Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Make Up Misfits: Makeover Look and How To*

Hi, guys...

So - my laptop's AC Adapter is kaput and until then, I'm using my desktop computer which sucks because I can't upload images since they're all kept in my laptop. Boo.

But anywho.
My friend called me up on Saturday and asked if I can do her makeup for the Vincente Fernandez concert she was attending to that night. I'm basically her go-to MUA when she has an event to go to. I exchange my services for her photo taken plus spreading my business cards around (and her made up face! lol). I love my friends, they're always willing to help me out.
Hopefully it'll pay off with a paid clientele. In the meantime, I always have fun catching up with her.

This by far is my favorite look I've done on her.
Usually I stick to gold/black on her but decided for blue.
She brought her own lashes and a MAC Reflects teal pigment (I believe it's called) sample and omg, I love it. You can't really see it on film (albeit a bit of sparkles you notice on the crease section) but use it on top of the eyeshadow and it adds instant pizazz. I SOOOO want one. Anyone wanna send Celly a sample if they have it? LOL.

I added these to my portfolio over the weekend so whoever followed this blog got to see the images first.

[This image is dramatized]

[click image to enlarge]

Eyes [All MAC]
+Painterly Paintpot (base)
+Moonflower (lid)
+Brown Script (crease)
+Deep Blue Green Pigment (crease)
+Nylon (inner corner)
+Reflects Teal Pigment? (lid)
+Black Track Fluideline
+MAC #7 lashes (her own)

*lipstick, foundation, blush are unknown to me - she had it on before I did her eyemakeup but they are all MAC.

First apply your base. When applying light shades I always stick to white or off-white base cream shadow like Painterly Paintpot or NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk to make the eyeshadow POP (stand out). I apply it with the fingers slowly blending it upward towards the crease - stopping below the brow bone.

Next, I always apply a brown shade to the crease to add depth to all my looks. I used Brown Script and blending it outwards in circle motions. Then I apply the light blue shade on the lid stopping at the crease with a very small eyeshadow brush, I use Moonflower eyeshadow. I always pat the product onto the lid to minimize fallout and it doesn't give a fade-out appearance. I stop up until the crease point and then I add a dark blue eyeshadow (deep blue green pigment). With pigments, use the pat motion aswell unto the crease, at this point - it'll look a bit messy but make sure you apply the color first and then you blend it out with a blending brush (ELF makes the best blending brush for this and it's only $1, other wise I use MAC's #224 brush). In the outer v, I also put Deep Blue Green Pigment and smoked it out.

Next, I always apply a light eyeshadow shade to the inner corner eyes to brighten the area up. My favorite to use is Nylon eyeshadow because it has a hint of gold/yellow shimmer and it goes great with all eyeshadows. MAC's Shroom eyeshadow works well too without the gold/yellow shimmer - it's more neutralized. I tend to like putting eyeshadows that have more then one demension color to it like MAC's Vellum (looks white but has a blue/purple tint to it) or Gorgeous Gold (looks gold but has green tint to it) - they really add more to your look without overdoing it.

Next goes on your black liner. It's easiet for me to use gel liner on other people as oppose to liquid pens or pencils. I save pencils for waterline. Afterward you apply your mascara and lastly your false lashes goes on. Always mascara first and lashes after, it helps prevent mascara going onto your lashes and you can keep them longer without ruining them! Next, if you see lash glue - cover it up with the liner again ontop so it'll blend nicely with your real lashes.

My last added touches was the Reflects Teal Pigment. I dipped my brush in, tapped off the excess and lightly patted it across the crease and some on the lid.

Ta-da! Look completed.

Hope that helped you all.
Feedbacks appreciated.

Later locas ;]


  1. she looks beautiful! you did a wonderful job on her. must get my hands on a sample of that reflects teal.

  2. wooo u r one talented woman!!! u did an awesome job on her!! u blended so nicely n nice choice of colors. she is stunning!

  3. thanks guys!
    jillian - look for it! i've seen it used in the holiday set on some MAC MA and it looked sooooo pretty! im in love with it.

  4. This is so pretty!
    I need to order me tons of MAC pigment samples.
    I have one jar and I doubt I ever finish it. lol

    The Body Needs is having a sale on theirs.

  5. I love the look. Even the "dramatized" picture. It just brings it out so much more and it looks lovely. [=

  6. You really bang out the skill with this look.

  7. That is a really gorgeous look! :D Damn, I need to be as good as you someday. Heheh.

  8. Lol, thanks Chrissy ;] Just takes constant practice and a steady hand, lol.

    Thanks rai! I have 0 moolah so I'm putting makeup on hold and bills first =[ sucks being a student.

    Thanks tina! I know, i really liked the dramatized version - in person it's closer to that then the actual photo... my camera is just mad old.

    Thanks everyone else :D

  9. This look is totally gorgeous on her! The colors you paired together are perfect!

  10. omg the e/s combo looks really good! you are really good at what you do :)

  11. Your eyeshadow looks amazing! <3 You're so pretty.

  12. Once upon a time, a well equipped makeup case consisted of blush, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. Now the must haves include mascara (thickening, lengthening, curling, volumizing, sparkling), eyeliner (pencils, liquid, even permanent)

  13. That's gorgeous. Gna try a similar look on myself.