Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vegas Volt

Over the Summer I had won a makeup contest through Rubey and she was so nice to let me choose a lipstick of my choice and so I decided to get MAC's Vegas Volt.

Totally a Summer lipstick!
(And I would post it during the Fall, lol)

Amplified Creme Lipstick - Pink/Coral Shade
*drool coming down the side of my mouth

I love the shade, I really do. It's unique in that it appears somewhat neon (in terms of brightness), the color is unique in that I don't see a lot of people wearing it and that it can be a show stopper just like red lipsticks. Amplified Creme are my favorite forms of MAC lipsticks so it's not drying yet it stays on a good amount of time, aswell. This would look when paired with simple eyes or killer liner or a bit of drama.

Although I love it a lot, I don't love it on me.
Unfortunately it doesn't compliment my skintone very well.
Not very WOC-friendly...
(I'm NC 44/45 for reference.)

I gotta figure out a way to wear this or simply not care and just wear it alone.
But on more fair skintones this would look absolutely gorgeous!
I can see a lot of girls rocking it!

Lemme know what you think or if you own Vegas Volt and how you wear it out!

Celly ;]

Friday, October 23, 2009

NOTD: No Spain No Gain

Since Fall is here and Winter soon approaching, I steered more towards richer shades of nail polish. No more neons and the brights of Summer. Bring on my red and nudes! I really love dark polishes, I just can't pull them off successfully against my skin tone or to my liking that is until I tried OPI's No Spain No Gain. Love!

I bought this mini set over the Summer while on vacation solely for the bright pink in it and because it was cheaper then buying one OPI polish (I got it for $7 at some beauty store.)

No Spain No Gain - A lovely deep berry creme shade. My picture makes it photograph brighter but it's a lot deeper then what is shown. 2 coats applied + top coat.

OPI Espana Senoritas Minis

[l-r]: Top Coat, Pink Flamenco, No Spain No Gain, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

What's your go-to Fall/Winter shade?

Celly ;]

Monday, October 19, 2009



Man, I got a lot of blogs to catch up too.

Here's my look from yesterday. Friend's dinner at a Moroccan Restaurant. Food was okay (no carbs on my plate... psh). But the entertainment was nice. Interesting experience.

I haven't done makeup looks in a long time!
So I'm a bit rusty - just wasn't happy with the outcome.
And I got the Too Face Shadow Insurance...

Cobalt (lid)
Orange (crease)
Carbon (crease)
Vellum (inner corner)
Gorgeous Gold (lower lashes)


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Short Blogger Hiatus

Hey guys!

So just to update the blog a bit...

I've been a bit overwhelmed this past week.
One of my best friend's dad died this past Sunday and the sudden passing was a shock to say the least. I'm close to her family and it's just sad - he had the same illness that my aunt had so it touched close to home. Funeral is this week and I'm just, hesistant - I don't like seeing anyone that hurt. I've just been thinking a lot and a bit down on how this year has been in me experiencing a lot of deaths or my loved ones experiencing their own personal problems. Life is crazy and unexpected.

And also the fact that I don't have communication with my ex anymore has been bugging me more now and that's stressful - just because with all this going on plus a pregnancy scare, I wanted to lean on him and I can't. I'm really missing him and it's hard for me to admit that because I've told myself I can easily move on but it hasn't been the case.

I've just been eating a lot and a lot and my weight is one thing I'm personally struggling with so that's put me down a bit as well. UGH DIETS! My head isn't focused anymore - really clouded.

But I keep smiling! Just going through a bit of a phase and wanted to let you all know.
I need a bit of time to step away from blogging and I wanna come back to really focus on building up this site and my freelancing career in makeup.

I'll try to comment when I can.



Sunday, October 04, 2009

Loosey Goosey

Loose pigments are a pain to work with - and I don't like the look of foiling.

I have to go youtube on pressing pigments because I can't stand it anymore lol. Seriously, I was working with Pastorale and it's a fine pigment which is more loose and harder to stay on the lid even with a primer unless I press it into a pan.

This is a look I did today for my friend's bday.
Decided to be matchy-matchy with makeup to my clothes.
I don't do that often (not like it's a bad thing)... but I felt like I was neglecting my old pigment samples. Pastorale is such an underatted shade, I believe. It's really pretty in person. I think it'll look best of tan-dark skintones, imo.

MUFE HD Foundation 173
Revlon Colorstay Concealer
MAC Cantaloupe Blush
MAC MSF Light Flush

Pastorale p/m (lid)
Brown Script (crease)
Carbon (outer v/lower lid)
Shroom (highlight)
Reflects Purple Pigment (dusted all over crease)

NYX Natural l/g

Ugh to hormonal breakouts!
I stopped using MAC foundations because they broke me out horribly for a long time and then I used prescribed medicine to rid the acne. Now I hardly get those cystic ones UNTIL the time prior to my period starting. 1 evil ass pimple to go along with a bloody cooch ... what the effing hell. Everytime!
I know I'm getting my period when I get crampy, moody and one skank ass pimple rises up in its glory claiming victory on my face.

Asshole. lol.

Anyone else get's those types of breakouts?
I'm scared to ever get preggars in fear of me being a hormonal, bloated, moody, bumpy ass bitch. Haha.

And who heard of Kandi from Real Housewive of Atlanta and her fiance being killed?
So sad! This year has been the case of the sads... =/

Later locas,
Celly <3