Thursday, August 05, 2010

Short Blogger HIATUS...


So, I know - I hardly post enough womp womp.
But I have solid reason - I started an accelerated Clinical Medical Assisting program this week and it's been a scary adjustment going back to school (let alone a medical one) after not being in a class setting for years. I'm getting situated to the thought of being consumed by this for the next 10+ weeks with externship ('s SUPER accelerated) and work starting up at the end of the month. I'm actually terrified at the thought of weekdays being so busy.

My work brings somewhat stress, I mean - working with 24 kids by yourself is not easy. So many people quit my job or overlook it but when you get down to actually doing your job properly (and I take all my jobs seriously) it can be overwhelming even figuring out what game to freakin' play can be time consuming and a pain in the ass with 24 opinionated children lol.

So I have that going on and also I'm running around trying to get medical things under wrap and me having no medical insurance has been stressful in getting all my shots up to date. Relying on my Mother a lot for paying for EVERYTHING and I'm having such a huge guilt trip over it. It's motivation for me to finish this course and not quit - I wanna let her know her money will actually go towards something besides... er, makeup. The next 2 weeks will be dedicated to that and studying.

ALSO - I had to make an appointment at a clinic because I have been feeling tired more than usual. Everyone tells me it's the heat but I know my body and I never experienced it before. Hopefully it's nothing serious like Diabetes... so the thought of that has me stressed. I want to get back to the gym (how I missed thee) and all the stress has me eating the bad stuff... HORRIBLE FOR MY DIET!

Once all this has subsided, I'll be back to posting more frequently. If anything it'll be on weekends. I had a bunch of post ready to put up but my dummy self deleted all the pictures. I'mma make sure to leave Fridays as my day to create post - it's not easy, I like being detailed and helpful as hell lol. Each post usually takes me 30mins to 1hr to upload, edit, write and tag. It's a bit time consuming, which I don't mind but I need the actual time to worry about it and I'm a perfectionist and anal about how pictures turn out so yeah it takes me awhile lol.

MEAN TIME - Vote on the side about what you would like to see more of in my blog. I forgot to include REVIEW - so click under swatch and it's considered both things to me.

So hang on - don't give up on me lol.



  1. maybe its ur thyroid, or mayb its something simple that u need vitamins?? u will be ok :-) congrats and goodluck im in a similar program and its so much fun learning all the medical info! your going to love it trust me!

  2. Take all the time you need. Good luck with school and work :)

  3. I'm happy that you're going to school, very great for you! I'm in school to be a Registered Nurse and anything medical is harder. Don't feel guilty though because thats what parents are there for, they hold our backs and soon you'll be having a way better job and you'll feel good about yourself!

  4. Good Luck girl! I know it can get a bit hectic but in the end your hard work will pay off.

  5. I've been feeling extra tired lately too, and I've read all kinds of articles and it seems to relate to stress mostly and the fact that I have crap sleeps ALL the time.

    I really hope it's nothing serious, you look pretty healthy to me, so I cross my fingers for you that it's just stress and nothing else that is making you tired!

    I voted that I want to see more video tutorials from you cause I just like watching and hearing you on video ( I swear I am not a creep), and FOTD's cause I love your makeup, and outfit posts cause I love REAL fashion ;)

    <3 ya!

  6. So long as you don't completely fall off the face of the earth & stop blogging completely w/o letting your readers know, I'm cool with the hiatus. Bloggers need a break too when things get out of their control, so I can totally understand.

    P.S. I voted for more FOTD & swatches since I don't really like to spend my time watching videos LOL

  7. hi sweety good luck.
    its very nice and courageful that u are going to school;
    but my dear please take proper rest also bcoz we always have been listening that there is a sound mind in a sound body.......
    for the sake of god please stay in contact with doctors and a balanced food..
    take you..

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    Nice blog you got there!
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  9. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks so much for following!! Love seeing new faces!

    <33 Alex