Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So who the hell is ready for vacation and Holiday breaks?

I effin' am!

I know a starting new year doesn't change one's life but I'm so ready for 2009 to be over with!
This year had me dealing with a lot and I'm just ready to really take charge and start a new school and for the sun to come out and hug my bah-dee with warmth. Water + freshly straighten hair = not so cute hair, you feel me? I'm just ready! Also, I wanna freaking save my money...all this fall/winter bdays are killing my budget and I've only bought 1 thing for me this year and that was my phone. Everything else has been going to my bills :( and now presents... god, I haven't even done my xmas shopping yet.

I don't get to enjoy shopping or any of that - so I'm just patiently waiting on Santa's ass to get here and for us to pop champagne on the new year and call it a day!

So what is everyone doing during the "break" (if you're lucky to have one... like me. naners :p)?
Or what have you asked Santa aka the people around you - for Christmas?

I just want cash - straight up. Help pay Celly's bill money or a trip to somewhere. lol

And yeth, I have ignored my poor ass blog. Trust me - I think about it and want to do so much with it but with my limited time and resources and mother nature reaking havoc on my body... it just happens to become last in my priority list. But I would love to thank all my old followers and new ones for sticking through. Hang on - cus I do have giveaways coming in the new year. I just have to set order on some things.

But until then... this is my last post until the new year.

My resolution for the new year - save money (and smile more?)! What's yours?


- Celly
La Dolce Vita (the sweet life... ya know it ;])