Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: ELF Eyebrow Kit

       You know I love me some ELF... cheap products but GOOD products none the less! My frugal ass.

Anycheapness, I went to Target again and noticed the Eyebrow Kit. Now, I only saw this one shade but online there's 3 more.

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Normally for eyebrows I have my HG product - Wet N' Wild brow pencil, it's a lot easier for me to apply pencil to the brow then gel or shadow. My Wet N' Wild brow gel I believe got discontinued unfortunately, that was the ISH too! I have purchased the NYC eyebrow kit and thought it was okay. This is MUCH better in terms of color and consistency.

As you can see in my before and after, it matches my hair very well. I do NOT have a brush specifically for eyebrows so I couldn't apply it to my best abilities but the provided brush in the kit was sufficient for this review. The powder part (right) is too light to use, but I use it to set the gel and eventually it becomes transparent. I like it enough to keep it in my personal makeup collection but I go for my pencil a lot more because it's quicker for me, again that's just me.

Right now ELF has some sales going on, here's a few linkage. I was SO pissed I missed out on the 60% off all items, no maximum limit. It only lasted for a short time but ugh. I'll make sure to keep my eye out better.

Anyone else tried this Eyebrow Kit - what's your go-to brand for eyebrows?
Will do an HG post on my beloved products in the future...



  1. Celly I love wet and wild brow pencils too ^_^ they're super great and super affordable :)

  2. I have this eyebrow kit too, but I obviously don't know how to use it or my eyebrows are too thick because they look no where near groomed or pretty as yours. I recently ordered from ELF during their 60% off sale, and I have to say, I was DISAPPOINTED with a lot of the stuff I ordered and I ordered over $150 worth of stuff!

    ELF's quality has definately gone down the shitter. Quality isn't consistently good. The liquid eyeliners I purchased this time were clumpy and reeked of this super strong and harsh smell (whereas the liquid eyeliner I purchased from Target a few months ago was great), and their nail polishes weren't properly capped, so half of them dried out. Like, WTF, right? I was so pissed, so I contacted and asked for a refund. They flat out refused my request... so it looks like I won't be purchasing ELF online.. or even at any store for the matter.

  3. Aw Libbeh - that sucks about your purchase and disatisfaction. I say applications goes hand in hand with the product itself, you can have a shitty product but make it look good (in terms of my brows and I do like the product).

    I honestly only been disappointed with the lashes at times because they're all different shapes and sizes when they only carry 2 different types but for $1 each it's not much to complain about. I haven't gone through their whole line but I there are duds here and there but for being so cheap I don't expect great qualities so my expectations are mostly met.

    $150!! Wow, I'm sorry you didn't like it again and damn no refund? I suggest you either do a swap or sell them on your blog?!

  4. I love elf eyebrow kit! its actually what I use when I wanna fill in my eyebrows!

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