Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yellow Disco

I was planning on doing some form of 80s look for Rai's contest but it took on a 70s disco vibe so this isn't an entry anymore and I didn't really like the look at all, I'll try again tomorrow but I still wanted to post it up.

Btw, glitter is an utter UBER bitch to take off.

Eyes [MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Chrome Yellow (entire lid)
Nylon (highlight)
Gorgeous Gold (inner corner/lower lid)
Typographic (crease)
Peacocky Glitter Liner
Blacktrack Fluidline
NYX Glitter in Silver
Ardell Lashes

Anyone saw Rupaul's Drag Race?
I love Nina Flowers - that is my homegirl.
If you're Latina and know who Walter Mercado is, doesn't Nina remind you of him? LOL.
I'm always expecting her ass to tell me my astrological sign at any moment.
Oh, and man - can you say SHOCKING about Ongina?!
I love that flamboyant pikachu too.

Locas ;]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VERY Simple FOTD and Makeover

Hi everyone.
Sorry for such a late post but I've been out and about =]

Thanks everyone for the support on mine and my friend's new venture. We've been getting a lot of good feedback from friends and such. So sweet. Really means a lot to us!

I haven't done much makeup looks but I went this past weekend and kept things very simple.
I'll share a few photos...

My God Son, Aiden. His "ugly" face - such a handsome child. Love him.

Me and Aiden's Mommy, my Bestie Clarisse.
MUFE HD in #170
MAC Blush in Cantaloupe

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
Tete-a-tint (crease)
Shroom (highlight)
Espresso (lightly on crease)
Vanilla Pigment (inner corner)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Ardell Lashes
Wet N' Wild Brow Set

MAC Lip Conditioner

And the makeover I did on my friend.
Don't mind her eyebrows, haha. I keep telling her I needed to pluck those bitches!
One day I'll claim victory.

Did it using one of her MAC Holiday Palette - forgot which one.
All within 10 minutes because we had to go get some a-a-a-a-alcohol. :P
That is all.
Chola Brolas ;]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Start of a Potential Freelancing Career...

Me and my bestie were discussing how our friends keep asking us to do their makeup and never pay us (they do offer something else though, haha...). So, we figured to just start advertising ourselfs and hopefully get some clients in and build our reputation.

ANY Bay Area folks come hit me up!

Oh, what do you guys think of the name?
2nd choice was La Dolce Vita - hahaha but yeah.
Locas ;]

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Requested Look: Tropical FOTD

Cutie Rai had made a request for a tropical look.
Funnily enough, going through her blog - I ended up with a similar look she had done. LOL.
Great minds think alike, eh?

My mom walked in on me while doing this look and gave me that, "what are you doing?" stare.
Whateve' old lady.

I was getting upset because I usually use my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as base for bright looks and didn't put any primer prior, so throughout application - the pigments kept creasing and fading some.
Learned my lesson =/

Revlon Concealer
MUFE HD Foundation in #173
MAC MSF in Light Flush

Eyes [all MAC unless otherwise stated]:
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Golden Lemon Pigment (inner corner)
Gorgeous Gold (inner corner going up towards crease)
Chartreuse Pigment (middle lid)
Teal Pigment (outer lid)
Vibrant Grape (crease)
Mood Ring (lower lid)
Cobalt (outer lower lid)
Beauty Marked (outer crease)
Nylon (highlight)
Black Track Fluideline
Wet N' Wild Brow Gel
Ardell Lashes

MAC Pink Lemonade ♥

I'm always dabbling in brights, haha.

Have you guys heard of the RuPaul Drag Queen show on LOGO Network called Drag Race?
Me and my mom were watching a re-run last night and I so love that show!
I'm a drag-hag fan, definitely. The makeup is so artistically dramatic and the blending, chiiiild... I'm so in awe.
My favorite thus far is Nina Flowers (I love that name for some reason) and I think Rebecca Glasscock is absolutely stunning for a man in drag. Ongina is cute too but he's not very draggy, totally looks like a boy still. He reminds me of Bobby Trendy though, ew. Tammie Brown = scary. But funny.
You makeup fans (or drag fans) should definitely watch the show!

That's all for tonight. I'mma catch the Grammys now.
Chola Brolas ;]

MAC Palette Collection + NOTD

Hello hello!
No updates lately since I haven't done any makeup looks - I'm sick =[
But I'm thinking of other ways to post on my blog - I have yet to decide what that should be. So boring am I, huh?

Wassup with me now? Well... from my last post, I am feeling better about the "dude" situation. Kinda getting over it (not giving up hope though!) and focusing on me and bettering myself. I've lost some weight in the past few weeks which I'm really happy about.
Also, I've been planning my LA trip for my Birthday. Should be fun! I never gone "big" for my bday - so I need a good time away from the Bay. Work has been going well but my boss is so annoying!

And oh! I got someone to go to Europe with next year. I'm juiced. I've been really good with not spending whatever money I have right now so I can save up for that trip. Even though I'm dying for that MAC #226 brush! Ugh. I'm so going to have to ask for a CP if it's sold out by next week or not sold online. Fingers crossed*

Anywho - now the makeup stuff =P
I was thinking of taking pictures of my whole makeup collection but I'm way too lazy to take it all out and organizing them. So I just took photos of my MAC palettes and labeled them.
I really don't use most of the colors - makes me sad/mad. I do want 1 more palette and I'll be totally satisfied with my MAC collection, hahaha. I'm serious. There's loads of perm/pro colors I've wanted for so long but didn't want to spend the moolah on them. Also, I've really wanted to venture out into the MUFE line... but I'm in no rush. Like I said, I don't use most of the colors I have.

Anyone have a request on colors they wanna see me do? I'm always up for suggestions or certain looks to create! I love them! Swatch request is possible too! Leave me a comment somewhere....!

[click images to enlarge for product name]







My babies<3

And my NOTD-err week!
O.P.I. in Time Less is More
My favorite creme-white color. This is in 3 coats.

That's all ;]

Chola Brolas ;]