Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pigs, Tweets + Mascara Review. Yum.

Hey locas,

How about that damn swine stuff, huh?
At first I didn't take notice because like every damn new illness that comes through the US - some red alert comes on and everyone is freaking out and raising their damn blood pressure. Remember anthrax? My town got hit with it already. 2 schools were shut down. =/

Wanna hear the latest stupidity about this through a facebook "friend?".
She goes on her status, "I'm tired of this whole swine bs...everyone just use bleach! Bleach kills every bacteria. I learned through bio, I'mma be a RN nurse so I would know blah blah blah I need to stfu blah blah."
Yeah, swell advice. Lemme go dump my body in a big ass tub of fucking BLEACH!
Ever heard of water and soap or hand sanitizer?
Oh bleach works best, huh...
Yeah - if you're a damn appliance.

While I'm on a rant.
I'm sorry. I just find constant status updates annoying. Especially off mundane things.
Everything has a twitter and is twittering and they speak to their tweets. Wtf, seriously?
I'm those folks who delete Myspace/Facebook people who do constant updates of boring shit throughout the day. One to several updates a day is good enough for me.
No one should care about how long your dookie is and I will not read, NOPE.

Okay, now I'mma start my review. HAHA!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie (straight wand)
Get a dramatic look with 2000 Calorie Mascara — it volumizes lashes up to 200%. Water resistant and smudge-proof hypoallergenic formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. With straight brush applicator
Depending on store - between $6-9
Blackest Black

+Voluminzes very well
+Gives good length
+Separates lashes nicely

+Can be prone to clumps if not applied correctly or too much
+Mines had a bit of a funky smell

I know this is somewhat of an old cult favorite and it lives up to the hype.
Does it give 200% - nope. What mascara does, anyways? But it does the job and does it nicely. I'm curious to try the newer version of the 2000 calorie (stiffer bristles). They even have one with a curved wand. I like the dramatic look all in one mascara and this delivered.


That's all for now. Giveaway will be coming soon.
I'm trying to take pictures of all swatches of things but my camera is so old that I hardly can take much.

Stay away from Ms. Piggy and wash your ass with bleach! *rolls eyes* ;]

Later locas,

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Makeovers Posted...

...on my portfolio. Clickity click right >>>>here. I posted 2 new images.

Here's a quick sample:

So. I bought my business cards the other day! Thanks to Krystal for the help.
I can't wait to pass them out. My friends are really excited for me and my mom is over here giving me random suggestion. I'm like, "hush you old wrinkle bag and make me lunch." HEFFA!

This is really a huge step for me in terms of pursuing something I really enjoy.
Yeah, I'm going to school for Medical but I always saw myself has being a freelancer on the side.
I don't see makeup as a long-term, stable career. Well, for me anyways.

And I'm extremely sore from working out in my PE class this whole week.
I feel like a hippo raped my leg. Speaking of Hippos.
But no, I can't walk for nothing... But hey, 8 more pounds down :D
And also - Allergies are a big ass whore. Whore with herpes!
I'm only suffering from itchy/sensitive eyes at the moment. Which sucks because I can't wear much eye makeup anymore =[

Later Locas;]
Camerooooooooooooooooon! Haha.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make UP Misfits - My Online Portfolio is Now Up


So, I've been lacking on doing actual makeovers and spreading word about my freelancing, and as most of you guys know - I'm getting the ball rolling now.

It's at its baby stages in terms of spreading my name and actually getting clienteles and crap but hopefully by next year or even the end of this one, I'll have everything set up annnnd have actual work! Ha.

Any Makeup Freelancers out there got tips to share with me or suggestions?

I'm already taking advice from a lovely follower and will soon be making business cards.
My friend suggested flyers. But I hate flyers. I'm those people who throw away flyers.

In terms of building up my portfolio - I'm just asking favors through close friends and doing makeovers on them for free. They all already come to me for makeup so I don't mind that - plus they spread my name if someone likes their makeup. Win/win.

Oh, bit of drama I'll let you guys in.
Make Up Misfits was suppose to be me and my friend.
She does makeovers on other people and I told her to take pictures and send them to me so we can combine them in the portfolio. I contacted her through Myspace and Aim. I've gotten nothing.
So is it shady of me to take her off MUM's site and I go at it alone?
I'd like the support but I don't want to do all the work PLUS I wanna get this shit going now! Haha.


So here's my online portfolio: MakeUPMisfits (make sure to Follow that blog too!)
I'll be updating photos almost weekly so follow to see my latest and greatest.
PLEASE spread my name around if you're from the Bay Area, California.

Oh, and about pricing. Since I am starting up - what do you guys think I should do my flat out pay rate? I was thinking starting at $20 and working up depending on look.

Side note.
Congrats to Saimese for winning my contest.
That's some crazy ass bullshit.
Don't steal from others - that's lame as hell. And for freakin' makeup?
I'd understand if I was giving away a million dollars and baby Jesus.
or a million dollars *tear at being poor

That's all for now...

Later Locas;]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Contest: Couture Maquillage Entrants + WINNER!

So here are all the entries to the contest.
Thanks for entering! I had fun looking at all the pictures - everyone did an awesome job. :D

Scroll down lower to see the winner. I know, the anticipation is endless... lol.

So, winner was picked through my mother and sister. I couldn't have a say to be fair for everyone.

Yay! LOL. And the winner is...


I'm so evil.


Click Here For the Winner

Congrats to you!
Now, email me your mailing address!

Thanks again for everyone who entered!

Later Locas ;]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Contest Reminder*

It ends tonight - Pacific time (my time) around 12pm, so for those international and east coast - you guys got hella time to complete your looks.

I'll post all the contestants up including the winner tomorrow.

Thanks for all who participated!

Friday, April 17, 2009

4 Different Makeovers

Welcome to my new followers and gracias for stopping by my page!

Giveaway winners from last week - sorry for the delay, I just barely got mail packages and I'll send them ASAP!

Thirdly (is that even a word? eff it) THIRDLY!
My contest ends this Sunday, so if you haven't started doing your looks - do it now.

I did makeovers on my Didter friends (they have this thing where they call each other Didters insteads of Sister and I'm refered to as Didter Friend "Sister's friend") for my portfolio for Make Up Misfits.

[Click For Larger Images]

I won't specify what I used because I don't have the energy too. LOL.
If you really want to know, comment me and I'll respond back through my comments.
Oh, and what do you guys think of the graphics? Should I keep it as is or just put photos (no fonts), classic fonts (keeping it basic with black colors)?
For my actual portfolio (like, printed out photos in a binder) there'll be no art or fancy font, just regular photos but for my online blog - I wanted to spiff it up some. I dunno... I really want to make it more professional but eh.

But once I get my Make Up Misfit Blog up and running to a way I like it, I'll link it to this blog so you guys can check that out! :D

Other than this, my Spring break has been WACK! I'm actually more excited for Summer to begin. A lot of things lining up for me - and it seems like going to Italy is more possible. YEE!
Not excited for = work! I HATE IT! But I have to start going in because I really need money =[ That's why I'm doing this freelancing in hopes of getting some form of income rolling in.


Later Locas ;]

Monday, April 13, 2009

MAC Dazzleglass & NYX Lipgloss Swatches

Hello dudes and dudettes,

Now - I'm sure there are billions of swatches of glosses lately but I wanted to share my review on these.

First, MAC Dazzleglass.
Can I say, I'm super happy they're now permanent (all but 3 glosses).
I went in the day they came out for the sole purpose of checking out the shades on myself, I had already wanted to buy Smile but usually - I go into the store and end up buying another shade. Does that happen to anyone else? Always happens for me.

I only bought Smile. I bought Bare Necessity and Steppin' Out when they first came out last year.

Bare Necessity - Nude color (wearable on most folks)
Smile - Coral/Peach color
Steppin' Out - Fushcia color

Dazzleglass are very hard to capture on camera. I sometimes wear it in FOTDs and it just looks like bare lips on film, so excuse the swatch. They're not true to color.
Bare Necessity, Smile, Steppin' Out

Now, I'm going to save you all money if you take my wise advice (that's if you haven't purchased them all, lol).
You really don't need to buy every single shade or every new shade of Dazzleglasses at all. Which comes to one of my gripes about these, they tend to look similar on the lips - majority of them.
The brighter pink shades like Funtabulous, Steppin' Out, Date Night all look alike. Seriously, swatch on your skin - different. On your lips - same shit.
I liked to place around 3/4 groups - nudes, peaches/coral, pinks, bright shades. All of them fit into one of those 3/4 groups.
My suggestion in saving your money - get one of each that you like the most.
I'm serious when I say they tend to look the same on lips.
I'd definitely recommend Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Smile and Rags to Riches.
I'm not a huge fan of Steppin' Out - I bought that and R2R and kept it because I thought Rags to Riches looked similar to my Bare Necessity (big mistake).

These babies are $18 a pop and have way less product than regular Mac glosses.
(Something like 1.92g vs. 4.2g)

If you REALLY want to save money. Here's a quick way to make dazzleglass:
Buy MAC Reflect Glitter (there's plenty of sites where you can purchase samples),
mix it in a cheap clear gloss tube = new dazzleglass.
Texture will be different compared to the MAC (depending on gloss) but it'll essentially be the same thing.


Now onto NXY Round Glosses.

2 words = LOVE THEM!

Bought these for $2 each on

(L-R: Deep Red, Wild Orchid, Doll Pink, Natural, Real Natural)

I'm so used to my MAC glosses on how heavy and thick it feels - when I wear these, they glide so smoothly I was somewhat amazed by the softness of them.
It does feel like it'll wear off more easily but for the price, I don't mind going through them quickly (which will happen because I wear them all the time!)

I don't have much to say about these but they're just awesome and worth the purchase.

Anywho, that is all for today.

Later locas ;]

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Hooker

Happy Belated Easter, locas. :P

Just got back from celebrating in San Francisco with my relatives.
Good times.

I dunno if anyone else does this but my mom has us doing a tradition of getting empty eggs, filling them in with confetti and decorating them - all for the sole purpose of smashing it on each other. Sometimes there's money, and sometimes it's a hardboiled egg. Haha. Anywho...
So this year, me and my younger sister got creative with decorating our eggs.
Photos are below my FOTD.

I was in a rush to leave the house so I didn't take any good pictures so hopefully this will suffice. A little too smokey/dark for the occasion but I only had like 5 minutes to come up with a look.

MAC Paint Pot in Artifact (lid)
MAC Beauty Marked (crease/lower lid)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (highlight)
MAC Vex (inner corner)
MAC Blacktrack fluideline
Ardell lashes

And here are our eggs all together! Haha.

Yes. I made a hooker egg. Check out the cigarette!

My penguin couple <3

Spongebob and Chuckie from the RugRats

My sister made that monster from Monster Inc. And the thing in the front is suppose to be a cow. HAHA. My mom made the caca spots and she didn't want to finish it - so I finished it for her. I think it's cute.

My sister made Mr. T, I guess? I made a Mexican.

My Uncle and Aunt made us all brunch. Was hella good.
Here's my little cousin Alyssa in her sunglasses looking like Bono from U2.

This is Alyssa's "old man" face.
Hella random...

I gave my Grandma the hooker egg.
She kept it. =]


Lol. Good times.

Soooo... I'm on Spring break this week and I'll be catching up on some reviews I was going to do and other things. I will mail out the giveaways this week for the lucky winners, don't worry - they will come.
Don't forget contest ends this Sunday!

Later locas ;]

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Do Like Fishsticks...

I really can't get over how dumb yet funny this whole Kanye West and Fishsticks (play word on Fishdicks) is.
It's pretty much this joke on South Park that if someone ask you,
"do you like fishsticks?" and you reply with yes, then that makes you a Gay Fish.
I went on facebook and my friend put it on as his status,
"so, do you like fishsticks?"
and to the rest of my oblivious friends - they all answered yes and gave some weird ass stories as to why:
"I ate 39 fishsticks when I was 10..." or
"duh. I love them, especially when I'm drunk on[insert wine name]".
I seriously LOL'd at how clueless they are of that joke.
Even funnier is that they are all gay.
I love it.


My brights. My chrome yellow. I sometimes miss thee. Sometimes.

Revlon Concealer
MAC Blush in Dollymix

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:

Vanilla Pigment (highlight)
Naked (lid)
Chrome Yellow (inner corner/lower lid)
Stars N' Rocket (crease)
Typographic (outer v/crease/lower lid)
ELF Liquid Liner
Liquidlast Liner
Ardell Lashes


MAC in Pink Lemonade

Sinful - Rich in Heart
(2 coats)
LOVE the deep burgundy look of it.
But I suck at application so ignore that.

Vote for my Godson Aiden as cutest baby!
Gallery 1: AA-AR*
Contestant: #22
Name: Aiden Vega

You need an email and once you vote, to confirm vote through email.
Please do it daily! PLEASE!

As for my contest, lovely entries so far.
Yes, I'll allow anyone - international to enter.

Later locas ;]

Contest Date Change

I'm going to extend the date 'til next
Sunday April 19th.
I forgot it's Easter Sunday so I'll be busy with that plus my Spring break begins :D

Enter folks, damnit! LOL.
The link to the contest is above.

Email entries to:

Later locas ;]

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yogurt Amour FOTD

Hey locas,
here is a FOTD from this past Saturday where I officially became Nina to my Godson at his Baptism.

Revlon Concealer
MAC Cantaloupe Blush

Eyes: [all MAC unless otherwise stated]
Yogurt (inner corner/1st half of lid)
Parfait Amour (inner lid)
Typographic (outer v/crease)
Nylon (highlight)
Blacktrack fluideline
Ardell Whispies
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

NYX Nude l/l
NYX Real Nude l/g <3

MAC Yogurt is an okay shade, tbh.
It comes off chalky and I was hoping to see a bit of pink or light peach to it but it just looks like any off-white shadow I have. Bah.
I KNEW I should have gotten Carbon instead.

I'm also contemplating getting a Coastel Scent palette.
I use to own the MOD Palette that I got 5/6 years ago, it's the same 88 color crap but sold for like $60 (they had it even before eBay Japanese sellers had them) and I sold it before the whole CS-Craze hit last year and I have that bit of seller remorse, haha. Solely because there were several pinks in that palette I used that MAC had no similar shades too.
I feel like a little follower buying that though, haha.

Anywho - contest ends April 10th! Don't forget!

Later Locas;

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Couture Contest REMINDER!

April 10th is the last day to enter and so far I only have... gulp, 1 entry :[
Soooo remember you have one week left to enter or I'll have to cancel or push back entry date to a few days only. I need at least 5 people to enter.

I added more things to the prizes as I said I would:

*2 NYX Glosses
*1 NYX Glitter Liner in Lavender
*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple
*ELF Liquid Liner
*ELF Eyeshadow Brush
*ELF Cream Blush
*ELF False Lashes
*LA Girl Nail Polish
*Red Cherry Lashes
*Revlon Nails
*Rimmel Mascara
*2 Samples of Pure Luxe Shadows (Yellow/Purple)

Click here for more info to enter!

Later Locas ;]

Giveaway Winners

I used to pick out the winners.

Congrats to...

From My Pretty Box.



From Chica De Belleza!

Kay, Loves - send me your info to

Don't worry - for everyone else, I'll make another giveaway in the upcoming weeks!
Look out for it ;]

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Excuse My Beauty! Review

So I had the awesome opportunity to review some Revlon products.

First, I'll review are the Revlon Runway Collection Nails

Revlon Runway Collection in Sequins (there are many types available!)
All drugstores where Revlon is available.
Sequins. Medium Length. Comes with 24 nails and 3g glue.
-I'm not an acrilic fan, atm. I much prefer polishes but this is a great alternative to spiff up your look for a temporary time.
-Very pretty designs
-Last decently long in normal day activities
-Many sizes (there are numbers behind the nails for easier matching)
-Glue doesn't harm natural nail (in my case)
-Not sure if shorter or longer lengths available. I would love to wear shorter ones.
-Glue bubbles if not applied correctly
-It bends easily when put pressure on it.
I liked having "fake" nails for a day, and especially in our economy - spending $20 for acrylics aren't cutting it. So this is a great alternative. I actually got complimented on these nails today - and got a shocking look when I told them they were press-ons. Haha.
RATING: 3.5/5


I'm giving 2 sets away of these to my readers.
Quick Rules:
Be a follower and comment below saying "Excuse my beauty - I wanna enter!" and comment only once.
Winners will be announced by Sunday April 5th.
Giveaway ended!

Went to MAC and used a giftcard I received to buy me some eyeshadows.
Can't wait to play with these lovelies :D

Vex + Yogurt

This is an old video.
Inside joke with my friends but I just think the person in the video is the most gorgeous thing ever bestowed upon us:

How can you not love them toes and daisy dukes?



Later Locas,