF Studio Blushes

Pink Passion
Blushing Rose
Mellow Mauve
Candid Coral
Peachy Keen
Giddy Gold

PINK PASSION - Bright, baby pink shade that has a matte finish.
BLUSHING ROSE - A deep, wine shade with a slight sheen of gold specks undertone.
MELLOW MAUVE - Paler mauve color, slight sheen.
CANDID CORAL - Deeper coral shade with gold specks and very slight berry undertone.
PEACHY KEEN - Dirty peach shade, with gold undertones.
GIDDY GOLD - Bronzer-like orange shade with chunks of gold specks.

Here is my small collection of the E.L.F. studio blushes I have accumulated over awhile. These are really good to have in a collection as they are inexpensive and have decent coloring. It takes a few brush swirling to get product on the blush but that's why I personally like it, as it doesn't give you a heavy hand and crazy amount of blush on the cheek. My go-to everyday blush is Mellow Mauve - LOVE IT! I use Giddy Gold to give a bronzer/highlight effect and Blushing Rose to contour a bit at times. I usually take one ELF blush for travel as it's tiny enough to fit anywhere. Product holds about 0.0097oz/2.75g so it's a decent amount.

They cost $3 each and are sold online or at Target. Online is your best bet on purchase because of all the crazy discounts they offer. Right now there's a 40% off offer all Studio line products using the code STUDIO. I wanna complete my little collection.

Anyone have opinions on this product, rants or favorites?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


40% Off Studio with $25 minimum

ELF has a discount code from now until October 31st.
40% OFF Studio Line with purchase of $25 of more.
Click Here and apply "STUDIO" upon checking out.

Happy Shopping.


Monday, October 24, 2011

SWATCH: NYX Lip Liner Pencils

Here is my accumulated NYX Lipliner pencils that I have bought over time from different sources.


2. 840 ROSE
3. 856 SAND PINK
5. 835 PINKY
6. 836 BLOOM
7. 854 HOT PINK
8. 824 ORANGE
9. 817 HOT RED

12. 854 PALE PINK
13. 858 NUDE PINK
14. 810 NATURAL
15. LPL 06 COCOA

Close Up Images (non-labeled)

I own nothing but NYX pencils and I can say, when it comes to lipliners I prefer this brand over higher end brands such as MAC or Stila. With that said, they don't have the longevity as other brands (say, Make Up For Ever) but they're not claimed as long lasting. I get a good 5 hr wear for outer lining and about 8+ if lips are fully shade in with lipstick on top - less if I'm eating/drinking. Some of them do look similar to one another which is a gripe. The consistency is more on the matte side but they glide fairly easy. There's two textures I've seen, one being the matte, the other a satin. All but one (coral) have a matte finish. I totally recommend these for budget friendly beauty junkies.

The long lip liner tends to run cheaper with fewer selections as oppose to the regular l/l, usually $1.25+, and the smaller sizes can start at $1.75+ each depending on where you purchase them from.

Where I've bought are CherryCulture, NYX official site, Ulta Stores and individual retailers/boutiques. But as a tip, I recommend eBay sellers - it ended up being a little less then CC even with their discount (unless it's an annual sale than I would recommend either NYX or CC). Browse around and add tax/shipping to see the best price.

Hope this was helpful.
Check on my follow-up post for comparisons liners and compatible lipstick shades.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SWATCH: NEW Wet N Wild Coloricon I Heart Matte Collection

Here it is, the newest edition to the WNW Coloricon 8-Pan Collection family and it's all MATTE!

BROWBONE - Pure white
EYELID - Mossy green
CREASE - Ocean blue w/ slight satin undertone
DEFINER - Purple

[Right - DOWN]
BROWBONE - Pale beige
EYELID - Peach
CREASE - Brown

Are you excited? I was when I first heard an all-Matte palette was going to be released. I personally LOVE HEART Matte eyeshadows! And Wet N Wild really made me ultra happy with this release.

Overall Thoughts
The shades are true to their crayola colors form - white, purple, peach, green, etc. Although on the pan it looked matte, the blue shade did have a slight satin finish to it - check my swatch and close up on the photo. I didn't experience any difficulties with the colors except with most matte eyeshadows in different brands, the bright colors tend to lean on the chalky/patchy side. The blue and green were probably a little difficult to swatch but nothing to where it wasn't capable. The neutral colors seem to be repeats from older palettes (most noticeably from the 6-pan palettes) although I have not confirm this in swatch comparisons. Is this palette really unique? No, only if you own EVERY WNW shadows they've created. Otherwise it is a keeper because of it's all (majority) of matte texture and it has the best of every color from nudes to bright under one palette. Plus, it's only $4.99 - what's not to like?

Remember, this is being released to off-set the removal of the 6-pan palette which will be permanently discontinued late 2012.