Friday, January 29, 2010

I Need or Want One?

Sinful Color - Easy Going
So Easy - Stripe Rite
Nailene Nail Decor

Look. I know. It's a "bow" on my nail - it's pretending not to look like a bow as to say to me, "Celia... this a sign to tell you that you need Konad in your life and a steady hand when applying polish".



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Benefit Brow Lesson 101


Here's my small little Benefit collection including my two recent purchases.

[left to right] [* new - obviously]

Gilded - highlighter, gold shadow pencil thingy
High Brow - brow highlighter
Ooh La Lift - undereye concealer/brightener (almost done)
That Gal* - face primer/brightens
Eyecon* - eye cream
High Beam - highlighter (hella old! ew)
Benetint - blush/lip tint
Do It Daily - moisturizer

I got a lot of highlighters hmm...

The Good
(This is my first primer that ive used daily and therefor my review is limited, so take advice with caution.) It works well as a primer and I noticed how smooth my skin feels and how much smaller my pores look. I like how it helps with coverage too - without it, foundation goes on more sheer when I need full coverage. With the primer alone, I noticed how my blemishes are lighten a bit. Longevity is good too - last until my midnight workout. No break outs (so far DUN DUN DUN.)
The Bad
I'm not a fan of the packaging. It's a twist up, as shown, and I prefer pumps for sanitary reasons. The brightening part is part of a gimmick tho, well imo - I don't really notice brightening with my makeup on - it's not really something I'm concerned with to be honest.
Obviously, the price is pretty horrendous. Benefit is one those brands that are overpriced and although their packaging are cute - the products themselves are at best, average. Some are an exception, of course. I probably wouldn't buy it again just based on the price but I wouldn't completely pass it up either.


Now, those sales associates are tricky persuasive little bastards, aren't they? I went to the Benefit counter with my friend because she needed her brows done and I'm on a limited buying stuff was a no-go UNTIL the little evil monkey grabbed me and started a full on makeover on my canvas. Trying to convince me to get waxing done on my brows and they told both of us to do our lips too, I'm thinking... "what you trying to say - I got a moose-tashe?!" - I don't have noticeable fuzz lips tho. Brows. Nah eff that. I enjoy shaping my own brows anyways and that day - they were freshly plucked so obviously they stopped asking when their eyes were bestowed on my beastly beauties.

So this monkey starts on my makeover, right (she's nice but her jumpiness reminded me of those mischievous hoodrat monkeys). She re-dos my brows and uses the little brow kit, yapping about its awesomeness. I'm like, okay cool "wow it does look AWESOME!" to enlightening her. But in my head, when I first saw my brows after she put awesomeness on them (way later in the day), I thought to myself... "WTF, SHE GAVE ME CHOLA EYES". Bitch got me all twisted. I love me some chola eyes but not on me and not in public. The thing with brows is people try to match the exact same color to the hair, which is fine if applied correctly but when you have dark/black hair - that's not good. You're suppose to go for a deep brown, a shade a bit lighter then your natural hairs. If you match it, you're going to end up looking mad evil, yo.

And the thing is, I saw a glimpse of it at the mall and thought - okay, decent. Later in the day after my awesomeness brow were all in everyone's eyesight - did I really take a good look at them and noticed the true horror. Ugh. For all I know my future employer or baby daddy could've seen me and said, "nope to that." I'll stick to my 99 cent Wet N Wild brow pencil ... lesson learned.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Naner Naner Nanogold

Face - NARS foundation in Syracuse, MAC Margin + Peachykeen Blush, Brows Wet N' Wild Pencil
Eyes - Mac Nanogold (inner corner/lid), Parrot (mid-lid), Dark Blue Green p/m (outer v), Brown Script (crease), Mylar (highlight)
Lips - NYX Echo l/s

You can't really see the blue from Parrot - but it's there.
And dude, like... dude - Echo... awesome nude lipstick ever for my brownies out there.
My face was so mannequin-ish... me LIKE. (Exclamation Point) followed by (Slobber).

- For Em (you best not waste the MAC, woman!)


p.s. - all my post will now be on scheduled mode every 2 days. even tho blogger is such a little slut in delaying it.

p.p.s. - keep voting! contest begins after poll is over. thankth. (more slobber).

Monday, January 18, 2010

NEW CONTEST - Prize Poll

Since I hit 400 followers - I was thinking of holding a mini contest in celebration!

I created a poll on the sidebar for my readers to choose.
The most popular MAC item will be the prize given away.

I'm thinking if it's an eyeshadow, lip product or blush - the item color will be of the winner's choosing.

So vote away and spread the news around.
Contest will begin around the beginning of February to give the poll some time to collect votes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



For those who don't know - ForLove21 is the extention of Forever21 and sale accessories only (shoes, purses, jewelry, makeup and intimates) but most of their products can be bought online and some at the Forever21 stores.

I love accessories. I'm very simplistic when it comes to jewelry but I love little stand out pieces.
*Prices are approximates - forgot the actual cost.

I had bought some stud earrings in different shades because I love how simplistic they are but yet add a little touch of bling and they are a really nice way to add color to my everyday boring work uniform. Only thing is that they're obviously fake so the base color fades but for $3 bucks - eff it.

The elephant ring was just cute, lol. A little weird but I can dig it. ($4)

The leather chained necklace with pearls is for dressy occasions. Something you can match with anything basically. ($9)

I bought those compact mirrors for my purse - cheap, cute... yeah. ($2/3)

And then I got this star necklace. Reminds me of Summer. I have a thing for nautical things. ($6)



Monday, January 11, 2010

Nu Joisy




Face: Revlon Colorstay Foundation & Concealer, MAC Fever Blush
Eyes: MAC Brown Script (lid), Plumage & Carbon (outer corner), Vellum (inner corner), Shroom (highlight), ELF Lashes
Lips: NYX Natural l/g

My Christmas look. Decades later, haha.
I saw this from a girl and recreated the look, she used MAC's Rule but I don't own that shade so I substitute it with Brown Script. And I didn't realize how heavy my blush looked until I walked out the house and took these photos already, lol. Ignore the Drag Queen contour - it's what happens when you have a heavy hand and few natural light resources. And to continue on my little crusade of shit application and self pity - I hate what SPF + Camera Flash does to the foundation color. It makes skin look lighter when in person it looks natural.

A girl can never win lol...


Saturday, January 09, 2010

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches

I went on a lipstick binge and bought some NYX Round Lipstick.
I bought 15 and my total cost was $22 something (including shipping and taxes) - all purchased here. MsCuppyCakes has the cheapest prices for Round Lipsticks that I've found so far.

I listed two different swatches - one on my skin and another on paper.
I included a swatch of the other 4 NYX lipsticks I had already owned on the paper swatch.



Click to see another swatch of Thalia, Perfect, B52 and Tea Rose.

Stand Outs
Electra (Chaos, Hero are similar)
Echo - is the perfect nude for me (I'm NC44/45)

Orange Soda - I really liked this but it's bright and suitable but can be toned down and I see it as a great Summer shade

Skip This Sh--

All were a bit sheer and had goldish-shimmer to it which is not flattering at all. I was trying to think what skintone or who it might suit best? Most likely lighter skintone. I guess it's personal preference but I didn't dig the shimmer at all.

Eh - You's OK
Femme - somewhat a dupe for MAC'S Vegas Volt
Castle - purple/lavendar lipstick fans should check this one out
Creamy Beige

Want to see side by side comparisons or swatches on my lips, etc - let me know.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Something Kinda Wonderful



Face: Revlon Colorstay Foundation + Concealer, Blush MAC Cantaloupe, MAC vanilla pigment (highlight)
Eyes: MAC tete-a-tint (lid), shroom (highlight), blacktrack fluidline, ELF Lashes
Lips: NYX thalia lipstick
Earrings: Forever21

This is an old FOTD but very similar to my NYE look, just that the lip color was MAC Hollywood Night Lipstick.

My Blog is now a .com domain! AND I now have 400 followers. Woop. A celebratory post will be coming within weeks. Thanks to everyone who has taken their time to browse through my little blog, all is appreciated.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Makeup By Celly

Happy Belated New Years to all!

I planned on doing some new upgrade to my blog in order to welcome the new year.
After hours of trying to fix this ish - I'm left with something simple as hell, lol.
The layout is still in process - but I decided to change my blogger name to something more appropriate. (Besides, I was getting tired of La Dolce Vita lol).
My blog is a registered domain too... it'll take a bit to show up tho.

Hopefully I'll finish all this transition within the week.

And I believe everyone will automatically be transferred to my new domain, if not - keep in tune!!!