Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haul: ForLove 21

I buy jewelry and never wear it.
I suck. But I figure I will one day - haha.

Thankfully ForLove 21 (Forever 21's accessory store) have pretty things at a reasonable cheap price. But this year I notice they followed Gossip Girl's closet and have necklaces the size of chandelier and me being fashion novice, have no idea how to wear them. So I skip necklaces entirely and go for ear wear.

Price ranges usually from $3.50-$7 US.

Blingin' Hoops - Easy to put on, I have tons of hoops! LOVE hoop earrings.
Feathered Dangles - Thinking of actually wearing these to a wedding, hopefully the outfit pulls together.
Diamond Studs - I buy them for work, I love all the pretty colors... the neutral ones look so cute on. I've bought 2 different packs already since I loose them quickly.

What's your favorite type of Jewelry?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

FOTD: I Pronounce Tete-A-Tint... tee-tees a tint. Sounds better.

This was better executed in my mind.

Eyes - MAC Tete-a-Tint (lid), Nanogold (highlight), Embark (crease, lower lid), Nylon (inner eye), Burgundy Shade forgot brand (crease), Wet N' Wild Brown Pencil, L'Oreal Telescopic
Lips - NYX Real Nude l/g


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collection: MAC Blushes

My friend is an avid makeup fiend just like me and she told me she got her "MAC" at a local flea market. We went several times these past few weeks and me knowing my MAC - knew majority of the products being sold were fakes.

I'm not a fan of fakes for a few reasons:
  • Crap Quality
  • Unknown Ingredients
  • Overpriced
  • Marketed as Authentic
Others think it's unfair to brand/designer - I'm indifferent to that, I think counterfeit will happen regardless. But I don't fully support it I just rarely partake in it.

In bringing that up, the seller did have very few real MAC products. I'm not entirely sure if these two blushes are real but I believe they are. I compared them and searched it's contents - it seemed like blushes were the only things she had that were "real" and handful of eye shadows kept in a separate area. And for $8 each - I wasn't too upset or would be upset to find out if they were fake. I really love my purchases.

What I liked is that she knew WE knew the real deal on her merchandise and never mentioned it's authenticity on most of the product but on certain things she did and even gave us a chance to buy and return it full-refund if we weren't happy and discounted our purchases even lower (my blushes were originally $10 each).

I bought (right to left) Springsheen and Sunbasque.
Swatched heavily below.

I'm not the biggest blush fanatic - I always feel like they look the same on my face. I'm very choosy on what I pick and very happy with my collection. Although Breezy & Fever are similar (not happy about that lol). I didn't add my one and only MSF - I don't really categorize it as a blush and plus it's so lonely being an outsider.

Palette #1 (far left)
TOP: Dollymix, Joyous (LE), Cantaloupe (PRO)
BOTTOM: Peachykeen, Margin

Palette #2 (far right)
TOP: Fever, Breezy

Must Have Pro: Cantaloupe
Went to the PRO store in San Francisco several years back and the MUA said Cantaloupe was their best seller and I'm easily persuaded and glad I was. About 80% of my FOTD are me using Cantaloupe. PERFECT everyday blush, gives my skin a nice healthy color to it. I'd be weary for darker skin tones though.

Must Have Limited Edition: Joyous
I broke Joyous (which is SUCH an awesome color, sad it's Limited Edition) and it somewhat cooked the blush when I was melting the pan so I don't use it as much but omg, I might love it more then Cantaloupe if it wasn't for that unfortunate event. I loved the Beauty Powder Collection - I don't think they got the hyped it deserved.

Must Have Permanent: Peachykeen
My friends, mother, sister - whoever really gravitate to this blush. This one or Margin. It's a great universal shade and just a pretty pink. Not too bright, too dark - just perfect. This was my first MAC blush too. A must for blush fans.

Phew. Long post.

What do you guys think about fake makeup - or my little finds?
And is there a favorite MAC Blush you can't live without?
Please share.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway Winner: Superstar Lacquer

Thanks for those who entered!

I will be doing a contest for my 800 followers next - I'm purchasing some stuff for that.
So be on the look out!

As for the winner - congratulations to:

Gaby! From Gaby's Beauty Blog

Send me your info to:

Thanks again!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: ELF Eyebrow Kit

       You know I love me some ELF... cheap products but GOOD products none the less! My frugal ass.

Anycheapness, I went to Target again and noticed the Eyebrow Kit. Now, I only saw this one shade but online there's 3 more.

Click here to shop.
Normally for eyebrows I have my HG product - Wet N' Wild brow pencil, it's a lot easier for me to apply pencil to the brow then gel or shadow. My Wet N' Wild brow gel I believe got discontinued unfortunately, that was the ISH too! I have purchased the NYC eyebrow kit and thought it was okay. This is MUCH better in terms of color and consistency.

As you can see in my before and after, it matches my hair very well. I do NOT have a brush specifically for eyebrows so I couldn't apply it to my best abilities but the provided brush in the kit was sufficient for this review. The powder part (right) is too light to use, but I use it to set the gel and eventually it becomes transparent. I like it enough to keep it in my personal makeup collection but I go for my pencil a lot more because it's quicker for me, again that's just me.

Right now ELF has some sales going on, here's a few linkage. I was SO pissed I missed out on the 60% off all items, no maximum limit. It only lasted for a short time but ugh. I'll make sure to keep my eye out better.

Anyone else tried this Eyebrow Kit - what's your go-to brand for eyebrows?
Will do an HG post on my beloved products in the future...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FOTD: Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette

I bought this palette some months back and never got to use it.
I got it mainly for freelance work and I don't own many shimmer/metal shadows and wanted variety but I wanted to test it out before I really put it to use on others.

Honestly, I don't really like this Palette. I'm not wow'd by these 88-palettes. I use to own one, wooo like 6 years ago through MOD Cosmetics. I only used it for it's pinks/red and eventually gave way to better makeup.

A few colors on here are stand-out shades but applying it was a pain - I had to PACK it on for color to remotely show. And the colors came out muddy on me. I dunno, honestly I would skip on this palette and I probably would not take it with me for freelance work.

All products used for this look are Drugstore items!

Eyes - 1 (highlight), 2 (crease/above burgundy color and blended towards highlight), 3 (all over crease and lower lid), 4 (lid), 5 (washed onto #4 and lower lid), Wet N' Wild Black (deepen crease), L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara (gold one), Prestige Liquid Liner, Wet N' Wild Brow Pencil
Lips - NYX Natural l/l, NYX Real Nude l/g

Got any love/rant for Coastal Scents Palette?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Collective Haul: H&M, Ross, Forever 21 + Target

I did my fair shopping this past week with I don't know WHAT money.
Ugh, it's hard out there for a broke pimp.

I had cleaned out my closet and donated half of my clothes - you know, outdated stuff, clothes that fit me too big now (yay!) and also stuff I knew I wouldn't wear again. That and shoes so my closet is pretty empty and I've been shopping here and there to replenish it. Gotta feed my baby.

You know the thing that sucks about the internet with Facebook, Myspace and what not? Well, I feel like you can't wear clothes more than twice because there's pictures of you wearing it and everyone has seen it - especially to special occasions like birthdays and such. I mean, I wear my clothes more than once of course but it's not like before... so it's always shopping to have something "new" to wear for outings. Ah well, retail therapy is the best kind of therapy.

Anybrokeness - my friend's friend works for Ross so she hooked it up with her 40% discount. I didn't do much damage as I wish I could. I'll wait for mommy to buy me some more clothes - I'm wanting a bunch of ripped skinny jeans and white ones. Bit harder to find for a girl my size but it's a challenge I'm willing to conquer.

Flats - H&M ($10)
Wedges - Target ($18 - on sale)
Guess Heels - Ross ($35.99 - discount $22)

Okay so I've been looking everywhere for a white blazer and finally places like H&M, Forever 21 were carrying them but H&M had it for $50. NEWP. I went several times and checked to see if the prices lowered and finally I saw a $20 version hidden behind hella neon shit. I was like, oh my gosh - this shit was meant to be! I think the difference was fabric (one is heavier and better fabric) but it was the same damn thing. I can't wait to wear it - I think I'mma sport it for an upcoming wedding.

White Blazer - H&M ($20)
Plaid Tunic - Ross ($12.99)

Flowered Tunic - Forever21
Belted Shirt - Ross ($11.99 - discounted $7)
Laced Tank - Ross ($12.99 - discounted $8)

Ruffled Cardigan - Forever 21
Hello Kitty Shirt - H&M
Ruffled Tank - Forever 21

What's your favorite clothing store - best for deals?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Small Giveaway COVERGIRL - Winner

Picked randomly!

Winner is - DANIELLE87!

Congrats, girly.
Email your information at
Make sure to include a subject line: Makeup By Celly Winner

Thanks for those who enter!

Eyeko giveaway coming up next!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FOTD: You Can See My Bra Strap...

You can.


Eyes - MAC Paint Indianwood (base), Goldmine (lid), Brown Script (crease), Embark (outer v), Carbon (outer v), Vanilla p/m (highlight), Nylon (inner corner), Gorgeous Gold (lower lid), L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Lips - NYX Thalia, MAC Bare Necessity Dazzleglass


Friday, July 09, 2010

FOTD: My Mood Ring Says Horny

A couple
of weeks ago I went wine tasting in the Napa/Calistoga region in California, nice experience. Anyway, my friend had a mood ring and I would ask her what certain colors were and she's a goof so we had a laugh at her responses.

Friend: It forever be on black, what does that mean Cel?
Me: Um... don't know - maybe angry?
Friend: Well I'll just say it means, "horny."
Me: [laughing] And blue means calm I think...
Friend: No, I think it means "sexy."
Me: [laughing more] How about red, boo?
Friend: Shee-it. Sexy and horny!

Girl is a trip.

So here is my look from yesterday and befitting of my story as it involves MAC'S Mood Ring eyeshadow. A MUA from Nars came up to me and handed me her buisness card saying "I do makeovers and consultations so come by whenever." I gave her that side-eye look... what was she trying to imply? I was so offended. Haha. Seriously, I asked my friend "does my makeup look like shit or something?" and she laughed. I just laughed along with her. What the effing ever.

Eyes [all MAC] - Vanilla p/m (lid and highlight), Brown Script (crease), Embark (outer-v), Carbon (outer-v and lower lashes), Motif (between crease and highlight), Mood Ring (lower lash), Vellum (inner corner), Black Track Fluidline, L'Oreal Telescopic
Lips - NYX Real Nude l/g

My blog is currently under works - still figuring out the layout (I get bored quickly) so things will be missing or out of place. Ignore it. Thank.


p.s. - Don't forget to enter my mini-giveaway!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Review: CoverGirl "Blast" Collection + Small Giveaway

So awhile back I was contacted by Covergirl to test some of their products - majority of these were before store releases (yes, my reviews are forever late lol) so they still had labels on them.
This won't be a full on review but I'll touch lightly on the items I've received!

I was given:
2 Shineblast lipgloss
Lashblast Length Mascara
2 Smokeyshadow Blast
Covergirl + Olay Blush
Covergirl + Olay Concealer and Foundation

(not imaged are the Covergirl & Olay concealer and foundation)

My favorite item has been the mascara. I wasn't a fan of their original Lashblast because the wand was so thick and it ALWAYS hit the top of my lid or poked me lol. But this was a nice change.

It really gave me natural looking lashes so I used it a lot for work.
Didn't give volume or a dramatic look, but it lengthen nicely enough for me not to dismiss it.
No clumping and cleaned off easily.

Smokey ShadowBlast
This closely resembles NYX Jumbo Shadows.
Honestly, I didn't like it at all. It broke on me easily and eventually smudged after a few minutes.
The black/white combo I received - I only liked the white part as a highlight but eh.
Not recommended.

ShineBlast Lipgloss
Typical drugstore lipgloss brand.
Although this had a nice strawberry scent to it and the glitter was pretty.
Like a cheaper version of MAC Dazzleglass. The color wasn't flattering on me. Nuder shades would be perfect though.
I'd recommend depending on what shade you get.

Simply Ageless Blush - 230
This is such nice creme blush! I should reach for it more often.
I like the combination of Olay moisturizer in it. Gives it a nice texture and the color has great buildup.

Didn't test them because the shades were lighter then my skintone, unfortunately.
The concealer did go on a bit dry though but not much I can say to give a decent review on it.

Now for the small giveaway!
I have a Shineblast & Shadowblast for my readers!

To enter:
  • US Residents only (sorry for my international folks!)
  • Must be a follower to my blog, via feeder or google or bloglovin'. Whichever!
  • Include your email.
  • Leave a comment on your favorite and/or least favorite Covergirl product. (edit: or favorite drugstore brand lol)
This is a small giveaway so I'm giving it a week before it ends - July 13th, 2010. (squeeze in your comment til I stop approving lol!), and winners will be chosen at random.

I will be checking comments and their origin, as I don't mine anonymous people commenting. I rather give this to true bloggers. In the past I've had people enter with a blank blog just to enter contests/giveaways. I'm not entirely down for that as I believe in building our makeup community and give it away to those who put in the time and effort and thank them for their support.