Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot Topic: Give Them A Pacifier & Call It A Day

I'm thinking of adding a hot topic weekly about makeup, blogger and life.
I really enjoy getting to hear people's opinions about things and I like hearing from both parties - not people just agreeing to what I think. That's just silly.
If you like the idea of this - let me know.

Hot topic:
Give Them A Pacifier & Call It A Day

I got this idea from a new friend of mine.
We were talking about people who hypocritically complain about things, say inappropriate things but can because "it's their blog", or can't handle different opinions that aren't their own. Basically folks who give it but can't take it or learn to agree to disagree.

A. This person wrote on their post title something like, "blah blah Niggas!".
This person was damn near no shade of Obama.
First thing that popped into my head was "ooo they're gunna get shit."

First comment under this post was in a form of an obvious warning - 'monchichi' said "you shouldn't write that because there are some people who would take offense especially you not being black".

Next thing the blogger changed the title from Nigga to something like "monchichi is a stupid Bitch" because she didn't like her comment.

I wrote something similar to the original comment and the next day the post was removed and a new one added saying, "Stupid Bitches blah blah - it's MY blog, I can say whatever I want!"

Well, hell... who's with me and making their new blog post saying "Chinks ain't nothing but noodle eating Hoe." Any takers?
Yeah. I know well enough even though it's common slang and possibly said in a jokingly manner - some or even one person can take offense.
It may be YOUR blog but who reads it?
I know I don't sit here reading my own blog.

Which leads me too...

B. People taking offense on opinionated comments...

There is one thing for us blogger to be pissed about truly and those are trolls who leave rude remarks without any substance to it. Meaning, buttholes who form no constructive criticism or just give fly-by put downs (e.g you're ugly).

Yes, I did say buttholes.

People, people, people.
Don't form a question and not assume you would get different opinions about it.
I read about 3 different blogger post that started with a rant about something and obviously those people would like to know if anyone felt the same. Understandable. Then you get one comment opposing that rant and all hells breaks loose.
And bare in mind:

Reading things over the internet can be miscontrude in so many different ways then in person. You're missing people's tone, body gestures, sarcasim or what have you. I can write a sincere constructive cristism and the other person reading it might take it as me being a complete bitch.
Jenny's FOTD:
"I tried red lipstick for the first time... lemme know what you think?! CC welcomed"
-Jenny... I think pink would suit you better! :]
"UGH! I didn't ask what color would suit me, you're so rude. Trick."

-I thought you asked for Constructed Criticism?

If you can't handle the heat - buy a fan.
Walmart has them cheap...

Anyways, this especially was the topic we were talking about because when you go into reading things without an open mind or not actually READING THINGS PROPERLY - you start making things sound negative when they aren't. People like this are ususually ones who constantly need to be babied and fed formula full of shit. Constant whiners in their blogs and woe is me someone change my diaper and expect the web is nothing but a lot nice ass people who think whatever you say was actually written from God himself and therefor must agree with you 100%.

Guess what - God goes on lunch break when you type.

Instead of, "no - what you're saying is wrong" be like, "interesting point of view blah blah" and move on!

C. Seriously, MOVE ON!

Lastly, if something supposedly doesn't affect you so much and you say, "I'm above this - I'm moving on" yet keep going back to it... yeah, it affected you. Womp womp.

Who won in that battle? Battle of e-hags I say! If you still dwell on it - you're the loser, sorry to say. You're letting that person get the best of you.
Let be, let go and if you're better then that - let's move it forward.

Besides there are things called Denied, Block, Reject, Delete, Unfollow - things you can do when you don't like it. Really - what's the point of telling the whole world and then keep saying, "I'm moving on. Oh girl, you wanna know what happened? I'll tell you later but in the meantime - I'm moving on."

Pacifier PLEASE!

Hope you found this somewhat enlightening.
I mean no offense but I've noticed this happening often on blogs, forums, IMing...whatever.
I usually unfollow rude folks despite how good their blog is.

I never mean say anything to offend my fellow bloggers - I rather keep the peace (and talk shit on the downlow haha nah).

Have you guys experience or seen stuff like this happen?

Comment away...



  1. i'm giggling to myself because it's so true that some people react this way and it's like : a blog is where you voice your opinon and you allow others to leave their own opinon, it's how blogging works. if u ask for someones opinon, do you seriously think people are going to suck your ass & just tell you what you want to hear pssht.

    it's stupid, i think people who act this way shouldn't blog plain and simple. don't ask for what you can't handle.

  2. I've blogged hopped before and there are some DUMB ASSES BLOGGING! And I will let them know they are dumb. I have an opinion, I will share it whether you want me to or not. :)

    lmao. Someone made an entire blog post (yes I'm serious!) about something I said to her. And she had the nerve to say she didn't care what I had to say... but she dedicated a WHOLE ENTIRE entry to me. I felt special. hahaha.
    And why? Because I told her dumb ass that child molestation isn't something to make light of.

  3. AWESOME post! Could not have said it better myself! I hope my experience with the red headed troll was the one that inspired it, but I see from Rai's comment above that I am not the only one whos had an entire post dedicated to something I said to a chick that took it far too personally. I also felt pretty flattered, she kept saying she was done with it and was going to deny my comments or ignore me but yet posted it all over her twitter too...bahaha...i only kept responding because i could not believe how wound up she got about it and wanted to see just how long she was going to say she was going to ignore me but yet kept going. Some may call that childish but i call it hilarious! I think I may even leave a comment with a link to this post, i might just do it on the post where she talks about how upset she gets when other bloggers comment on her blog but leave their link and asks her to check it out or follow, as if thats the end of the effing world!

  4. hey sweetie i tagged you for an award <3

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  5. Haha, does this ish really happen? God, high school. Interesting read tho.

    Lady, you've got a few awards on my blog.

  6. yes ma'am you better tell 'em! Love your blog, honey bun!