Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm sick like a dog =[
And I got sick on my birthday dinner. Lame.

So yesterday, I invited my closes friends to Havana Restaurant in Walnut Creek.
They served Cuban food - was decent. I knew I should have stuck to a Cuban Sandwich because no entree meal compares to my Grandma or Aunt's food.

I mustered up to put some makeup on because I was really tired and ill...
The look I went for was very simple with a POP.
I put gold glitter just in the inner corner of my eyes and I really liked the results but cameras don't usually pick up glitter well, unfortunately.
(I'm so saving up for a new one! lol)

Revlon Concealer + Foundation
YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Cantaloupe Blush

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Yogurt (lid)
Tete-A-Tint (crease)
Vanilla Pigment (highlight)
Espresso/Typographic (outer v/crease)
Parfait Amour (lower lid)
Urban Decay Glitter in Gold (inner corner)
ELF Liquid Liner
ELF Lashes

NYX Lip Liner in Nude?
MAC Lip Conditioner

I felt like crap so ignore the crappy-ness of me. Seriously.


And a special contest coming soon whenever I reach 200 followers =]
(Won't need to do anything, just be a follower!)

Later Locas,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cameroooooooon! Drag Queen Entry

I finally caught the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race and sigh*
My Nina Flowers got runner-up but I did love Bebe too so I wasn't highly disappointed.
I'mma miss that show 'til next season.
Especially when RuPaul would randomly yell out CAMEROOOOOOON!
I love saying that!
I yell that in my sleep.
My farts even whisper out Cameroon.
True story. HA!

Can I say...
it's hard being a girl being a dude wearing makeup to look like a girl [BRAIN FUCK!].
Yeth. I dipped in the drag queen jizz pool.

Well, I TRIED.
I so am not good with dramatic makeup - it takes skills.
This look was inspired by the amazing Petrilude.
Sheit, he makes a better looking girl than me. Bitch.
I keed.

This is for a Drag Queen contest I might enter.
It really has no Drag Queen look to it IMO so I will hopefully re-do it and enter it before contest is over.

What do you locas think?

Here is my NOTD (err - week)
Sinful Colors - Easy Going
Very pretty soft pink color. Hopefully I can find a dupe through OPI because SC is not the best but it's cheap and does the job. No quick chipping with this shade either.


So here is a random convo me and bestie had over SideKick Aim.

(Cristina's away message on AIM)
[AVAILABLE] Ah im soo excitedd :) can't wait.
Celly: Excited for what?
TINA: To shit in yo mouth!
Celly: Like chocolate ice cream?
TINA: Yup maybe more lik rocky road
Celly: I hate nuts.
TINA: Its not nuts ther marshmelows
Celly: This conversation is sick.

Just felt like sharing that. =]


Later locas,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NOTD + Hauls + NYX Lipstick Swatch

Quick side note, I lost 10lbs in a month. Woo-hoo.

AND - Why is it raining in CALIFORNIA?
I'm tired of this wonky ass weather.
I'm ready to for my Spring Break and do, um, nothing.
Nothing or dance all hot and sexy like this pretty young thing.

So my flash kinda brightened up the nail polish shade because it's a deeper purple than a bright pink polish. I really love it. Got many compliments off of it. But ya know with cheaper polishes, they tend to chip super easily so a topcoat is a must.

Sinful Colors in - Dream On
Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Strengthening Topcoat

This sinful shade dries matte - so topcoat is really needed here.

Walgreens Haul

Got BOGO-Free in Revlon products so picked up the Age Defying Spa Foundation and Concealer. (Review on this soon)

Sinful Polishes in:
Daddy's Girl
Rich In Heart
Good Girl
Vacation Time
Easy Going

ELF & Ms. Cuppycakes Haul + Riteaid

Also BOGO-Free in Riteaid on Maybelline products so picked up Colossal mascara.
[not pictured]
Neutrogena Spot treatment (WORKS WONDERS! My zit was gone in a day!)
Grapeseed Peeling Mask
Back Scrub

Ms. Cuppycakes: NYX Lipsticks and Red Cherry Lashes (one of those lashes is for the contest winner, forgot to put it in the other photo)
ELF: Crease Brushes, Eye Lash, Eyeshadow Brush, Pen Liquid Liner & flat top brush.

NYX Lipstick Swatches

And here is a comparison of both ELF Brushes...

Quick review:
The blending eye brush is $1.
Contour Eye brush is $3.

The blending brush does shed but blends well and is soft.
Contour brush does not shed yet the bristles are too short to the metal wand, you can easily scrap yourself if rushing but blends and adds color well too.

I like both products but both have their cons and pros - worth the money though.

That is all.

I wanna see more entries!

Few Contest Prizes

Comcast + Yahoo blows!
Haven't had internet for days because of their crap service.

I just received few items as prizes for my Contest [click here].

I'm still waiting for lip stuff to come in.
Plus I'm adding a few shadow samples in it.

I gotta say I LOVE the ELF Liner Pen I'm giving away.
Oh man, I'm seriously going gaga over it.

I'll be posting my haul soon but I wanted to show you guys very few of the total prize items.
You have until APRIL 10TH, 2009 TO ENTER!
Don't forget!

Btw, fellow bloggers - don't you dislike how we edit post?
I'm so annoyed by it. It's like Facebook, messing with a good thing. Blah.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Is Hella White...

Anywho -
FOTD from Dinner tonight :D

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:

Gesso (lid)
Parfait Amour (outer lid/lower lid)
Fuschia Pigment (crease)
Nylon (crease)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Lashes
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity

Locas ;]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Highend Appeal, Drugstore Price

This is my entry for Abbie's contest.

Can I say I use to love NYX eyeshadows since I use to be such a cheap-ho back in the day and before they were well known by folks...
(the 3-pan trio shadows use to cost $3.99 back then, tear*).
But then I upgraded to MAC and I can see why.
Pigmentation is just not there with majority of the trio-shadows and I hated the blushes. But NYX is good for those on a budget. I can't hate.
I have very few shadows from NYX that I can't part with.

I had to borrow back the stuff from my sister.
It's always a great starter brand, but I there isn't much comparison from MAC to NYX, imo.

Spur of the moment look. Probably will do another look and enter that one.

Revlon Concealer
L'Oreal True Match Blush
Jane Bronzer (bleh... it made my skin look dry)

NYX Peach (lid)
NYX Purple (crease)
NYX Silver (lower lid/inner corner)
Jane in Black (outer-v...love this!)
Wet N Wild Liquid Liner
NYC Liner in Black
Ardell Lashes
Pure Luxe Mineral in Green Apple [not pictured](winged liner)
Wet N Wild Brow Set

Sexy Mother Pucker
MAX Factor Pro-longed lip gloss

I'mma definitely do another look. =/ LOL.

PS: Hope you guys like my new layout? Did it in like 10 minutes. Te gusta? A mi me gusta. Haha.

Locas ;]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prizes I've Won + Contest Update

So I got my package from Rai today, yayers!
I love it all... so happy I got lashes too. I'm such a lash-ho.
Thanks, love!
What I got:
Sephora Gloss Trio
Purple Nail Polish
NYX Liner
Makeup Pouch (cute!)

I have yet to post prizes for my contest because I barely placed orders on all the things I'm giving away. And if you haven't read the update - I am allowing Canadian and UK entrants now.

That's all for now.

Locas ;]

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Contest: Couture Maquillage *Updated Rules

Okay, so I was thinking long and hard about something new...
I had great suggestions (thanks!) and thought about something that will garner many different inspired images.

Couture Maquillage
Haute Couture Makeup

Haute Couture is a French phrase meaning High Fashion.
This is were creativity sets in!
I want some crazy looks - you can even dress the part to add more feel to it, but makeup will be the only thing judged! Push the limit, try your best and definitely have fun doing it.

Google is your best friend when looking for inspiration photos.
Youtube is also a great way to go - I'd recommend these people:

How To Enter:
You MUST be a follower to enter.
(If you can't follow, send me an email or comment saying you can't. You can still enter.)

2 photos need to be submitted.
1 full face - the other is your choice.
Additional images can be added.

You have 2 choices in entering submissions:
Post it on your blog and send me a notice it's up
or send me an e-mail at cellyannabelle@hotmail.com.

If you're recreating an image or video - send me/post the inspiration photo or video along with your entries (not required).

Photoshopping Rule:
I personally am not a huge fan on photo-shopping makeup looks.
I see it too often and think it's an unfair advantage.
*BUT... your photo entry, one can have the max of skin smoothing retouch only!
(I'mma be generous, LOL)

I will choose the few finalist and from then on...
the winner will be choosen by unbiased judges
(friends, family).
Also not a fan or voting polls or random picks, too much cheating going on. Ahem.
I may or may not choose a 2nd-place winner.
Depends on how many prize items I get.
I'm allowing UK & Canadian entrants now! :]

Plenty of time for everybody -
April 10th, 2009 - 12pm Pacific Time.


Few items I got.
I'll prolly stick a random dildo in there for the hell of it... who knows.
Haha. Jay Kay.

Have fun - I can't wait to see the entries!
Locas ;]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Wanna Do A Contest Too, Damnit!

I've always wanted to make one and I think I will in mini-celebration for my 100+ followers
(gracias, Locas ;]).
Okay - be comment hoes and help me create a contest theme to do...

I'll be in LA this weekend so maybe I'll pick some things up from there too for prizes.
Contest won't be held in some weeks since I'll be pretty preoccupied it being my Birthday Month and all.
(March 18th... 23 years young. Sigh* MY YOUTH IS LEAVING ME!)

That be all for now.
Chola Brolas ;]

Sunday, March 01, 2009

80s Contest

Hello, Hello...

Here are my entries for Rai's 80s contest.
So perplexed on what to do - I'm not good with recreating a certain theme...
but I had Jem and KISS in mind when doing my face.

I remember doing an 80s theme for MakeupTalk Forum and I had used a lollipop too, lol.
Surprisingly, I didn't use much products - besides the usual eye stuff:

[All MAC unless otherwise stated]
Vibrant Purple (lid and upper forehead)
Coral (crease)
Beautiful Iris (all over face/lower lid)
Fuchsia Pigment (as the "star")
NYX Silver Glitter
Wet N' Wild Brow Pencil
Ardell Lashes
Blacktrack Fluideline

MAC Breezy

MAC Pink Lemonade

The "normal" side.


That be all.
Locas ;]