Monday, June 22, 2009

Worst Saturday Ever FOTD

Alcohol is bad. Mmkay.

Lemme post my FOTD first before I tell you my shit experience.
I took like 2 FOTD pictures and I came out looking like a deer caught in the headlights in one of them...sorry for the lack of pictures.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer
MAC Blush in Peachykeen

Eyes [all MAC]
Freshwater (lid)
Brown Script (crease)
Typographic (on top of BS crease)
Mylar (highlight)
Urban Decay Metal Glitter in Gold (lower lid)

Don't remember.

I haven't drank, well - I guess the older you get the less you crave for it (speaking for myself lol) and so I haven't drank in a long time...months and I dunno, drinking to get drunk doesn't appeal to me as it use too.

So, I had a really bad Saturday I wish to forever forget.
Remember that makeup deal I spoke to you guys about - doing 6 girls makeup?
Turns out they went to someone who would do it for $5 each. EACH! And I was being reasonable with my price. Even the one girl who contacted me through facebook bailed for $5 makeup. I hope it turned like shit on them. So I only did my friends and about a month ago I was willing to do it for free because she was gonna be my model for my portfolio. And her cousin from England (who is awesome!) paid me some for doing her lashes... but I got jipped really bad from those other bitches and that money was towards sending off my prizes. =[

That wasn't the worst.
Later that day I'm at my friend's getting ready to celebrate her Birthday and go to club Wet in San Jose. I hadn't eaten that day because I guess I forgot to... and we had to rush to drive towards SJ from where we live (which is over an hour) to get into the club during guestlist hours (which would make us go in for free)... well, we hit traffic hard time. Our hr ride turned to 2+ hours.
Lemme break this down shortly:
Alcohol + Empty Stomach + Weak Bladder + 2hrs in Traffic + Driver Not Wanting To Stop = Not Good.

I was in club Wet - "wet", if you know what I mean. ;[

Top it off, they decided to skip guestlist and go for VIP which resulted in a bill of $500+ being spent for 2 hours of being drunk bitches. Somehow in the mix, I ended up paying $40 in gratuity instead of towards my friend who paid the bill - and she mad a huge tiff and I had to pay HER $40 as well. I paid $80 for a night that went all bad for me. And I don't even have $80! I really dunno how I'mma pay it off, I just been wanting to cry thinking about it...

SO, (yes there is more) I was too drunk/hungover to not call my mom back at all that night or the next morning, mainly because my phone died and she's still mad at me for it and I just feel more horrible for having her worried.

Never ever again am I drinking or going clubbing.
It's so past me now - I don't find fun in it and a waste of money.

Thank god everyone sorta came to my aid - well, the people I expected too.
Spent the next day with the BF and he made me feel super better.

Well...Here's some pictures - I'll add as more come in:

Later locas ;[ tear*


  1. awww pooh! i think we've all had those days, but it'll get better TRUST. pretty look btw! :)

  2. I'm not so into clubbing anymore either. I'd rather drink at someone's house to avoid hillbilly strangers. That really sucks about the $80 considering you didn't even have a good time :(. Your makeup of course looks great.

  3. Awe, Im sorry to hear about your dayz, And those BICTCHES probably looked like shit with uneven foundation tones lol. I hope you feel better as tomorrow comes, I also wanted to say that your Makeup looks really pretty, You are a Pretty Girl keep smiling..


  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry you're fun day out turned out to be so horrible! I agree with you tho, going out and drinking is really not appealing anymore. I only go with my bf, and we never stay too long, its just too much smoke in the air and drunk reckless people, we cant handle it too much. lol As for those girls, forget them, they suck!!!! I hope everything is better for you now!!

  5. I hope you feel better doll! I know what you mean by going out and stuff, I'm pretty over it myself.
    You do look fabulous though at least!!!!

  6. Gah that sucks about the $80! And those girls are fools for not wanting you to do their makeup, i bet they ended up looking like crap.

    You are looking gorge in these pics mother! I like that outfit too.

  7. I'm sorry you had a horrible time. =[
    Those whores suck for leaving for $5 makeup! Have they even seen the PERSON'S WORK?!!! WTH! Who charges $5 per face?!! Totally their lost.

    I don't think I'll ever be into clubbing.

  8. so sorry about your rough night :( you looked totally hot though, that's gott count for something right?!

    I bet those tightarsed girls' makeup looked terrible too, 5 bucks?! crazy!

  9. aww sorry to hear about the horrible time you had, and those shady/flaky ass girls!

    well, at least you ur makeup was beautiful!
    feel better!

  10. Woah $5 per person? I'd would run away at the drop of a hat if I heard that :/ Oh well, I guess they like to settle for less then the best (:

    I love your look, the blue is so pretty!

  11. Aww babe. Sounds like you had a bad Saturday. Sucks that people flaked on you for a cheap job. Well, u know you get what you pay for so you're right for hoping the makeup came out shitty. lol.

    Hope things are getting better for u. xoxo

  12. ugh! that was a really sucky saturday..seriously! so next gig... get/require (usu. and esp. a wedding) a deposit in advance (to hold the date)

    yeh you already resolved the second situation.. over clubbing... glad the bf was there to cheer you up!!

  13. Binge drinking never appealed to me and you're right after you're 21 it doesn't sound that great. Only the 18-20 year olds go at it hard. I hate clubbing myself..why pay to get some nastay dude to grind on you?

  14. Hey thankss for the cmnt beautiful ;)
    I can't wait for my bangs to grow out now LOL. i love love ur eye make up and hair in these pics!! Ur gorgeouss && so are ur friends!!

  15. Aww that is awfullll!!!!!
    Don't worry dearest I am sure they will get their cummupance soon (I sound like a 90 year old lady with 40 pet cats!)
    I am not into the whole binge drinking thing either, I never have been! I don't really get the point of making yourself physically sick for fun lol
    Haha, you could totally fit in my suitcase!!!! If I took out some shoes :)
    I think you are right, taking expensive makeup would be crazy because I know with the amount of rough handling my bag will get it will just get broken!!!
    I am going to miss your blogggg :( But i cant wait to catch up with it on my return!!! Stay safe and I hope things get better for you, you are far to pretty to be sad :) xo

  16. aww sorry to hear you had such a crappy night - you looked gorgeous though!! ♥

  17. I'm sorry about your awful day, you looked gorgeous tho! That is so unfortunate about the makeup deal, so shady. People will be so cheap and look for a deal instead of quality, you'll find some work that pays you for your talent soon.