Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swatches: MAC Paint Pots

Hello loves,

Ah - so I'm really coming into my own with this blog.
Finding what works and what doesn't - such a neat freak and anal I am.

I wanted to get my review/swatch out because on Friday I'll be out with the bf.

Quick Overall Review:
Paint Pots are creme eyeshadows similar to MAC's Shadesticks, NYX's Jumbo Pencil or any other creme eyeshadow. They either crease or don't depending on each individual. Usually for me, I tend to see creasing after several hours without a primer underneath - I have oil lids. Easy application. Have yet to ever dry out on me. I love paint pots to death because they're easy applications on the go or a good base color for shadows. I can't wait to own more of the collection.

From left to right [click image to enlarge]:

  • Cash Flow (limited edition, Fafi Collection) -
An old, dirty gold color that's so gorgeous. I love wearing it alone or pairing it off with the purples and pinks. Has a shimmer tone to it. My favorite paint pot thus far. To me it has a hint of green undertone to it which makes it a unique type of gold. Words can't explain how much I love this.
  • Indianwood (permanent) -
A copper, bronze gold color that's similar to MAC's Amber Lights eyeshadow. Pretty shade for smokey looks or kept alone for a nice bronze appearance. Has shimmer tone to it.
  • Painterly (permanent) -
A beige, nude color. Me and my friends use this mainly as a base color. I never used it alone. It has a flat/matte tone to it. If you don't like shimmery base shadows, go for Painterly. If not, purchase Bare Study - almost similar but they have different finishes.
  • Perky (limited edition, Fafi Collection) -
Soft pink, coral shade. I think Fresco Rose (permanent) is more true to pink then Perky. I like Perky but I don't reach out for it often. But it really makes shadows like Paradisco pop out beautifully (which btw, is a similar shadow to Perky). It has a soft shimmer tone to it.
  • Artifact (permanent) -
A maroon, burgundy shade that's very rich and deep. I don't reach for it often but it's still a gorgeous shade. It's similar to MAC'S Coppering or Cranberry eyeshadows. Soft shimmer.

Wish I had more to swatch. LOL.

Pee Ehs: I won Rubey's Shoe Contest. So happy for that. Thank you, girl!

And, and... omg to this disgusting weather!
It's beyond 100 degrees, it's not "OMG, I wanna go have fun outside" type of hot.
It's the, "man, even my toe nails are sweating and I smell other people's nut musk" type of hot.
GROSS. Can't even enjoy going outside without feeling like I'mma get a heatstroke. =/

Later Locas

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Eyeshadow: Vibrant Grape Look #4 FOTD


So, I wanna get back on the blogger grind and post a few more times within the week.
Thanks for the suggestion on what look I should do using Vibrant Grape.
And thank you so much for the encouraging words from my horrible Saturday - I'm still trying to get over it but it usually takes me a good while before embarrassment and regret lingers away slowly.

I had fun doing this look.
I had a vision and this somewhat lived up to it. Yay!

Revlon Concealer
MUFE HD Foundation (could've done without, paled me out =/)
L'Oreal True Match Blush (contoured a bit)
MAC Pigment in Jarden Aires (above cheekbone for highlight)*

*That is such an awesome pigment to use to create a nice dewy glow.

Eyes [all MAC]:
UDPP (primer all over)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (lower lid for base)
Paint Pot in Cash Flow (base on lid)**
Gorgeous Gold (on top of Cash Flow and inner corner)
Tete-a-Tint (crease)
Tempting (crease on top of tete-a-tint)
Naked Pigment (browbone)
Beauty Marked (outer crease blended)
Vibrant Grape* (lower lid on top of Milk)
Reflects Glitter Pigment in Gold (dusted lightly on the crease towards brow bone)
Blacktrack Fluidline
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Random Lashes cut in half
NYC Pencil for Brow in Brown

**Cash Flow Paintpot as base for gold looks and then placing Gorgeous Gold on top really makes for a unique and gorgeous gold stand out.

NYX Nude l/l
Flirt! Utterly Cool l/g
MAC Sugar Trance l/g (LE)

Thanks for all my new and old followers!
And I changed my blog a bit - I seriously get bored easily. LOL.

Later Locas ;]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Worst Saturday Ever FOTD

Alcohol is bad. Mmkay.

Lemme post my FOTD first before I tell you my shit experience.
I took like 2 FOTD pictures and I came out looking like a deer caught in the headlights in one of them...sorry for the lack of pictures.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer
MAC Blush in Peachykeen

Eyes [all MAC]
Freshwater (lid)
Brown Script (crease)
Typographic (on top of BS crease)
Mylar (highlight)
Urban Decay Metal Glitter in Gold (lower lid)

Don't remember.

I haven't drank, well - I guess the older you get the less you crave for it (speaking for myself lol) and so I haven't drank in a long time...months and I dunno, drinking to get drunk doesn't appeal to me as it use too.

So, I had a really bad Saturday I wish to forever forget.
Remember that makeup deal I spoke to you guys about - doing 6 girls makeup?
Turns out they went to someone who would do it for $5 each. EACH! And I was being reasonable with my price. Even the one girl who contacted me through facebook bailed for $5 makeup. I hope it turned like shit on them. So I only did my friends and about a month ago I was willing to do it for free because she was gonna be my model for my portfolio. And her cousin from England (who is awesome!) paid me some for doing her lashes... but I got jipped really bad from those other bitches and that money was towards sending off my prizes. =[

That wasn't the worst.
Later that day I'm at my friend's getting ready to celebrate her Birthday and go to club Wet in San Jose. I hadn't eaten that day because I guess I forgot to... and we had to rush to drive towards SJ from where we live (which is over an hour) to get into the club during guestlist hours (which would make us go in for free)... well, we hit traffic hard time. Our hr ride turned to 2+ hours.
Lemme break this down shortly:
Alcohol + Empty Stomach + Weak Bladder + 2hrs in Traffic + Driver Not Wanting To Stop = Not Good.

I was in club Wet - "wet", if you know what I mean. ;[

Top it off, they decided to skip guestlist and go for VIP which resulted in a bill of $500+ being spent for 2 hours of being drunk bitches. Somehow in the mix, I ended up paying $40 in gratuity instead of towards my friend who paid the bill - and she mad a huge tiff and I had to pay HER $40 as well. I paid $80 for a night that went all bad for me. And I don't even have $80! I really dunno how I'mma pay it off, I just been wanting to cry thinking about it...

SO, (yes there is more) I was too drunk/hungover to not call my mom back at all that night or the next morning, mainly because my phone died and she's still mad at me for it and I just feel more horrible for having her worried.

Never ever again am I drinking or going clubbing.
It's so past me now - I don't find fun in it and a waste of money.

Thank god everyone sorta came to my aid - well, the people I expected too.
Spent the next day with the BF and he made me feel super better.

Well...Here's some pictures - I'll add as more come in:

Later locas ;[ tear*

Friday, June 19, 2009

Love Pack From Ms. Babble

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates. Just having a really busy Summer with classes starting this week and trying to squeeze in time with the BF before he left to Chico and just a lot of running around.

The other day I received a lovely package from the gorgeous Stephanie [Makeup Babble] (subscribe to her if you haven't already, she does gorgeous looks!) since I had mentioned awhile back that I never tried those Bitch Slap/Medusa/Scandalous/Lady Burg products. LOL. And she kindly sent me one and some other goodies! Pure love!

(Thank you so MUCH! SO SO MUCH! I loved everything in the package. And those lashes came in handy already! Glitter bomb indeed but it was a nice shade anyway.)

She had sent me a little starter kit since I had mentioned I was going into Freelance and I totally LOL'd at the asian planner book. I might be missing something because I took this pic last night after already storing everything in my makeup bag. But thank you times a million - I didn't expect all that! My mom was like, "damn - what you do to get all that?" I told her I showed people my "bubbies".

So, yesterday I did my friend's test makeup for a wedding this Saturday.
She helped me book some jobs with her family member as well and in return I did her makeup for free. I'm excited! She said I probably got 6 people lined up. I got my first paying clienteles! Woop, Celly! And if people at the wedding like it - she'll pass my card around. And there's 1,000 people attending so let's hope for me. I need the cash - I have no job this Summer and bills are piling up.

I'll post pictures of their makeovers at my portfolio.
The $ I get from these jobs will help me send all the stuff to my prize winners. Canada has such high shipping rate, it's ridiculous. WE LIVE IN THE SAME CONTINENT! LOL. Why is it so high for Canadians? I think I pay less sending things to the UK. Lame. I hope all that money is helping to feed the Mooses...

Nothing else to report - just that I've been eating like a heffer these past weeks. Haha. Hella bad.

Later Locas,

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Favorite Eyeshadow: Vibrant Grape Look #3 FOTD

Hi lovers,

I got another look for my Favorite Eyeshadow Series using...

The look is nothing special - I had a vision in my head but it didn't turn out that way. Well, I just forgot to put false lashes on which was my intention but got lazy.

These were taken last week- 3 hours after application.

Revlon Concealer
[Forgot the Blush I used]

Eyes [all MAC]:
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (base)
Chrome Yellow (lid)
Sunny Yellow - Dress Camp Palette (on top of Chrome Yellow)
Scene (outer lid)
Plum Dressing (crease)
Vibrant Grape (deepen crease/lower lid)
Mylar (highlight)
Gorgeous Gold (inner corner)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Rimmel Mascara
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil

NYX Natural l/g

Now - I'mma do about 2 more looks using Vibrant Grape and then go onto my next Favorite Eyeshadow. So, I want you guys to put in some requests in what you wanna see.

Just comment saying something like, "vibrant grape with blue combo" or "wearable look for work using vibrant grape" - whatever you guys want to see. Or pairing it off with a bright lip! However, don't matter. I'll choose the request asked and do it to my best abilities. Thanks.

I wanna know: Anyone have their Favorite Eyeshadow from MAC?

Later locas ;]

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Back To Makeup FOTD

Hi my loves,

YAY and thanks to all those lovely comments everyone left in my last post.
And extra YAY for this being my 100th post! Woop.

Here is a really quick look I did today for my little cousin's baptism/birthday party.

Revlon Concealer
MAC Blush in Breezy

Eyes [all MAC]:
Paintpot in Painterly (base)
Vex (lid/inner corner)
Satin Taupe (crease)
Shroom (highlight)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Colossal Mascara

Nothing. ew.

With the Birthday girl...

So, this past Thursday Zac took me on a pre-date to the movies and we saw Star Trek (I love that Russian kid or whatever he was...) and later chilled in his car and talked for hours when we decided to make it "official". How high school, huh? LOL. But we talked about it and there's obvious interest and chemistry between us two. Then on Friday we went to the Zoo and then had dinner. Fun times.

Here's the only picture I took of us both... I was too distracted with the Meerkats to take pics with him. Haha.

Such a fat ass face of mines. Bah.
This photo doesn't do justice to his smile. I love his smile/teeth. That ass. LOL.
I just told my Mom about us and she was totally okay with it *whew*.

Well, I'll get back on the makeup band wagon and start sending my HELLA LATE ASS PRIZES I OWE 3 LADIES, gah - I feel so bad on being so late on that! And I gotta check all my blogging ladies and read their stuff - I'm so late in checking in and missing out on good stuff.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

P.S. Don't forget to enter Narita's MAC Giveaway on her blog. Follow her instructions before entering! She has such amazing ass skin. LOL. Gosh.

Later Locas ;]