Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight Loss Blog


So I'm contemplating doing a private weight loss blog or blogger forum and anyone can join in. Either we each have our own separate blog and comment on each other or we use my main one to comment on everyone's progress. I do one in person with my friends - usually we have a goal to set and goal prizes at the end. I might just follow in through with the blog (prizes). I want committed folks to join, share, inspire and support one another. Let me know what you guys think and if anyone is really interested in joining?




  1. I like the weight loss blogg idea. I would totally sign up!!!

  2. I would definitely join a private weightloss blog. I really need to loose!

  3. I know exactly how you feel!!!! I had my ex tell me that he need to focus on himself and work and different projects...turns out his project was a new chick.........
    It's ok though they always come back and you can then tell them where put it.
    He came back about three months later telling me that "he didn't technically break up with me that we were on pause"
    I didn't take him back but I am still waiting for KARMA to kiss his BUTT some more

  4. My only other comment I wrote the anonymous one above about being on pause.
    If you ex knows about this blog take this post off. When my ex broke up with my I had a facebook account and I would write stuff about the break up etc nothing specific but this like "Everything that glitters isnt gold" or the "Grass isnt always greener on the other side etc" Thing is my ex and his new chick read my facebook stuuf and we likely laughing behind my back.So do give him the satisfication of even knowning that he is of any importance to u or even your thoughts anymore. So I advise u take this post off if he knows about this blog because he will likely see this or a friend of his will tell him about it

  5. I think it´s a great idea, I have to loose weight too, really!

  6. Sorry to hear about your ex doing that "bitch" shit. In a few months he wont even matter...

    Weight loss blog sounds like a good idea.

  7. Thanks for the support!

    @anon - I'm aware of what I put out in the interweb will have a possibilty to be read by him or others. At this point, I don't care because it'll be the same thing I would say to his face. Assholes need to be called out point blank or else folks will hear just one side (his). And venting is good! Haha. But thanks for the inputs!

    And I'll get the blog started up in the weekend. I'm excited to start that.

  8. You're EX is such a Jerk! His lost you'll find better.
    The weight lost blog sounds good I would sign up.

  9. Girl...that's why he's your EX. He's not a man and I'm glad you are not with him.

    I'm sooo down to do the weight loss blog with you. I need some motivation....count me in.

  10. He's such an ass..
    I would sign up!

  11. Awww bendito, screw him though for real. I can't say I know exactly how you feel but I went through almost the same situation only I didn't get to be the guys girl & he went back to his ex that cheated on him plus destroyed his car out of anger. You find better mami better yet he'll find you

  12. aww, stay up hun.Things can only get better from here..theres something wayyy better out there.
    i would sign up! :)

  13. Love the weight loss idea. I'm all for it!

  14. hang in there girl! hold your own. whatever you decide, do it for yourself. to better you and to move your life in the right direction. if it's motivated by this situation, that is okay too! nothing like a good kick in the ass to provide clarity and motivation to move further. just make sure the focus is on you and leave his ass and his nonsense behind. leave the revenge behind too. these positive changes you plan to make are for you, not for him. just my two cents. best to you!

  15. Thank you guys!

    I'm definitely liking the idea of him not being MY problem. He's immature still and I can tell he's not at all well sure of himself and the shit he's spitting at this girl is so embarrssing. Like dr. Oz said - watch for the people they surround themselves with because most likely they'll carry the habit their friends have and mother effin yes it's true and his friends are all apart from 1 I can say are on some bullshit level. I dunno how I tolerated all this cus I was annoyed a lot in the relationship.

    And greenbean you're right, I've done it for myself prior him and will continue well long after. No mas revenge cus I don't care the more and more I think about things. Anyways I got hollared at yesterday... So yes I will be good. *positive thoughts*

  16. i've been an avid (anon) follower of your blog. i love the way u do makeup. u have mad talent!

    unfortunately, i can't help u out on the boys issue but i can def feel ya on the weight loss (i'm on that journey myself) and i wanted to share this youtube channel, dancem89, that has some AMAZING weight loss inspiration. seriously, check it out and you'll be blown away & completely motivated to get it right.

    - c.

  17. I'd totally join the weightloss blog :) I wouldnt be able to make excuses haha!

    Ugh that sucks about the guy, they can be such assholes sometimes >=| but yeah, he doesnt know what he's missing!

  18. I just stumbled across ur blog (and loved it of course):) I know it's late in the game, but r u still doing the weight loss blog? I've been trying to do it on my own for months and have been failing horribly haha...?