Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Is Hella White...

Anywho -
FOTD from Dinner tonight :D

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:

Gesso (lid)
Parfait Amour (outer lid/lower lid)
Fuschia Pigment (crease)
Nylon (crease)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Lashes
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity

Locas ;]


  1. Well some people are stupid.
    When I moved to the south, people told me "You can't be from Germany, you're black." LMFAO.
    I would agree about the African Descent thing though, but not all that nonsense they would say.

    LOVE YOU'RE MAKEUP! You're freaking gorgeous! :]

  2. I am black and you definitely aren't black. Lol. Love the makeup.

  3. you must be from Ireland 'cus you is hella white...omg i laughed so hard at that. that is exactly what I am going to say to the next person that says some shit about my skin tone! i am very mixed and complete strangers ask about my nationality ALL THE TIME!

  4. obviously by looking at you, you can tell that your hispanic. people ask me the same thing about my mom thinking that shes hispanic just bc shes light skin, its ridiculous sometimes :/

    liking the look :)

  5. there will always be annoying people, but as long as u know u, u r good!!

    ur skin is beautiful!!

  6. Lovely look and OMG girl, let me tell you how this post got me cracking up because I agree with you 200%! I get it all the time "you look Asian" or "your chinese right so you must be good at math", or "you are asian? I love orange chicken too!" LOL dumb shit like that and yet my mom is HISPANIC and my dad is Filipino/Chinese. Just because I look more on the Asian side, I suddenly cancel the other half, yet my sister looks white or hispanic and people are like oh no she can't possibly be your sister you don't look anything alike! WTF!!!

  7. why don't i have gesso yet?! i'm mad at myself. what do you use as your base?

  8. Hm, I always get: you're asian, you must not be able to drive.

    I can drive your ass off the road, mofo. Everyone assumes I can speak Chinese AND Japanese AND Korean AND Viet...Dude, pick one. I'm not all asian ethnicites cuz I look asian. Gah. I hear you girl!

    And on the calmer note, love that fotd girl.

  9. Hi Celly!! I love your blog and I think you beat a face like non-other!! You're awesome!! However, this post reads kind of offensively. I can understand you not wanting to be categorized as "black" when you are latina, but why further exacerbate negative perceptions about "blackness"; such as kinky/coily hair. As previously stated, I think you're awesome and very talented. Maybe next time you'll be more inclined to highlight the features that make you ethnically, and beautifully latina without knocking the group of people that sit beside you in the crayola box.

  10. Its ok Nena.I'm half panamanian & half blk and i get it all the time!I used 2 get different mixes all the time,[blk & white],[blk & p.rican],[blk & mexican].It depended on my location though,i got those alot in Cali when i moved to FL i got dominican,trini,jamaican,everything!U know who you are,dnt be offended by what other ppl say.In the bay they dont know any better either,bcuz i'm from there!But find a way to embrace both of your cultures and use them to your advantage when u go places.Sometimes i like when people dont think im spanish bcuz they say what the feel in spanish and i can catch they ass up!lol.Ur makeup is beautiful!Q'tenga un buen dia!

  11. People are just ignorant of the fact that latino's just like blacks come in all shades and hair textures. I am black and I get asked all kinds of questions about my hair since I am natural. Because I am DARK it automatically assumed that my curls are derived through all kinds of manipulation/products, instead of growing like that from the scalp. I can see how you would be frustrated. I get the whole telling people who THEY are. If you are secure with who you are then you wont' care how people classify themselves when it comes to race, especially if they are mixed.

  12. LOL.
    You guys are seriously awesome.
    I hope no one was offended -
    I think every ethnicity is beautiful.

    Thanks for the lovely comments :D

    KillaCam, I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

    Sometimes, but not always I use NYX Jumbo pencil in milk or MAC paintpots. If I didn't list any of those two - I didn't use it on my makeup, so most likely it's just UDPP.

  13. Girl, I agree I had to deal with that shit all the time, my family is hella mixedup and im like 4 quarters of shit but just cause I don't automatically look the stereo-typically way of a certain culture dont mean I'm not jeez gets under my skin and ur killing me with that look mamas

  14. wow this might be my favourite look on you, though I just love all of your looks.

    I know about the ethnicity thingy! When I tell ppl I'm middle eastern they never believe me. They always say I look more East European or Italian! Hello, it's not like middle eastern ppl are supposed to look like Indian ppl! It annoys me that ppl won't even take your word for where you're from though you probably know better than them. Sorry about my mini rant, I identify with this issue a lot!

  15. I'm a biracial baby but I stay out of the sun so people think I'm just a light spanish girl cuz of my curls. But my curls are natural jew curls (cuz I'm a jew lol) and curls because my daddy had an afro. But I get told I'm black for a white girl.

    Ya just gotta listen to the comments and keep an eye out for the most originals lol.

  16. well i understand where you are coming from, but there ARE black latino/as, you make it seem like its bad to be that. i understand you're saying you're not trying to offend anyone, but society puts such HATE on being black, and having things like "nappy/coiled hair" that i understand why you automatically correct people to tell them you are "latina" and not part black.

    latina isn't a race. but hey, you're still a pretty chick. i've been following your blog for a while now and never once did i think you were black, i automatically thought hispanic, but i guess you may wear your hair differently and what not.

  17. I understand your annoyance, but are you insinuating that it's better to have Jew girl hair???? That comment jut threw me off. I'm not starting anything I'm just curious

  18. this is a really pretty look, i couldnt pull this off though, lovely pics! x

  19. wow what a nice FOTD. you always have great ones celly!