Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOTD + Hair Dilemma!

A look out made out of boredom.

Revlon Colorstay concealer
L'Oreal True Tatch blush

Eyes: [all MAC]
Painterly Paintpot [entire eye lid]
Mylar [highlight]
Brown Script [crease]
Freshwater [lid]
Typographic [outer lid/crease - blended]
Aqua (Pro) [inner eye]
Deep Truth [lower lid]
Blueberry from Pure Luxe [on top of Freshwater]
Espresso for brows
Peacock glitterliner [next to winged liner - not really pictured]
Blacktrack fluideline
L'oreal Telescopic/HIP voluminous

Max Factor the purple duo
MAC Sugar Trance

I liked it very much in person and it captured almost true to how it looks in person, but my camera is majorly old so 99% of my pictures never turn out how they look in real life.

Anyway, hair dilemma. I have no idea how to style my bangs and it's pissing me off and second-guessing my new cut and wishing I hadn't done it. LOL, baaaah. After work, I'mma go get hair dye and dye it all black again since I know dark color hides dry ends better and makes it shinnier looking.

I dunno if my bangs are still too long but I don't want to go shorter because now I do want my side-swept bangs back, haha. I'm so indessisive when it comes to hair but oh well. Ugh. I wish I had naturally straight hair instead of my curly mess. And it takes a full year for my hair to grow back... it's like over an inch every 2 months of growth. Grr. I'm off.
Chola Brolas

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pure Luxe Swatch, Review + FOTN

Okay, I'm not sleeping so I decided to swatch PL that I just got in the mail today!

Initial reaction: wow! I'm really impressed with the amount they give you for only $1. It's enough to last me 30+ looks. I never tried mineral before and found it to be softer to the touch than MAC pigments. Reminded me a lot like Jesse's Girl's eye dust (which I use to love but now I hate)... so we'll see how my love for them will venture out later in life, ha.

(All swatches were Foiled using Jesse's Girl Eye Dust Transformer.)
Let's begin...

Smug: is described as a hot pink with blue interface. It reminds me a lot like MAC's Stars N' Rocket. Very pretty color and an alternative dupe to MAC.
Alloy: is a bronze metal and these samples cost $2 as oppose to the $1. The color is a gorgeous gold, it's described as khaki with yellow undertones but since it's metallic - looks gold.
Rococo: a very nice basic, true blue color that's not as vibrant as "Blueberry" but all in the same very bright and fun.
Sour Apple: is part of their brighter collection and this color takes on a neon-green look. Very pretty and fun and I think one of my "loudest" looking color that really jumps at you.
Russet: I was on the lookout for a nice burgundy color and found this and felled in love, it's really gorgeous and makes a great smokey look. I tried it on my lip as well and it's really awesome, multi-use color.
Blueberry: Perhaps, my 2nd vibrant color that's like no other. You gotta be brave to wear a color like this, haha.
Charm: it reminds me of "Smug" in that it sorta has blue undertones but this isn't as bright. A nice, basic pink color that would look great with purple or blue.
Misfit: not photo well here but it reminds me of MAC's Bitter & Chartreuse in it's bright lime color shade. I love it. I can't get enough of lime shades.
Risque: a dark red, almost burgundy color that's nice but I prefer "Russet" over it but it'll do great also in a smokey look.
Ouch!: fushia! A lot like MAC's Bright Fushia... pretty color and I'm a fan of fushia, so this is a must.
Tart: I honestly don't know why I bought tart. I'm not so much of a green fan besides the brights but the "Old" look it gave out was nice. It's a pretty shade but not my favorite out of the bunch, but that's just my prefernce over bright colors talking.
Amethyst: I think this and Charm are similar in person... it's lilac color is nothing wow worthy. I was expecting something new but it's like any other purple shade I've seen. They're selections and colors in purple don't differ much.
Grape: another bright color along with Green Apple and Blueberry. My swatch was wetter than usual but the color is very bright as I expected it to be and very true to purple then any of the other purples I've seen. Gorgeous color.
OMG!: not kidding, I seriously said "OMG" when I swatched this. I've been wanting a red eyeshadow in forever and this was perfect. Gorgeous color times 10. I'm definitely purchasing more of this in the future.
Sunny Side Up: I just bought this yellow just because... I own MAC's Chrome Yellow and this is similar in color and matte texture. I like it and this is an alternative/dupe if you don't have the MAC one. I'm not wowed by it because of that fact.
Surfer Girl: the swatch doesn't do it justice, again. But it's a pale light blue, sea-color and it's perty. Reminds me of mermaid color.
And here is my FOTN testing out "Green Apple".

I used it wet, and I won't do that again with these... looks chunky.
Overall: I'm impressed with Pure Luxe and would recommend them because of their large color choices and the good prices.

Chola Brolas

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Black + Gold FOTD

I'm playing with my makeup and decided to try out my first gold/black look.
I didn't bother putting foundation or doing my eyebrows so ignore that.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer
Covergirl Blush in Soft Minx

MAC Paint Pot in Cash Flow (lid)
MAC Gorgeous Gold (lower lid)
MAC Typographic (crease + lower lid)
Urban Decay Oil Slick (crease)
MAC Mylar (inner corner + highlight)
L'Oreal Telescopic + Voluminous mascara
Prestige Liquid Liner

MAX Factor Duo Lipgloss (a soft pink/white duo)

Yay, nay? I thought it came out decent for my first try. I've yet mastered the blending technique all too well, like... giving it "effortless" look. It could be what I use at base but meh. One day I'mma ask my friend's cousin how she does her makeup because she has the most amazing skills I've ever seen. I love her combos and technique.
Chola Brolas

Monday, October 06, 2008

New "Layout" + Prestige Hi-Definition Liner Review

I fixed it to my best abilities and I'm happy with my new banner. Hope you guys like it? Took me a bit of awhile to figure what I wanted.

So I've been in need of a new liquid liner and I usually get the regular Prestige Liquid Liner but saw this and thought I'd give it a go.

Prestige Hi-Definition Fluid Eyeliner Stylist - Black

Price: $4.99 at Longs Drugs
Product: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall: 3/5
Buy Again: Maybe

Pro: I've always been a liquid liner gal and I love ones with felt tips as opposed to bristles so this is up my ally... and similar tip to the regular liquid liner they carry. If you like how that applies, then perhaps you'd like this one? Compared to the MAC Fluideline below, it didn't smudge when rubbed. Definitely a plus.

Con: My first application, it applied well and glided through. My hesitency comes from the fact that you don't dip the tip into anything, you basically have to shake it up and press down in order for the product to come out. Total bummer, because you might end up going overboard and accidently press too much onto your lid which is just wrong! Ha. That's my only gripe on this and I find it be a big problem with it. Compared to their regular Prestige liner (look below at comparison) - the Hi-Def wasn't as dark as the brown. Bleh.

Left to right: Prestige Liner in Brown | Prestige Hi-Definition Liner in black | MAC Blacktrack Fluideline | NYX Eye Pencil in Black

: I have to see how well it fairs out but it seems like extra work being put into - just does not seem worth it. I might just go back to their regular liner. But it could work for others, I'm sure those who love the Sheseido version could find this to be a cheaper alternative.

Chola Brolas

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recreation FOTD

Er. Lack of keeping track of this blog. I look at it but don't do nothing with it.
It's my mission to start using my makeup. I did another look today and it came out well but photographed horribly so I'm not even going to bother posting it. Maybe just 1 picture? But meh - can't wait until I get a new camera.

Here's the look I am recreating:

And my version:

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC45 (reunited once again... I surely don't miss it)
MAC breezy blush

NYX Jumbo pencil in milk as base (only on the lid)
MAC Aquadisiac (lid)
MAC pigment in Fushia (crease)
MAC Typographic (outer lid, blended upward towards crease)
MAC White frost (highlight/inner corner)
MAC Blacktrack fluideline
L'oreal telescopic + HIP voluminous mascara
Some random brown pencil from NYC for brows

NYX pink lip liner
MAC So scarlet lipstick
MAC style minx
Flirt! lipgloss... no name but it's light peach color

If anyone can recommend a lipgloss color close to what the girl has, much appreciate.
More pics:

I think it came out alright. I'm no fan of bright lips with bright makeup on myself - looks overpowering. But the lip color my inspiration picture has is gorgeous. A berry tone. I would've put false lashes on for more drama but I learned putting L'Oreal Telescopic on first and really elongating my lashes and focus on that, then applying a voluminous mascara only on the outer corners really dramatized my natural lashes. I love the effect it gave because my lashes are really puney looking and short without it.

In other news...
So, I'm going to Las Vegas this December and I'm super excited.
My friends want me to wear a dress because I guess that's the thing to wear in Vegas but PFFT.
Hell no I ain't showing no legs, ha - not comfortable with that.
Ugh, I can't wait to shop for that and all the drinks... my lord. I really hope it isn't hot (despite it being Winter) or windy. I'm juiced to get out of the state for once. Never been there ever.

Chola Brolas