Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Recent FOTDs

I have been putting on makeup this week - I just never photograph them. But I did a blue and classic look these past days.

Here's my blue using Jesse's Girl's Eye Dust, personally not a fan of it any more but the color is growing on me:
And I tried out the Cult of Cherry lipstick in So Scarlet. I'm actually really loving this lipstick. The picture doesn't show it's berry-ness and I think that's due to the red gloss I put on top. But in person, it really went with my skintone and I was surprisingly happy with the results :)

Chola Brolas

Monday, September 01, 2008

Review: Eskinol Facial Cleanser

Product: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Would you buy again: Yes!
Where to buy: Philippino stores/online stores

Have used: Eskinol Classic w/ Grains, Eskinol Natural Calamansi

Eskinol Classic w/ Grains: "Effectively deep cleanses to lighten skin. It thouroughly removes dirt and excess oils to help protect skin from pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. It smoothens your skin to give you a velvety base for your make-up."

Eskinol Natural Calamansi: "Enriched with the natural skin whitening and cleaning properties of real calamansi. It also has vitamin C which keeps skin healthy."

How I use it: After removal of all makeup with either wipes or soap cleanser, I use cotton balls with the product. Afterward, use acne medication and then moisturizer. If I had both product, I use the one with grains sparingly and the calamansi/lemon daily.

Pros: Okay, so I've been using this for years! I dunno how my mom stumbled across this but she's been buying it for years. I mainly love this product because it gets ALL that gunk off your face. Especially the ones with grains. Trust me, just washing or using makeup removal does not get rid of all those dirt clogged up - which I feel you put acne medication right after would be more effective because your pores are dirt-free. When you're done, it leaves you with a clean feeling. It's the only thing that lighten up my scars too. I know a lot of asian products focus on lightening skin more so then other ethnic brands - but I like using it to lighten scars, not skin tone. Although - I have noticed a more even skin tone color because of exfoliation caused by the grains. The ones without grains are less harsh but still effective in removing the dirt - but it doesn't feel as drying.

Cons: It helps for acne because it cleans your face/pores from dirt, but I wouldn't recommend this to eliminate them like they advertise. There is a tight feeling from it, I personally don't mind it but I know folks are sensitive to that - so I can't recommend this for sensitive skin. It's perhaps a bit too harsh. Also, because it cleans your skin and doesn't necessarily moisturize - it leaves your skin dry if used excessively. Especially the one with grains.

Overall: I love this stuff no matter what. It's a staple in my face product - but definitely need to use moisturizer and some form of acne medication with it. Would recommend for those who want an even skin tone or lighten their acne as well. You won't see the effects right away, I can say by 3 months - it reduces or evens out complexion by loads! Even in like, 2 weeks - acne scars will fade with daily usage and by the 3rd month, its seriously faded.