Saturday, March 13, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Small Haul + Review

I did a quick stop at the mall yesterday to see this collection (GMLOL) and purchase a thing or two.
There wasn't much I was eying but from the swatches I had seen I really wanted to look into Blooming Lovely lipstick. I've been fascinated with the whole purple/lavender lip thing but never bought anything from the previously released MAC collections - so this was my chance. Plus, I really like the design on the packages and find it cute and girlie. One of my favorites besides the zebra prints in other collections! So check it out while you can...

Birds & Berries - I really don't reach for blues often but this one is so pretty and I can definitely pair it up easily with different eyeshadow colors. I can't wait to play with it. I have most blues from the permanent line and I couldn't find a dupe. It did reminded me of Club e/s though, just more blue. In terms of limited edition shades - I have no clue because I don't follow LE products but I'm sure there is a dupe out there because the past 2/3 years MAC has put out a lot of blues in their LE collections. I wanna guess Starflash had something similar?

Above, I swatched shadows I believe to be the closest match (which aren't by the slightest) to give you a look at the difference. Far left is Freshwater (a bit brighter), Birds & Berries in the middle and Parrot LE on the far right (a bit lighter in tone and more in the aqua/turquoise family then blue).

As I said, I went solely to check out Blooming lipstick.
When I swatched it at first - it gave me a pink, cool undertone with that hint of lilac which I assumed would in turn mean more wearable because with my skin tone, I can pull off a lot of lighter shade of pinks easily. But not cool tones, unfortunately. As I tried it on - woooo did I look like I had crack lips! lol. I tried different applications and layers, also lip liners - only way to work with this is to add lip gloss on top to tone it down which to me defeats the purpose of owning the shade if I'm only going to mask it. Ya dig?

I remembered it resembled a lot like my NYX lipstick in Power. And dun dun dun, exact dupe!

Power is slightly more wearable though - and a hell of a lot cheaper! $1.50 US compared to $14.50 US on MAC. Blooming comes off creamy but dries slightly matte whereas NYX are mostly creamy shades. If you're on a budget or your local stand/online sold out - just purchase Power and give a go.

Overall, I see duplicated items from this collection but a lot should be something everyone should own in their personal collections whether they come from Give Me Liberty, other limited editions or the permanent stands.

What are your opinions about the collections - any Likes/Dislikes?
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  1. omg it looks exactly the same. I own nyx power!

    nice swatches too :)

  2. I'm passing on this collection. lol. :/

  3. As you said, there is a dupe for Birds & Berries from Starflash - it is Strike a Pose. I don't think they are exact exact, but very very close. that's why I'll be skipping Birds & Berries, but I really want a couple of the other shadows instead. If only it were not pouring with rain here I would go out and check out the collection!

    I like NYX lipsticks but they taste like washing up liquid to me!

  4. Love the packaging. I was interested in the Blooming Lovely Lipstick but thought I should try it on 1st. I tried it on & I looked gross. 1 of the workers at MAC tried to say it looked good but I saw on his face that he thought it was really bad. I looked like a druggie with it to me. lol I just left I was like forget it. I liked the birds & berries but I can't wear blue because it looks bad on my hazel eyes, maybe if I was darker like u I could pull it off but I'm light

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  6. Nice Haul! I actually went back today and got myself Birds & Berries eyeshadow. The packaging is super cute and I promised myself that I will NEVER depot this eyeshadow. lol

  7. I like the lipstick, but I def won't be picking up anything from this collection. I hate girly flowery shit, the flowers & colors on the packaging throw me off.

  8. OMG it's a right on dupe... wow, I will get the NYX :)
    Thanks for sharing, I love a good dupe.

  9. thanks for commenting ladies!

    @Scarlettholly - thanks, I remember there was a blue in that collection. I didn't get anything from Starflash but at least now there is a dupe for it! What I did is grab the eyeshadow and swatched them next to the perm line, see if I find a dupe - just so I won't feel so rushed to get something.

    @badass senorita - haha foreals! that's why I'm returning mines. But I think power is more wearable and less cracky lol.

    @rai - you hoochie. lol jk.

    @zerin - i like the packaging too, I ain't depoting it also. I really want too tho lol.

    @for the fierce - i'm not a package whore, i wouldn't discount something because of the packaging. it could be a great product you like underneath it all but to each their own, love.

  10. It's the same reason I didn't buy Blooming Lovely, I have NYX;s power, which I truly love and it much more wearable.

    I'll do a haul post on the liberty of london e/s's I purchased and love!! Nothing else called my name.

    Love your haul however!

  11. I think I would buy the Birds&Berries shadow. The collection haven`t arrived to my country yet so I`ve got to wait...

  12. Wow, that is a dupe! The dang packaging keeps pulling me in though lol.

  13. great job finding this dupe! nyx can be just as good as mac, lipstick wise.