Monday, April 13, 2009

MAC Dazzleglass & NYX Lipgloss Swatches

Hello dudes and dudettes,

Now - I'm sure there are billions of swatches of glosses lately but I wanted to share my review on these.

First, MAC Dazzleglass.
Can I say, I'm super happy they're now permanent (all but 3 glosses).
I went in the day they came out for the sole purpose of checking out the shades on myself, I had already wanted to buy Smile but usually - I go into the store and end up buying another shade. Does that happen to anyone else? Always happens for me.

I only bought Smile. I bought Bare Necessity and Steppin' Out when they first came out last year.

Bare Necessity - Nude color (wearable on most folks)
Smile - Coral/Peach color
Steppin' Out - Fushcia color

Dazzleglass are very hard to capture on camera. I sometimes wear it in FOTDs and it just looks like bare lips on film, so excuse the swatch. They're not true to color.
Bare Necessity, Smile, Steppin' Out

Now, I'm going to save you all money if you take my wise advice (that's if you haven't purchased them all, lol).
You really don't need to buy every single shade or every new shade of Dazzleglasses at all. Which comes to one of my gripes about these, they tend to look similar on the lips - majority of them.
The brighter pink shades like Funtabulous, Steppin' Out, Date Night all look alike. Seriously, swatch on your skin - different. On your lips - same shit.
I liked to place around 3/4 groups - nudes, peaches/coral, pinks, bright shades. All of them fit into one of those 3/4 groups.
My suggestion in saving your money - get one of each that you like the most.
I'm serious when I say they tend to look the same on lips.
I'd definitely recommend Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Smile and Rags to Riches.
I'm not a huge fan of Steppin' Out - I bought that and R2R and kept it because I thought Rags to Riches looked similar to my Bare Necessity (big mistake).

These babies are $18 a pop and have way less product than regular Mac glosses.
(Something like 1.92g vs. 4.2g)

If you REALLY want to save money. Here's a quick way to make dazzleglass:
Buy MAC Reflect Glitter (there's plenty of sites where you can purchase samples),
mix it in a cheap clear gloss tube = new dazzleglass.
Texture will be different compared to the MAC (depending on gloss) but it'll essentially be the same thing.


Now onto NXY Round Glosses.

2 words = LOVE THEM!

Bought these for $2 each on

(L-R: Deep Red, Wild Orchid, Doll Pink, Natural, Real Natural)

I'm so used to my MAC glosses on how heavy and thick it feels - when I wear these, they glide so smoothly I was somewhat amazed by the softness of them.
It does feel like it'll wear off more easily but for the price, I don't mind going through them quickly (which will happen because I wear them all the time!)

I don't have much to say about these but they're just awesome and worth the purchase.

Anywho, that is all for today.

Later locas ;]


  1. Great swatches!! I have a few NYX glosses coming my way, so I'm happy to hear they're good :)

  2. Terrific swatches and thanks for the info on the Dazzleglass, I wanted all of them but I may consider buying 3. Great NYX lip gloss swatches, I just purchased a few of their round lipsticks! Definitely gonna consider the lipgloss next purchase :)

  3. that wild orchid gloss is SMOKIN!

  4. Oh these are all so pretty!!! What a great collection! Oh and I love your decorated eggs they are sooooo cute, especially the Hooker haha what a classic!

  5. Thanks for the swatches! It's hard to find some on us girls of color. lol.

    I've been eyeing those, I'm soooo picking some up after I get my NYX Kit. =D

  6. I tried NYX glosses for the first time last week and my only complaint is how fast it comes off :(. I really need to try a Dazzleglass; just can't figure out which one.

  7. Thanks for the advice on the dazzle glasses, I've been going back and forth on whether or not to get some. I do want some of those nyx round glosses tho! I love those colors you got soo pretty!

  8. Yeah, you all should go for a dazzleglass if you haven't. But I think it's silly to buy them all when they're all very similar to one another.

    NYX on the other hand, I want them all! Haha.

  9. Thank you for the comment. I missed seeing your FOTDs on makeuptalk...I was glad to find your blog ;).

  10. sigh everytime cherry culture has a sale, my bf doesn't let me buy it...his reason? my credit card debt...LOLLLL =[

  11. I feel like going to the MAC store and buying dazzleglasses now. :|

  12. Thank you for swatching these. I'm just about to swap with someone in the U.S. and she asked me what I wanted from nyx, I couldn't tell her until now. Thanks and btw, great blog. You are beautiful. xxNadia