Wednesday, May 06, 2009

200 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks for everyone who's enjoyed my blogging.

So, I have these Revlon Lashes to giveaway to 2 lucky bloggers.
(Thank you Janet for supplying them - and yes, all the bloggers got them! Haha.)

How to enter:
1. If you're not a follower - follow my blog!
2. Tell me an interesting/funny fact about yourself.
3. Include your real name (first only) and country/state you're from.

That's all!

You have until this Friday (May 8th, 2009) to enter.
Winners will be announced either Saturday or the following day.

Later Locas ;]


  1. Oooohhh yay!! Great giveaway, I'd love to enter!
    A funny fact about me...
    I was a total pain in the butt when I was in high school. I think back now and feel sorry for half of my teachers! I remember getting a letter sent home to my parents about my bad behaviour. I rushed home to the mail box and got it before they could. I didn't know what to do with it, I was terrified my parents would find it, so my friends (who were staying over that night for a slumber party) and I ate it. A-huh. We ripped it up and ate the little bits of paper lol okay thats not really a funny story, it's just sick!!!!! :P
    (Sarah- Australia/Queensland- I totally just shamed all Aussies didn't I lol)

  2. LASHES! I need more pratice with those.

    Raisa - Louisiana, USA
    FACT: My sister told me when I was first born my brother thought I was white. I was really, really pale. =[ LMAO!

  3. Rose
    I can fluently speak ASL (american sign language)
    TN, USA

  4. Meeeee! i wanna be entered :D
    hmm funny fact..i can do this with my eyebrows:

    Laura (daughter), United Kingdom :)

  5. ooh pretty lashes.
    So are we supposed to comment on this post to enter or email you?

  6. Hello!
    My name is Nadia and I'm from Greece :)
    An interesting (?) fact about me is that I speak 5 languages and I hate raisins :)

  7. Hey, this is Andrea from Austria (I love introducing myself like this to people from other countries kinda rhymes, right?)

    Um ok. An interesting/funny fact. I love picking at other people´s skin when they have a peeling sunburn. I don´t burn myself (thanks to loads of high SPF sunscreen), but if somebody in my family or friends has a peeling burn I almost beg them to let me pick off the skin.
    Ok this was a rather gross fact lol but you know me so I`m not embarrassed

  8. LMAO. All these were really interesting!
    So many international readers, that's awesome.

    Canadian girl - I want it in a comment =]

  9. I am a hair product junkie.My names Anita from Cali. :)

  10. congrats on your 200 followers! mannnn i gave away so many revlon falsies & press-on nails. good thing i saved some for myself. haha.

    ps: ignore this comment since i'm already stocked full of them. just wanted to say hiiiiiiii! ;)

  11. Woohoo! 200 followers, congrats Celly ;)
    Btw i wasn't going to enter the giveaway but since i am leaving you a message here i will add an interesting fact about me and enter, might as well lol.

    When i was 10 years old my classmates used to say that i looked chinese, and nicknamed me "Oyuki" it was the name of a soap opera that was popular back then lol. And the funny thing is that i did use to look chinese, though i don't have any chinese relatives nor i look it anymore.

    Btw, i am on msn at random very random times, depending on what i have to do that day, most of the time my kids are riding my butt so i don't get much done or i just don't have time to sit here on the computer, but usually it's in the morning from 9 am to 12 pm, since i start working out from 12 to 2 pm LOL.
    Just send me a msg on msn anytime Celly, if LJ is on the computer he'll tell me you're messaging me anyways lol.

  12. a giveaway...yipee!
    fun fun!

    Whenever I’m walking, I only look at where I’m going but not the people around. That’s why people think I’m a snob.

    country: philippines
    name: thiamere

  13. Congrats!!!

    Jenn- t.o/canada

    One day after shopping with my friend we were leaving to go to the van.

    I didn't remember leaving the door open..but it was unlocked I went inside put on my seat belt on..

    A few seconds went by and I was waiting for my friend..she didn't come inside.

    I look at the rear view mirror and seen her flagging me and screaming!

    So looked around and realized... my ass went into the wrong car!!


  14. Congrats in ur 200 followers..

    interesting/funny fact...i get excited when i see drag queens and i love the smell of rusty coins lol

    Janika, Trinidad & Tobago

  15. Hey girl, my name is Cynthia and I'm from CALI. A funny fact is that I say the word miscellaneous as MISKALANIOUS!!! I get made fun of at work all the time!!! Oh, and an interesting fact about me is that I have ELEVEN toes!!! lol j/k. Thought I'd throw that in there just because!!!!

  16. Hey, I posted bout this giveaway on my blog in the post with all the contests & giveaways going on, so hope you get more entries. I'm not entering cause I won your other contest but thought I'd share that... After I use my purses I stuff them with those paper things that are in them when they're brand new, so that they don't lose their shape when they're just sitting there in my closet. Not an interesting fact, but it is a fact! lol

  17. Funny Fact:

    Whenever I encounter a mouse,
    or a creepy crawler... I scream
    like a man LOL! It's soo deep &
    it also sounds like i'm growling lol.
    Soo embarassing...

    Tashia - Toronto, Canada

  18. ROFL! Omg, you guys are too much.
    I'm loving all these facts.

    Goodluck everyone :D

  19. Celly!!!

    Enter me into your contest!!!!

    Funny fact? I dunno if this is funny but I think I have a pregnancy hemorrhoid. So not cool...

    Katrina - Florida

  20. hey honey, got a new blog last one got deleted.
    hope you'll re-follow xo

  21. Hey,

    I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
    Hope to see you follow me soon.


  22. Hey,
    When I was younger I ate ketchup on everything, including cakes and in my porridge too, now I still do eat ketchup on everything except the cake & porridge.


    Congrats on your 200 followers!

  23. Miriam - Florida

    Interesting/funny fact... hmm... oh, got it! So when I was about 6 years old, I thought that you could hatch the eggs that you buy at the grocery store so one day I tried to do so by gently sitting on top of an egg. After a minute or so, I got impatient and tired, but as I started to stand up, I fell on top of the egg, crushing it and getting egg yolk all over my favorite red dress. I was devastated!

  24. When i was about 5, i had never seen that many people with blonde hair.
    At that time my cousin took swimming lessons so the tiny hairs on her arms were bleached.
    I was planning to pluck those blonde hairs and sell them .


  25. Biviana-California

    When i was about 5 o would have this obsession with make up and sports i was like a little girl half like kind of tomboyish and super girly they thought maybe i would come out lesbien lmao... because i was always hanging out with my older uncle which is now 17 and at the time he was 7 and me 5 it was the funniest thing ever because until now i'm a super girly girl haha....

    Thanks <3 Bivi <3 xOXo...... my e-mail is

  26. funny fact: i once tumbled down a hill (you know like a person in a movie tumbling down a hill of snow and turns into a snowball) but instead it was grass. i ended up having to spit grass out of my mouth and my white shirt turned green.


  27. oh wait ps: when i said "you're hella brown" hope you didn't take it as racist...just covering myself on here. i meant that you're beautifully tanned.

  28. ----GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED----

    Thanks for entering, everyone.