Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black Makeup?

I'm not fully understanding the whole MAC Black craze going on.

Actually, I understand for the shadows but the lippy products?
There are actual lemmings for black lipsticks/glosses. Like, wah esta loca!

I can see where the OCC Lip Tar in black comes in useful because you can mix it up to darken the other glosses but the MAC lipsticks, I guess I want someone to explain to me the fascination with this when I think some people are just buying it just because (or lemmings) and won't truly wear it. You know, the "MAC Hype".

To each their own, right?! Right.
But I'm curious about what gets people's chonies wet over black lipstick.
Besides being goth..Is it used as base, halloween, trend, etc?

It reminds me of the white lipstick craze I went through.
Hella Chola and eww lol. Brown lipliner and all.
Dry ass cheap lipstick too...

Comment away...



  1. I have absolutely zero interest in getting black lipstick. That's one trend I won't fall for.

    Christ Jesus, I didn't know I had an accent. Gotta practice taking the hillbilly out of my speech now :P. You're right though-small town Oklahoma, like 2,500 people.

  2. Ditto girl! I thought I was the only one... thinking to myself Am I missing something?? lol so yea negative for me on tha black lippies!

  3. MAC could sell Crayola markers repackaged as makeup and people would buy it and hype it up! I've actually heard some You Tube gurus and bloggers say, as they're using the MAC product, that they didn't really like the product but they decided to use it anyway because..(insert fake reason here), but in reality people will buy anything that MAC sells because they assume it must be amazing. I think it's mostly for fashion/trend purposes and dramatic looks, but live and let live-to each their own I suppose!

  4. Yea< I wouldn't wear black lipstick out.
    But like you said to each their own.

  5. I LOVE it...I have a very alternative style though...I wouldn't call it 'goth' it makes my teeth look so WHITE lol

  6. Oh I almost forgot...there are far more weird ew...hold on...concealer lips and orange fake tan! :X lol


  7. @Aleksis - LOL, so true... there are weird trends besides this (or really worst). And you look really nice with the black. I find it to be nicely avaunt garde-ish. I just wonder if the people who actually hype it up and buy will wear it out alone or it sits collecting dust? I say mostly the latter.

    @Cyn - we're on the same page with the MAC hype. Next... them sexy white lipsticks!

  8. I guess it's a trend and that's it. I have the black liptar and I also have Cyber lipstick when is ALMOST black but with a purple undertone. Very very dark though and I have worn that out. I guess it just depends on the each his, or her, own. Would I rock black lips in public? Umm...I would. But I'd have to be in the mood...whatever mood that may be. But I would! :)

  9. I know what you mean, Im not really interested in it either, but they made it to darkern other lipstics as well just like the would be hard to darken a lipstick with a liptar since the liptar would overpower you have the black lipstick to darken it when you mix them together. I think its ridiculous though...the black lipstick is kind of balmy though...which is pointless since there isnt even that much pigment in it!!! Just another MAC hype movement...blahhh!

  10. I know what you mean I just want to try it out im curious about how it would lok on me :)

  11. I wanted an eyeshadow, but I could easily get those from somewhere else.

    It's not the 90's, no one is wearing dark lipsticks. I know for sure I'm not! Ew!
    They are just trying to make it a trend for fall, but I'll pass. I'm not impressed.
    If I wanted dark lips I would smoke...

  12. I've seen Style Black and really like it. I wouldn't wear pure black lipsticks though. I bought a couple of MES and Night Violet which is a deep berry/purple colour. It looks pretty flattering (at least on me I've been told) and you can wear it sheer as a stain or pile it on. I've skipped most of MAC collections this year to get my hands on Style Black MES as I loooove dramatic makeup

  13. my friend is ALL OVER this collection and thinks im strange for not being that into it. i just remember last year buying bing from cult of cherry and ive used it twice...the stuff just isnt wearable. i saw some swatches on and the mineralize eyeshadow used wet is doable but not something id do enough to hit the pan and get to back-to-mac it so...yea. not into the collection. they have this violet lip shade that's just ok but im in no hurry to get to the store and get it. if i got the stuff as a gift or won it, thats different. sorry for the super long comment.

  14. I probably will buy and wear a black lipstick but only if the texture is nice, I used to be into goth when I was about 16 and the horrible dry, dragging drove me mad. There seems to be a couple of brands with black lipsticks now (Illamasqua being one). But I do think a lot of people will buy it simply because it is MAC, which is a bit strange in my opinion.

  15. hahhahaa you just made me crack up with your chola comment! I remember when I was a teenager I used to wear nude lipstick with brown lip liner. I thought I was the shit lol