Monday, January 26, 2009

Vincent Longo Foundation Review

Review time - gave this about a week+ in testing the foundation.

Vincent Longo Liquid Canvas Dew Finish SPF 15 (my shade: rich sienna #11)

Vincent Longo's Dew Finish Formula is a mixture of colorless organic and mineral sunscreens and pure pigment that is not only SPF 15 but now waterproof as well!
This improved formula increases skin hydration during wear and helps keep the complexion soft, supple, and luminous throughout the day. A technologically advanced foundation that is emollient, provides sheer to medium coverage, blends evenly, and imparts a soft radiance to the skin, for a moist, glowing finish that lasts all day. Enriched with Ceramide III (moisturizes), vitamin E, ester C (potent antioxidants), aloe (soothing), and a protective SPF 15 sunscreen.

PRICE: $12. Price was marked 50% off (original price $48.50)

WHERE I BOUGHT IT: Sephora (in-store)

The bottle and the pump came separately within the box, so if you're a no-pump type of person - there's the option. The pump itself has it's own cap for no spillage. There's somewhat control with the pump, it doesn't dispense a lot which is good.

+ The price! It's the same price as some drugstore foundation so I had to buy it.
+ It can build into medium-coverage. More than anything, it feels like a tinted moisturizer.
+ So far, no breakouts on it =D
+ It feels really light weight on.
+ Not much transfer off the foundation, which is my problem - but I NEVER put a setting powder, so that could be it. But I don't seem to sweat it off during gym, good thing!
+ Natural looking, doesn't give me the cakey look like MAC's foundation tend to do.
+ Somewhat controlled my oily-ness on my nose/forehead - not significantly.
+ It has a pump! That pretty much convinced me to try the foundation because I'm tired of bottles without pumps.

+ Not a lot of different color choices. Prolly around 7 choices. Mines is a bit dark but hardly noticeable.
+ The smell. I'm not a fan of SPF smell - I associate it with greasy (even though I didn't grease up.) The smell of it is pretty strong when put on - but it goes away eventually.
+ It's suppose to give me a dewy look, but I don't see it. If anything - it's more on the matte side. Could be drying for those who have dry skin (I have combo). I expected some form of shimmer from it to give me the dewy look, but there was very little of it. Hardly noticeable.
+ Not enough coverage that I needed (just for my acne scars).

It's a decent foundation - but I'd say its more of a tinted moisturizer if anything. I wish it gave me a bit of a dewy appearance but I can't complain because I haven't had any major breakouts or allergic reactions to the SPF (I break out bad with SPF on the face). Since the coverage is as far as medium, I still needed to use my concealer - which is fine. I use 2 pumps for my full face but some people would only need 1, that's a good thing. I don't like how there wasn't a lot of colors to choose from. I originally wanted a Matte foundation but the color didn't match on me so I went for Dewy since it was closes to my skin tone. On me, it is slightly darker - but like I said, nothing noticeable to others and my cheeks are the lightest part of my face - so it does nothing but match the rest of my face to the darker tone on my forehead.

I would buy this again if I don't find something I like better, but it might be difficult to get it at this price since Sephora will no longer carry Vincent Longo products and everything is being marked on sale - I would not pay original price for this! Nope. Not worth the $50, I tell you that. I heard that the Body Shop (I believe) also carries the line and has it at $10-12 dollars though.

+ You need sheer-med coverage
+ Short on cash and want to try a higher end product =]
+ You're into pump-foundation.
+ Want a natural look
+ Have combo skin!

+ You have dry - I don't think it'll do much in terms of looking dewy (I could be wrong! All skins act differently)
+ Don't like heavy smells like SPF
+ Very limited color selections


Chola Brolas ;]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shut My Playboy Mouth... Just DANCE! FOTD

That Lady Caca has a Andy Dick kinda look. Horrid.
Christina Aguilera did bad timing on her choppy-bangs because she looks like that hag.


I hope for my birthday (the nasty 23!) in March - I'm hoping to get a new camera so I won't have to buy one myself, because it makes me really sad my photos aren't true to life. And I don't like photoshopping them because I hate photoshopped looking pictures. Not everyone has smooth skin - I wish I did. My bumps are free for the world to see (well, not the ones that resemble Mount Everest).

Which got me thinking to my friends - I HATE when they smooth the fuck out of our pictures ('cus ya'll know we save photos of ourselves from Myspaz after we all went clubbing and took shots in the bathroom. Mmmhmm.), it makes me feel like a fake-dirty ho for some reason. Yes, airbrushing to make "smooth" looking skin makes me feel like a fake-dirty ho.

This guy I used to talk to would be like, "your friend photoshops her pics a lot. You prolly do too!" Um, no. What you see is what you get! Suck on that, jabrone. So yeah, I got flaws but it's whateve to me. I don't ever want to bump into someone who's seen me online and them get a different perception of what they thought I look like as opposed to what I do look like. 'Cus I've seen some people in person and was like, "what in lady caca have you done to yourself?"

So... FOTD time? Yeah. Yer. Si?

Vincent Longo Foundation in Dewy
Revlon Colorstay Concealer
MAC MSF in Light Flush

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Chrome Yellow + Golden Lemon Pigment (inner corner)
Post Haste + Bright Fushia Pigment (lid)
Entremauve (outer v/crease)
Purple Haze (crease)
Creme De Violet (lower lid)
Gesso + Nylon (highlight)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Red Cherry Lashes
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

MAC Hush, Hush Tendertone

Oh, on other random news... I gotta a different job position at work. I now work for that No Child Left Behind and boss around some High Schoolers - no more stinky little kids. And for less hours too which is awesome. I just need pocket money for alcohol anyways, so it came at a good time. Haha.

And Kickboxing class is.... kicking my ass! I'm sore. LOL.
Chola Brolas

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Shot of Silver FOTD

I got my internet back! Yay! Let the procrastination and insomnia begin again, LOL.
I've been having a really good sleeping pattern since my net was cut off. Granny sleep. Up at 6/7am and in bed at 10pm. Anywho...

Thanks for all the comments and new followers, how nice to come back to read all of that. :D

Hope everyone had a good 3-day weekend?
Mines was decent - spent it with the family and did some shopping. I bought Vincent Longo foundation at Sephora because it was 50% off - so it went from $50 to $13 total including tax. Crazy stuff. Review next week after I give it proper time to allow a decent review on it.

But yeah, so I went to Sephora and I really regret not working because they had really good stuff on sale and MAC... MAC having a sale? Never thought that would happen. The recession forcing a lot of places on sale has been a big ass tease when one doesn't have a job. Well, I have a job - I just never go in, LOL. So I'm determined to get my lazy ass and making moolah. I desperately want the new MAC brush - #226. It's already sold out on some locations so I'm nervous I won't get it by the time I have some cash on me - which is in 2 weeks. =/ Sigh*

I've been thinking about my makeup collection and how I use my favorite ones more often than any other color. So after I compile enough different FOTDs using certain favorite shadows, I'll make a post of it. For example, Carbon eyeshadow - and adding different looks you can achieve using that eyeshadow. Sounds interesting? You're prolly thinking, "who gives a shit... just show your FOTDs"... haha. Mmmkay, here goes skank!

MAC Blush in Margin

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Electra (lid)
Bright Fuschia Pigment (crease)
Typographic (outer v/crease/lower lid)
Gesso (inner corner)
Shroom (highlight)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara
Ardell Half-Lashes
Wet N' Wild Brow Crap

NYX Lip Liner
MAC Slimshine in Bare

That is all =]
Chola Brolas =]

Monday, January 12, 2009

No Internet =(

I'm typing this from my cellphone.
Thank god for the sidekick!

Anywho, Comcast is a whore and trying to be a big heffer not allowing my DSL to work. So I won't have the internet for a week or even longer =(

Later lovelies.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Purple Nurple FOTD

So, I was looking at Youtube and organizing my videos when I saw this chick in my recommended screen. And now, since I don't watch them tutorial as much - I didn't realize she's been in that tube-scene for some time, she be makeupartistamateur - who endorses nothing but Scandalous Cosmetics - and is really amazing with her looks. Crap thing, it's a hard to find product since they're only sold in SoCal. I think she makes QoB look "alright", LOL. Hard to pull. I want those colors she be using.... ugh.

But she's effin' gorgeous and I just loved her combinations so I wanted to recreate this look [click here, ho] - and it has to be my favorite smokey/purple look I've done. Nothing compared to hers because she's just skilled as hell and has a lot of eyelid space to work on.

L'Oreal True Match Blush

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Painterly Paint Pot (whole lid)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (whole lid)
Gesso (inner corner)
Purple Haze (middle lid)
Parfait Amour (middle lid/lower lid)
Bright Fuschia Pigment (outer lid)
Scene (crease)
Typographic (crease/lower lid)
Nylon (highlight)
Blacktrack Fludline
Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara
Ardell Lashes
Wet N' Wild Brow Pencil/Gel

Clear Gloss
MAC Slimshine in Bare (put lightly)

Was picture ho-ing it up :P
I really need to buy more false lashes. The ones I used above are too long and feathery for my taste. Although they are really nice, but for smokey looks - I prefer them just elongated at the ends. Ah well :]

Chola Brolas ;]

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Do You Lilac It? FOTD/NOTD

Just finished watching that Curious Life on Benjamin Button movie... interesting. It reminded me of Forest Gump for some reason, but Forest Gump was more entertaining. The movie was sweet though. So, I was playing with my makeup while watching the film and this is the look I came up with:

L'Oreal True Match Blush

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Cashflow Paint Pot (base all of lid)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (lid)
Bitter (lid on top of Milk)
Goldmine (crease)
Humid (crease/outer v)
Typographic (outer v/crease)
Mylar (highlight/inner corner)
Beautiful Iris (lower lid)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Half-lashes
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Wet N' Wild Brow Gel/Pencil

MAC Viva Glam V

Also did my nails:
O.P.I. Do You Lilac It? (2 Coats)
Finished with Sally Hansen Top Coat Strengthening Polish (1 Coat)

That is all. And thanks for all who are following my blog, appreciate it :)
Chola Brolas ;]