Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello people...

As I've mentioned, I did a weight loss blog called Get Right, Get TIGHT!
My friend has been telling me that recently so it seemed fitting for the blog title.
It is a private blog so if you want to join - send me your email address below and I'll add you ASAP!

Make sure to confirm your invite. So far I have 2 people on there.
I just have the blog up but all contents aren't there yet but I want to put it up to get things rolling.

First weigh in is this Sunday - April 25th!

So JOIN HEFFAHS!!! I mean... you future skinny/fit hoochies!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys And Ramblings

I've been wanting this Betsey Johnson bag since last Summer. HAD to have it!
Price was originally in the $500 but won it on eBay for $140. LOVE!

This past Saturday I went to the Alicia Keys concert!
Melanie Fiona and Robin Thicke opened and the whole concert was so nice. Great event for couples and those who... ya know, hate Valentines Day. Haha. I didn't take much pictures though but here's one of me and my friend and also one of Alicia (grainy photo).

Makeup - kept it simple with Nylon in the inner corner, False lashes and black liner.

As for my long absence...

I was on Spring Break last week and wasn't in a blogging mood.
Just been really down a lot so I had to be out the house to keep my mind busy.
Just dealing with my previous issues (ahem, boys) but I'm slowly coming around. Even deleted my Myspace. Tear. I've had that thing before it became popular and Facebook took over. So old my ID was in the 5 digit range. HELLA OLD! Haha. But had to so I can move on with my life and forget my past and ex.

Also, I didn't want to blog because my face has been an absolute ASSHOLE.

I've never experienced acne this severe in my life.
So I've been totally bummed and ugly about it. Makeup mask it, yes. But once it washes off - you see a mess. So my esteem hasn't been the best these past 2 weeks. Honestly, I never felt this ugly in a long while and it takes a lot to make me feel down about my looks. I am confident in my looks but I'm telling you - acne can break a tough girl down. I had 8 effin cystic acne in the course of 4 days. WTF?! Never in my life. Maybe 1 before the time of the month or 2 at it's worse but 8! And the scaring... gosh.

So I'm currently in the process of switching my diet around. I have a feeling dairy was a cause in my breakouts because I have a really bad sore throat going on at the moment and so I've only been drinking a lot of smoothie liquids because it was the only thing I could swallow and also yogurt. All with milk. So we shall see if it was the cause because I'm reading a lot that consuming lots of dairy has linkage to acne. I'm on antibiotics and also on acne meds as of today to help. I'm praying it works because I'm sick of this! My skincare routine has been consistent so I'm really pinning it down to diet and perhaps these other pills I'm taking to be the culprit.

I'm having horrible karma thrown at me, for reals.
The Betsey bag made me feel a bit better though, lol.
I think I'm going to save money on the side and treat myself to a new hairstyle for the Summer.

On another note. For those who were interested in joining the weight loss blog. Shoot me your email address so I can send the personal and private invite. Hopefully within the few weeks I can have the whole thing set-up. I might do a multiple author blog, where anyone can post - not just comment.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Review: The All Nighter Styling Powder (Dry Shampoo)

I was contacted by the company ages ago (say a year, how rude of me to review it now) and they sent me the All Nighter Styling Powder and here goes my belated review.

Claim taken from the site:

The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder™ is the ULTIMATE all natural hair powder / dry shampoo / styling product to build volume, absorb excess oil, freshen hair and extend your blowout. It gives body to limp, lifeless hair and eliminates the need for excessive shampooing. It gives matte texture and awesome volume and body. The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder™ is effective on sqeaky clean hair and really works wonders on hair that is 2nd or 3rd day between washings! Scrunch. Zhuzh. Fluff. HAVE FUN!

The cool thing about this product is the color selections [click to view].
Most dry shampoos I have tried (spray and powder) resembled that white baby powder color.
The color selections help mimick hair color to better blend in and not leave the white casting like others have.

To my stupidity, I had selected the Brunette shade when I really should have asked for Dark Brown/Black. Because of my fault, it did leave that white casting if I had not blend in properly. But otherwise it looked better afterward then just white looking dry shampoos.

I used my younger sister as the testee since she has really oily hair.
Again, natural hair color is Dark Brown/Black as oppose to Brunette.

  • Color selection
  • Absorbed hair oil very quickly
  • No noticeable smell
  • Safe minerals pigments - I didn't feel adverse reaction and I have sensitive skin
  • Gave good volume. Probably a bit better then using hairspray.
  • Powder form last longer then spray can dry shampoo
  • Did dry the hair a bit too much if applied too much, of course.
  • Price
  • It stains the scalp if I get it too close to the roots and it's hard to remove from the scalp once it's there and because of the color, it was noticeable. Eventually it tends to fade if you rub it out - but that's a pain to do.
  • I'd be careful also with clothing because I managed to get it on my clothes and it stained. Fortunately, it washes off clothes and scalp.
The site was smart enough to mention that on their site:

DIRECTIONS: Gently sprinkle a light dusting of The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder™ through hair, distributing with fingers. Start near the roots and work towards the ends. For longer hair, flip your ‘do to get some underneath. Need more? Use more! Used too much? Don’t be so heavy handed next time! Scrunch. Zhuzh. Fluff. Toss. Tease. Have fun with it! The micro-fine formulation disappears into the hair. Natural mineral pigments rinse away from hands or other surfaces - but be careful if you are wearing your fancy duds - a towel over the shoulders helps.

Pricing: $18 US
Sold: Online only from what I've noticed.
Recommend: Yes.
Conclusion: If you need a pick me up between hair washes and good for a bit of volume boosting this product is good for you. Pricing is steep for a product like this which is a turn-off. I try every product once so I'd choose this brand over other dry shampoos, especially spray dry shampoos (they don't last long!). The staining is a pain but the company did provide handy tips and it does wash off clothes. Overall, it does what it promises and there's no BSing around.
Tip: A cheap alternative IS using baby powder.

Anyone a fan of dry shampooing?


DISCLAIMER: Said product was given by said company to be reviewed on Makeup By Celly. Product was used by me and all shared opinions are honest and not influence because of gratis. Products should be used at your own discretion.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Black Radiance Sale Haul + Swatch

I love RiteAid!
I think they carry better deals then Walgreens and Walmart - CVS is just too expensive even when they carry special sales. Plus, no hassle on makeup returns.

Anyways, every often RiteAid has stickered priced clearance items that are 75% off and BOGOs every week. Either BOGO Free or 50% off. This week they had sticker clearance on Black Radiance, Tropez and NYC. Majority where gone by the time I looked around but Black Radiance still had their products mostly stocked apart from the concealers.

I have swatches of lipstick in 5022B Pink Passion followed by a mini review below.

The closes lipstick dupe I own. MAC Hollywood Nights (le)

And to show how it looks on me - don't mind how the makeup doesn't match.

Lipstick Review - 5022B Pink Passion
The lipstick actually came out nicely pigmented. It glided on a bit smoothly and felt slightly creamy and had a somewhat matte finish. Had good staying power. They have a decent color selection. Mostly in darker shades for women of color. Would recommend.
RiteAid Priced: original $1.99 - on clearance $0.50!

Foundation Creme Review - 6813 Cafe Latte
I've read creme stick foundations were ideal to cover up blemish scars and I have a ton of those. This was easily blendable and it layers on nicely. Somewhat matte and powdery finish. I have to give it proper time to see if any breakout occurs but for the most part, I only used it sporadically and dabbed were needed so none that I can see. It covered blemishes well. If you have similar skin tone color as me, I'd check this out. The selection is generous (I want to guess around 10). I like that this drugstore brand caters to women of color but fairer skin people can check out their other products. Only concealer and foundations are for those of tan/dark skin tones. Would recommend.
RiteAid Priced: original $7.99 - on clearance $1.99!

The best part? The Foundation came with a manufacture sticker for $2.00 off! I got this basically for FREE and a penny back, lol.

I'mma go back and stock up a bit for my makeup kit.
Anyone ever tried the Black Radiance brand - whether or not you're a WOC?
Recommendations are welcomed!