Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm The Newest Wet N' Wild Beauty Ambassador!

It's been great news and such a blessing for me.

I have been using their products for many years and I have friends who can attest to me pushing products upon them! With fellow makeup fanatics on blogger, youtube and beauty forums - Wet N' Wild really became the latest raving craze in great affordable makeup. Just to excited to announce that I am this month's Beauty Ambassador! Really awesome this company is giving opportunities to us in the beauty community and it's truly appreciated.

I guess I won't run out of my favorite eyebrow pencil from WNW anytime soon, haha.
Expect many upcoming reviews and swatches - mainly relating to find dupes in higher end products! I'll be hosting beauty events too, really looking forward to that. And of course... future giveaways! Yay.

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Thank you all to my readers, fellow bloggers and WET N WILD!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

HAUL: MAC Surf Baby!

Hello everyone, long time no write!

I bring for you my MAC haul from their Surf, Baby! Collection.

In my area I purchased the last of My Paradise Cheek Powder, the SA said these were sold out quickly everywhere and it was barely over an hour after opening. I also got Sun Blonde & Surf USA eyeshadows.

Plus Impassion lipstick & Mineralize Skinfinish from the perm line (not swatched).

Quick run down of the items and overall collection:

My Paradise
is a coral, orange shade with gold sprayed overlay.
I personally am not of fan of the gold so I'm happy it's only the overlay. I'm starting to own a lot of orange blushes and what I like about this one in particular that it's less intense and as bright so it'll look great as a natural flushed, sunkissed color against the skin.

Surf USA is a teal frost eyeshadow & Temptalia listed it as similar to Newly Minted, which I use to own but HATED it and gave it away but I loved the color. The shade is very pretty and swatched nicely.

Sun Blonde is a mustard frost eyeshadow, to me it is unlike most yellow/gold shades I've seen. I like the uniqueness of it and seems like a darker version of Going Bananas. Would pair up gorgeously with a wash light brown like texture or arena on the crease and Sun on the lid.

Overall the collection is okay, the shadows could be duped apart from Sun Blonde. Saffron looked really gorgeous but I knew on me would resemble Brown Script in a way, just more red understones. The lipsticks were nothing interesting as were the glosses. The bronzing sticks looked interesting, a little definitely goes a long way but I personally wouldn't wear it.

Did anyone pick anything up from the collection?


Saturday, May 07, 2011

FOTD: Comfort Zone

My previous post showed Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone palette and here is me wearing some of the shadows from the palette for a friend's birthday. I love the look, replicated from someone - it's smokey but the color contrast made it wearable. The orange didn't pop out brightly as I wanted it too, looks brown. Oh well...

NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil
MAC Orange & Coral (crease)
WNW Define Shadow (club dupe - lid)
NYC Brown shadow (crease)
MAC Digit (lower lash)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Prestige Liquid Liner
Ardell Lashes
Stila Topaz Liner
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Maybelline Foundation
MAC Cantaloupe Blush
MAC Jardain Aires Pigment (highlight)
NYX Orange Soda
Random Gloss


Thursday, May 05, 2011

HIGHEND MAKEUP DUPE: Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone

Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone - 8 Shadow Palette
$4.99 Walmart (sold in Walgreens, check local drugstore)
Swatches are done with no base and duplicates are closes matches I have in my personal makeup Collection. Mainly MAC Cosmetics.

Dupes are on top while WNW are beneath them.

1. BROWBONE - MAC Dazzlelight or MAC Vanilla Pigment
2. EYELID - MAC Tan Pigment
3. CREASE - MAC Bronze
4. DEFINE - Urban Decay Hustle
2. EYELID - MAC Juxt
3. CREASE - MAC Humid
4. DEFINE - MAC Club

Under DEFINE (left side), the closes dupe was Urban Decay Hustle but the WNW is much more darker and I had no brown as deep as that shade. Under EYELID & CREASE (right side), both my dupes were lighter in shade as well and the Juxt dupe is more green while Juxt is a pastel looking version. And the DEFINE Club dupe look alike in the pan but the WNW version has more green understone.

Hope that was helpful to some.
These shades may not be an exact match but if you're looking for an alternative, it's the perfect green palette for budget friendly folks. A lot of the shades to me are unique and more pigmented than some of my MAC so it's a must on anybody's makeup collection.

Found any dupes for Comfort Zone - care to share?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Since I've mention I suck in walking in heels, I use wedges as a substitute for better support and balance and also practicing walking with height. These few items have been purchased some time ago to recently.

GUESS Tan Wedges
Purchased: Ross
Cost: ~$35
I love these, especially gladiator kinds because of my wide foot - it's easier to adjust in comfortability. Madden Girl had some at DSW but I never purchased them so when I saw these at Ross a month ago, I jumped at the chance and grabbed them.

MIA Black Wedges
Purchased: Macy*s
Cost: $20 with Coupons
I bought this back in December 2010 but never photographed them. I saw them about a month ago at DSW still so maybe some might have luck in finding them. They're decently comfy but no support on the front area so I became tired wearing these quickly. Still love that they end in the ankle like booties and are adjustable to foot width and the pleather feel, very light weight shoe.
I see FOREVER21 has similar ones.

FOREVER 21 Wooden Clogs
Purchased: Forlove 21
Cost: ~$25
I love these too - surprisingly comfy even with the wooden platform. Unfortunately they didn't or don't carry half sizes so I had to go up to an 8 from my 7 1/2 foot but otherwise it's true to fit if you're a single size. I love the details and the material feels like soft pleather. Although the prices for Forever 21 items are ridiculously high, they have come out with pretty nice knockoffs and some made better than others.

H&M Espadrilles Flats
Purchased: H&M
Cost: ~$7 Each
These are my most comfy flats and I always loved Espadrille flats so I was happy when a month ago I saw H&M carrying them at really cheap prices in different colors. Perfect for the upcoming warmer seasons as it has that beachy look. I picked up another pair some weeks ago and saw they were in the clearance section so best be quick to pick these up before new inventory comes in.

So there we have it! Hope you all enjoyed this post and get to shopping...


Sunday, May 01, 2011

HAUL: MAC Quite Cute Collection

Sakura Blush & Play Time Lipstick
I purchased these two items the day the collection came out bright and early in the morning. Tell me why, I swatched all the lippies and was impressed with Candy Yum Yum but did not get it. SMH. I went back a week later and of course it was sold out. The MA said that honestly it didn't look well on most people she saw so I wasn't missing out on much. I'm a lipstick girl and as I've gotten older I like keeping it classic with winged liner and bold lips - so even with her saying that, I still feel remorse about not picking it up that day. If any lovely readers have a spare I can purchase off of, would make my day!

Play Time Lipstick Cremesheen
I wanted a purple lipstick for the longest and all the ones that MAC had released never quite lived up to my expectations. Either it wasn't wearable or just not enough. Play Time is really pretty and actually reminds me of their permanent lipstick Up The Amp but with more pink undertones and goes on sheer. My photo makes it quite pink but I assure you, it's lavender. The shade pairs up nicely with MAC Magenta Lip liner.

Sakura Mineralized Blush
After reading Temptalia's review on the blushes, I was afraid it would be powdery and sheer as she mentioned. When swatched at the store it was but I think it's all about the brush you used. I was DYING for a purple blush and oh em gee this blush - I LOVE! I use my ELF Flat Top Studio Blush Brush and a little goes a long way. None of that sheerness or powdery effects at all. I'll have to do a future FOTD using it but thus far it has been my everyday blush. The bright magenta heart in the middle really adds more intensity while the lavender softens the whole look. I wanted to get Miss Behave but I was afraid it would be to chalky on me.

What were you favorite items off this collection (I'm sure CYY was one of them)?