Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Eyeshadow: Mood Ring Look #2 FOTD

Hello Ladies,

Let's jump to my post.
Originally I wanted a nice golden look but it didn't capture well on camera at all so I had to smoke it up with black - ending results I really liked.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation (I missed you, but the damage you do to my skin =/)
MAC Blush - Peachykeen

Eyes: [all MAC]
Paintpot in Indianwood (base)
Shroom (highlight)
Brown Script + Antiqued (crease base)
Carbon (crease)
Bronze (lid)
Mood Ring (lower lid/inner corner)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Lashes
Revlon Eyebrow Duo

NYX Nude l/l
NYX Thalia l/s

I'd like to thank Valentine's Promises Bridesmaid Dresses.
I'm thinking in future post I'll be doing bridal looks not only on myself but others.
What you guys think?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: Marc Anthony - Instant Straightening Cream

NAME: Marc Anthony Simply Straight - Instant Straightening Cream
PROMISE/ADVERTISE CLAIM: Smoothes Waves, Curls and Prevents Curls - stretches frizzy curls into shiny, straight hair, repels humidity and prevents heat damage.
WHERE I BOUGHT IT: Riteaid (available in most drugstores)
PRICE: $7-10 (sometimes there are BOGOs for this line)
OVERALL: I needed a product that can reduce my time using a flat iron/blow dryer when I want to straighten my hair and found this product that claims to instantly straighten the hair and also provides heat protection.

I have very thick, curly, long hair. I use this while my hair is still damp and after a bit of air drying, I comb out my hair and all the hair curls are instantly flatten out and it reduces my straightening process time. (I also add a bit of leave-in conditioner to my ends prior to straightening and a detangling spray.)

I love the smell is provides too. I like the fruity scents, personally. But it has it's drawbacks. It's sticky like pomade and it tends to dry my hair a bit or make it stiff on the root - but I think that can be eliminated with using the product sparingly on the hair or a small dollop. It's not noticeable on the finished results though. It does help with preventing humidity and some fly away or frizz (I also use Aussie Humidity spray. will be reviewing soon) and my hair doesn't curl as fast as it use to with the summer heat if my hair hits sweat. But on the drying part, it does leave it somewhat dull - which sucks, I always add some shine gloss and that tends to help. It also leaves my hair soft.

Overall - I really like this product.
*Remember, what may work for me may not work for all.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Make Up Misfits - Cobalt Makeover


300+ followers! *Glee
I forgot to mention if you guys liked the new layout?
I might keep this one for a good while.

Yesterday, I wanted to do a look for my portfolio and used one of my besties.
It was her first time using lashes and I loved it on her (she, not so much lol).
I used MAC Reflects Glitter on her as well but it's difficult to capture on film but oh em gee was it a gorgeous addition and really added a nice element to her look overall.

Eyes [all MAC]:
Paint Pot in Painterly (base)
Vex (highlight)
Cobalt (crease/lower lid)
Deep Blue Green Pigment (lower lid/outer v)
Yogurt + Hoppin' (lid)
Espresso (filled in eyebrows)
Smolder Eye Kohl (waterline)
Misc. Eyelashes
Reflects Purple Glitter (all over crease)

Thank you so much for the lovely responses and well thoughts on my last post.
To keep things simple, sweet and short - me and him are back together.
After a very long, thoughtful conversation (no yelling, just us expressing our inner feelings) he concluded that he made a huge mistake by trying to end it. I'm happy we were both mature about the whole thing throughout and he's very apologetic about everything.

Thank you again everyone.
I'm back to blogging now on more positive things.
I'm getting things lined up to review and do looks on.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Let There Be Cake!

Hola bellas,

I'm so bored w/out the bf around. lol

Anyway, decided to enter a nail competition on Makeup Talk.
That's why in this photo I had only done one nail.
Amateur stuff - wish I had the Konad to really make it all cool and jazzy.
The rest of my nails are Sally's nail polish I got for $1.
Love the shade.

I had my mom get me a travel bag or makeup kit bag [buy here].
And I LOVED the design Sonia Kashuk had in her Target line.
It was on sale for I believe $10? Forgot.
I still want her to get me the little makeup bag that has the cheetah print on them (it's a trio of different sizes) and also the same print as this bag.
Dunno if anyone has seem them but they're really cute.

This looks small but it fits all my MAC palettes (about 8 of them).
Has 3 attached pouches inside. 2 small ones for misc products/lip products and a longer one that could fit brushes. Then there's the front pouch.
So it's good to take as a makeup bag when I freelance too.
I like buying products that save me a lot of space - so the small bag is no biggie for me.

Guess what I'mma tear up tonight...

My little sister and mom are into cake shows and their weird selves went out and bought fondant. My sister's attempt at her cake. Ahem. It's AIGHT looking. lol. I guess it's a zebra print? *stifles in laugh*
You know if I made it - it would've been considered like a Picasso art.


Later locas ;]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vassup, Ich Celly

Hey everyone...

I had a decent weekend.
Went to go hang out with my bff whom I haven't seen in months.
We gone to MAC because she wanted to start her collection there and who else to bring along? I got compliments off my makeup from the MUA there and one even told me to apply there - she always tells me to when I go there. So I prolly will, dunno - I'm not huge on retail.
I never applied to MAC before - only my friends and they've been denied.
The manager liked my look too... so maybe.
Then my bf left back to Chico and I'm just so bored without him. =[

Who watches that show What's On w/ Alexa Chung?
WHO is she? Whoever she is, she needs to eat - she's ghastly thin.
And who's seen Bruno? Wow. I was kinda disappointed. Borat is by far better and less raunchy. I just thought Bruno was too much...

Here's the look I wore when I went to MAC.
I'm loving Yogurt now that I know how to utilize it better.

Revlon Concealer
MAC Blush in Peachykeen?

Eyes [all MAC]:
Yogurt (lid/inner corner)
Mylar (highlight)
Brown Script (crease)
Plum Dressing (crease on top of Brown Script)
Entremauve Pigment (deepen outer crease a bit)
Vex (lower lid)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Demi Lashes

NYX Natural l/g

That is all.

Later locas ;]

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Favorite Eyeshadow: Mood Ring Look #1 FOTD

Heya guys,

So finally onto my next color from my "FAVORITE EYESHADOW SERIES".

And I chose...

I will say I rarely wear this shade but I did buy the trio palette solely for this shadow. I can't wait to play with it some more.

Excuse my dark/orange/GANGURO hot mess.
I got super dark(er) in pe class today and tried a new foundation as well.
My skin has been horrible this Summer.
I can only really blame the heat + working out + no sunscreen messing me up. =/
Plus my eczema has been acting up all over my face - especially my eye lids. Hate it.

Anywho - I don't like complaining about myself in my blog. I don't like reading it on others either (I think it's weak to point out flaws others might not see) but I really look like a ganguro and I wanted all of you to know that. LOL. Jeez.

Revlon Concealer/Foundation

Eyes [all MAC]:
Painterly p/p (base)
Vanilla p/m (highlight)
Mood Ring (2/3 lid and up into the crease - lower lid)
Deep Truth (1/3 of outer lid and crease)
Typographic (lower lid/outer v)
Mylar (inner corner)
Blacktrack f/l
Ardell Lashes

NYX Nude l/l
MAC Please Me l/s
Flirt! Utterly Cool l/g

That's all ladies...

Later Locas ;]

Monday, July 06, 2009

Favorite Eyeshadow: Vibrant Grape Look #5 FOTD

Hello guys -

I wanted to finish my last look in favorite eyeshadow series.
Yes. Finally! No mas vibrant grape. Although if you search my blog - you'll find I used it in other FOTDs besides these. I used an inspiration photo for my last look.

I just substituted all with products I already had:

Revlon Concealer

Eyes [all MAC]:
Painterly Paint Pot (base)
Mylar (highlight)
Hoppin' (lid/inner corner)
Stars N' Rocket (crease)
Vibrant Grape (crease - deepened)
Moonflower (lower inner lid)
Cobalt (rest of lower lid)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Demi Lashes
Maybelline Lash Blast

NYX Purple Rain l/l
MAX Factor 560 Stainer
NYX Wild Orchild l/g

I had a really good 4th of July.
I'll post pictures another time but it had to be the best D-Day I've had.

Anywho - lemme know what you think and I'll get to posting a new Favorite soon.

Later Locas ;]

Friday, July 03, 2009

Beach Date FOTD

Hello guys,

Back from my beach date on the coast with the bf.
Was a lovely day out but too bad the traffic was so bad.
I think we were driving for well over 4 hours. Psh.

I normally don't wear much makeup on Summer days but I really wanted to do a 1-eyeshadow look. Think I achieved it?

Revlon Concealer
MUFE HD Foundation
MAC Cantaloupe Blush

Eyes [all MAC]:
Vanilla p/m (highlight)
Cranberry (all over lid/lower lid)
Nylon (inner corner)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Lash Blast Mascara

MAC Tendertone in Hush

He was tired all day.

Tomorrow heading to the San Francisco beach with friends.
I hate organizing events, lol. But hopefully things work out.

Have a safe 4th of July everyone.

Later Locas ;]