Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: My Skin Care Routine


So I figured this could be to some assistance to SOMEBODY out there. My everyday skin care routine - and this is pretty lengthy! Before I go any further, remember what works for me may or may not work for you so please take that into consideration. For further assistance I've listed my skin type below:
  • Combination Skin (Oily T-Zone, Dry Cheeks)
  • Eczema & Allergen Prone
  • Severe Acne Prone (Cystic, Black & White Heads)
  • Easily Scars
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Deep Pores (Nose & Upper Cheek area)
I have a lot going against me to say the least lol. Genetics play a part, obviously. My dad is 45 and still has adult acne (very rare pimples though) and Eczema/Allergies run in both sides of my family. With my skin care I have drastically reduce my breakouts of frequent cystic acne to just those hormonal acne (where you have a break out pre-menstruation) and those annoying ass blackheads. Also my acne scars have reduced a lot. I laugh when I get the odd comments about how nice my skin is - well, I owe it up to Makeup.

Thank you makeup for creating and covering up my acne and/or acne scars! *smirks*

I have numbered the items according to what I use first to last.

First step in makeup removal. I love these pads - I splurge on them once a while. I get the Oil-Free because the Moisturizing one leaves me hella oily and the mess gets in my eyeball and I'm damn near blind for seconds. Anywho the only purpose I use them is for eye makeup removal (duh) especially for mascara. Hardly will it pull out lashes upon removal and it doesn't take much effort to get it all off either. A few swipes/grabs on the lashes and it's all gone.

*Alternative: Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Removal + Pads

Second step. This is my HG makeup wipe removal. I have tried them all. I actually was drafting a post on all the makeup wipe removals - so look out for it. I'm so mad they raised the price on these over the past YEAR! Every store, no joke. I use this to remove all the makeup on my face. I love how thick it is, never loses moisture quickly (some of you know what I'm talking about) and doesn't leave my skin dry or give me residue feeling.

*Alternative: Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Towelette

Third step. I must have a toner in my skin care routine. MUST. My face never feels clean without it. Doesn't matter how good of a cleanser you have - there is always some form of dirt/makeup residue left. Also it's good for scar fading. I search high and low for non-astringent toners - Wet N' Wild (yes, thee WNW) use to carry my favorite HG toner ever and discontinued their skincare line. Womp. I like toners that cleans well but doesn't leave my skin dry. It has to have a moisturizing effect because I don't use actual moisturizer in my routine (skin care cardinal sin) so I tried Dickinson solely because it's cheap and it's a huge bottle. I'm on my second bottle and I really notice how my acne scars has faded loads in a short time because of the witch hazel property. I use to buy Eskinol toners for acne scars but they left me dry. I don't like the smell at all but it doesn't linger on the skin. If you have dry skin - I'd actually recommend a more sensitive toner with hydration qualities but this has worked well for me. I use makeup pads with exfoliation beads with this product to sloth off skin and remove makeup better.

*Alternative: L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner or Eskinol

Fourth step. After toning - this is the time I use any acne medication I may have. The clean skin for me makes the medication seep into the skin. Erythoromycin is what's preventing me from getting severe acne. I would use over-the-counter stuff and have it work temporarily for me. This is actually my dad and sister's meds (no insurance for me - tear) so I wouldn't advise just using anyone's stuff without consulting with your physician but me, my dad and sister have the SAME acne/skin issues and I have used this for so long with no adverse effects. I use before applying makeup and at night.

*Alternative: Neutrogena Rapid Control Line

Fifth step. As mentioned before, I don't use proper moisturizing lotion. I use hydrating mist. It still keeps my skin moist without that thick feeling I get from lotions. I don't know, it's preference. I like the MAC Charged Waters but it sucks it's limited edition. Hopefully it comes back out soon. Anyways I spritz this right after my acne meds and it soothes any irritation I might get or skin dryness. I have found another hydrating mist but it irritates my skin a tiny bit... MAC Fix + is too heavy for me and acts more for setting your makeup then hydrating your skin.


I bought this from SkinCareRX in search for a gylcolic acid product to fade my acne scars. I haven't used it much to give it a proper review but I use this once a week. Leaves my skin hella smooth!

I use this in the morning only after I brush my teeth and wash my face. Just to get a simple cleanse after rubbing my face on a pillow or whatever. I don't use it for makeup removal at all, barely gets it off. But gentle formula makes it suitable for the morning time and leaves doesn't dry out my skin.

This stays in my shower. I use it when I shower with makeup still on. It takes EVERYTHING OFF quickly. It's actually a really good cleanser for that - which is it's purpose, remove makeup. I only use this in the shower time because it's very drying to me so it's not a daily thing I would use. When I'm super lazy and don't feel like using makeup wipes/pads - I use this instead. Another positive is there is not much makeup residue left when I follow with the toner routine.

I don't use this often, I tend to forget - but it's a good peel. It's purpose are for fading scars and pores. It gives a nice glow afterwards. I use this around my nose area more... doesn't get shit out but yeah haha. I'd like if I can get a recommendation for black head peels (besides Biore!).

So yes - that was it! Haha. If you have any further questions on a certain product mentioned above, feel free to comment/email me.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haul: Betsey Johnson Studded Clutch


I won this clutch on eBay a month ago.
I swear tricks be trying to outbid me! I won it for $45 but was pissed (I'm a cheap hoochie if you haven't realized that yet) because I was the only one bidding til the last minute and could've won it for $10 if some annoying person wasn't trying to ruin my wallet. Haha hella bitter!

So the clutch is really cute and unique. It's a medium-large clutch with beautiful details. I like it when Betsey takes a more girlish approach to her line as oppose too the more eclectic/funky vibe. I saw another clutch on eBay from her that was super GORG' but the asking price being sold um - you would think Jesus Christ had spit on it or something.


Monday, September 20, 2010

FOTD: Check Me Out In Verde

Hola Bellas!

So here is a look I played with the other night.
Honestly, all my FOTD are from like playing with makeup - not even wearing it out. lol dork. Anywho, I tell myself I suck at wearing greens and finally found a simple combo I really liked. I've had MAC Humid forever and never used it because I didn't know how to wear it. Hope you like it! And ignore the brows - they grow out in warp speed.

Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

Face - L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Eyes - MAC Juxt (mid-lid and inner tear duct & lower lash line), Gorgeous Gold (inner tear duct), Humid (mid-lid blended into the crease & lower lash), Juiced (highlight), Wet N' Wild Black shadow (deepen crease), MAC Blacktrack Fluideline, Ardell Lashes
Lips - MAC Bare Slimshine, Revlon Peach Gloss


Saturday, September 18, 2010

FOTD: All I Got Are These Photographs

Hey Everybah-dy,

Did a simply brown smokey at first. I wanted to play a little with color and didn't like the original look and kept layering over the blue. Just not a fan of color lol but I try them to give others a little inspiration especially for my brown chicks! I love to get ideas from girls (or boys) with similar skin tone color as me.

All the browns used in this look is from Urban Decay NAKED.

Rihanna - Photographs

Face - L'Oreal True Match Foundation W7
Eyes - MAC Vanilla p/m (lid), Browns from Urban Decay NAKED Palette, Prussian (lower lid), Carbon (outer v & on top of Prussian), Aqua (inner tear duct), Blacktrack Fluideline, Ardell Lashes
Lips - MAC Hollywood Night


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haul: Jessica Simpson Heels


Bought these at TJ Maxx for a ridiculous price from that being bought at a damn TJ Maxx - I'm kinda pissed off about that but I really loved these shoes.

I'm normally a size 8-9 in heels or 7 1/2-8 in shoes but I fit into these size 7! Crazy, must be loosing weight in my foot. But the laces give way to width but still. Maybe in my head I'm trying to squeeze my sasquatch-tamale foot into a small ass shoe just because I love them so much and being in complete denial - but I'm rambling...

They're pretty comfy, Jessica Simpson does a really nice shoe collection overall. I always liked trying her things on at DSW. The heel has length but the width of the heel makes them more comfortable to walk in. And ya know, I can't walk for shit in heels. Got that "she gotta dookie in her butt" walk.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Haul: Dollhouse Kendra Wedges


Oh hi btw.

I saw these online on a girl and HAD to have them. I have been talking about these wedges to my friend all Summer and didn't want to get them because to me they were steep in cost for being just wedges but I caved in - a sale never went on for these and so yeah... could not wait.

They're only at Journey's Shoes online.
They look a little cow-country but it's a cheetah pattern with studs around the heel section. You guys - they are so effin' cute in person - I don't care how gaudy they may look.

The wedge is pretty high, fits semi-narrowly but incredibly comfortable.
I've worn them already but I'll post a OOTD to show they're gorgeousness.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Swatch: NYX Hero Lipstick

Here goes another NYX Lipstick swatch featuring Hero.

Texture: Creamy; Opaque
Color: Blood Red - Slightly Deep
Best On: Most Skin Tones
Comparison: Swatched with MAC So Scarlet (le)

Hero is perhaps the darkest red lipstick NYX carries before it enters deeper/plumy shades - but I'm not too certain with that so don't take my word for it. MAC So Scarlet is still much deeper but Hero is a decent alternative and it wears almost similarly. I would recommend, especially for us brown chicas - it's most suitable on med-deep skin tones!

Product is actually swatched a lot brighter then in person, fyi. Arm swatch is most true to life.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Outfit Of The Day: 27 Dresses

Pink - Glitter in the Air

I went to my first wedding of a good friend awhile ago. She (the bride) looked gorgeous, I could not be any more happier for her and she's a good person who deserves the best.

I was going crazy looking for an appropriate outfit and decided on the whole blazer look.
Edit: since I've seen some comments left on my jeans, I left this detail out because I didn't think there was a damn "no-Jean" rules to weddings. 1. I have severe eczema and have old scarring on my legs so I wasn't going to wear a dress or even leggings for that matter because I was uncomfortable at that time to show them off and no, I wasn't able to find a long dress either. And 2. If you ever been to a Mexican wedding I was so not underdressed - jeans, flannel shirt and cowboy boots are a norm to see so I rather not deal with little side comments about how my attire was not appropriate or underdressed - it really bugged me because no one knew the reasoning and quick to point out what to wear and not wear at a wedding. FYI not all weddings are the same.

Blazer - H&M
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Old Navy
Wedges - Target
Clutch - Ross
Earrings - Forlove 21 (or Forever 21)

And with the newlyweds!


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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Discounts: ELF Labor Day Secret Sale STARTING TODAY!

ELF has been having a lot of new products out so this is your chance to purchase a few things on sale!

Here are some of my past ELF Cosmetics reviews if you need reference or swatches.
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Monday, September 06, 2010

FOTD: Birds Of A Feather...

Lykke Li - Tonight

Here is my look for the wedding I had attended. Wanted to keep it soft and compliment my wardrobe. I added a little pop which wasn't captured on camera but in the inner corner I had applied MAC Reflects Teal Glitter foiled. In person it was more intense.

Eyes - MAC Indianwood p/p (base), Mylar (highlight), Tete-a-Tint (crease), Goldmine (lid), Bronze (crease blended), Embark (outer v), Reflect Teal Glitter (inner corner), Blacktrack f/l, Ardell Lashes, Wet N' Wild Brow Pencil.  
Lips - MAC Bare Slimshine, NYX Real Nude l/g.

Oh, and I had cut my hair off about 3 weeks ago. 5 inches off. So sad, I miss my long hair.


Saturday, September 04, 2010

FOTD: Neutral Beauty

Hey Guys.
This is a look I combined using the ELF Neutral Beauty Book.
Appologies in advanced but I completely forgot all that products I used except that the highlight, crease  shades came from the book. And to be honest, I'm lazy I don't even wanna link up and search the product info lol. I do weeks in advance of scheduled posting as to keep things up so yeah - laziness.

I'll edit this later if anyone really wants to reference back.
Oh and you can see my short hair here... err somewhat lol.


Friday, September 03, 2010

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