Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off To SoCal - Travel Guide & Tips

Yes, I'm off to LA tomorrow morning.
Thought I'd make a post of the usual things I bring along when traveling along w/ tips!

I'll be gone for 5 days and while what I bring in general is a lot - I'm the type to always to over pack and cover any thing that I might possibly use. Not that I always tend to use it either way, it's just on the safe side. It's also hotter down South then up in the Bay so I bring products appropriate for the climate too.

1. Makeup - My Essentials
  • MAC 15-pan Palette w/ my most used shades (from neutrals to brights).
  • MAC 6-pan Blush Palette (I normally bring 1 blush but I had room to bring the palette)
  • MAC Paint Pots - 3 base colors
  • MAC Pigment Samples
  • Assorted Face/Eye Brushes
  • 2 Nude Glosses
  • 2 Mascara (one is for lower lashes)
  • Foundation/Concealer
  • 1 False Lashes

2. Face/Hair
  • Humidity Control Hairspray
  • Leave-In Conditioner Hairspray
  • Facial Toner
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Body Cream
  • Nail Polish Remover* (not a necessity but I tend to change polish often)
  • Hair Gel
3. Everything packaged in my Target Sonia Kashuk travel case. Included but not pictured are:
  • DKNY Perfume
  • Moisturizer Spritz
  • Makeup Wipes/pads
  • Acne Treatment
  • Mirror
  • 4 Nailpolishes
  • Tweezers/Brow Pencils
  • Lipstick/Glosses

On Makeup:
  • Like I said, I tend to pick shades depending on climate and also what will match universally w/ my clothes. The MAC 15-pan palette is perfect for traveling and it's advisable to buy foam to place in them to prevent shadows breaking. I normally pick several shades from different color groups just because I never know if I'm going out somewhere special and wanna spiff it up or I wanna tone-down a look in the day time and go neutral. The palette is also ideal because it saves so much room!
  • Cream eyeshadows are also nicer alternatives to pressed shadows. Besides being bases, they work well on their own and for on the go looks.
  • Jars work well if you have pigments that you love using. Scoop a bit in a jar instead of bringing the whole case. Coastal Scents or eBay provides them. A good room saver too.
  • If you're lucky enough to get a hold of MAC's travel brushes - bring those! I usually just bring my most essential brushes and leave behind miscelleanous ones.
  • Miscelleanous makeup products like eyelashes are up to the individual. I tend to bring false lashes just because sometimes I wanna get girly up. The half-lashes are perfect for traveling anywhere! And tweezers because my brows grow out w/in days.
On Face/Hair:
  • I had bought the jar/spray bottles of 11 at Big Lots for $4.99. They came w/ labeling and different types of jars and bottles sizes. I loved them. I use to bring the whole bottles but these little suckers saved me so much room. You can also find some at Walmart.
  • Go to the section in stores (Target is awesome for this) were you see the $1 bin/travel products. You'd find a lot of little disposable things like makeup wipes, lotion, sanitizer, hairspray, etc.

The less products - the less hassle.
I know, you want to take everything with you but traveling w/ makeup could possibly result in breakage or damage and also the more room in your traveling bag - the more room you can fill it up w/ makeup you buy on your travels ;]

Got any traveling tips you wanna share or good deals? - post away...

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Thank you loads.


  1. thanks for the tips. I also bring my e/s palette everytime I travel and fill it with random e/s. I can never decide what MU I wanna wear ahead of time

  2. Those travel bottles are a good idea.
    I don't travel much but when I do, I'll look into getting those.

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. Great article.. I wish I had read this before I went on vacation!

  4. Great tips. I just love Sonia Kashuk

  5. I also pack more than I need too just in case :D. I need to get little jars and bottles like those.

  6. Aww I miss Makeup talk challenges! I'm glad everything is going well for you!

  7. Good tips. I will use them all!! LOL!!!

  8. Hey!

    Loving ur blog girly :) Thanks for posting such a great post about how you pack for a trip. Lord knows I suck at it...lol Following you on Blogger now, please come by my blog and follow if you like :)

    P.S. Question - how did you make that signature at the end of your blogs? I been wanting to do that but have not been able to find anything :(


  9. Thanks everyone!

    @LadyBreezy - I made my own signature but you can always go to livesignature.com (I believe that's the name). And thank you.

  10. I read some blogs related to your post but yours are way better and more practical. A must read travel guide especially for the make-up and face/hair tips.

    Thanks for sharing Celly.

  11. I love that Sonia Kashuk bag!...I want one soo badly! I live in Canada...no Targets and they dont ship to Canada either, what the eff!!!