Monday, April 04, 2011

GIVEAWAY Winners Announced!

Okay - so I had to delete some comments due to:
No confirmation if they were following my blog somehow
Not following rules properly
or Didn't separate entries so it was counted as 1.

Sorry for those but rules are rules and I had to be fair on it all.
Now, how this is going to work - I picked three separate winners under the random generator.
First winner I picked gets to choose what prize pack they want and so on...

The three winners I have picked are:

First: peripatetic33
Second: Sasa
Third: Danielle87

All three winners have 24hrs to claim their winnings via email.
If neither one does not reply during the time allotted - I will pick another person in replacement.
Peripatetic33 has priority on prize chosen, if not responsive - priority goes onto Sasa and or then Danielle87 and a replacement and so on. Hope that wasn't confusing lol.
Will correspond with you guys in email.

Thanks for those who entered - I have another one coming up soon!