Friday, August 01, 2008

Makeup Pet Peeves

No offense to the offended ;)

Now, there are some things that irk about about mine and other people's makeup application.
We all gotta start somewhere - and we're all still learning as am I, of course, I'm no hater in that sense. It's just - you ever get that feeling when you look at someone's makeup and WANT to tell them it's not flattering but can't? I love dishing out constrictive criticism - it makes me feel useful and like... making the person look their best is cool. I don't mind being told either, if I have hella blush on - omg, tell my ass!

But I end up doing the whole Austin Power "Mole" thing - just staring at their makeup and staring and staring and then you just blurt it out... "Mooooooole!"


So Anyways, like I said - there are just some things that bugs me when it comes to makeup that I can't stop looking away. Let's begin:

  • Only liner in the lower water line.
I know it's preference but that's my biggest pet peeve! I honestly think it makes small eyes look smaller and wide eyes - brings more attention to it's wideness. I use to do this in High School and looking back at my photos - I wanted to vomit. I have some friends who never, ever put eyeliner on their lid and it's just not flattering at all. Mascara is not a substitute for this - it's still noticeable, especially on film.
Folks should switch to just lining their upper lids for a simple look - or lining all around for making a day look go to night.

  • Heavy liner - especially on folks with pale skin/light eye

  • Eyeshadow with no shape
When there's just roundness, like a Panda or racoon. Or no blending/gradient effect to not make it look so harsh. It reminds me of Color-On. Eesh.

  • Tammy Faye Mascara

I've seen many folks sport this. I know they want the appearance of voluminous lashes but what the effin hell? It's all clumpy. I just don't get spider lashes and I don't understand WHY you want thick lashes stuck together forming what looks like 5 lashes on your eyes? I give this look 2 thumbs down plus a toe.

  • Sperm Eyebrows or painted in ones
Yes. Sperm eyebrows is what I call them and I use to sport them too. It's where the beginning of the brows are round and the tail is thin - like a sperm. It's not flatering to anyone at all. I wish I could save eyebrows of the world - but alas, many fall victim to this and are unaware of it's spermy-ness.

Also, chola painted eyebrows - mmm, some can definitely pull it off. But the thing that annoys me is when it's unnaturally painted like... the tail/end part is painted too long. My Uncle's wife did this and my mom and other aunt would laugh about her because it was ridiculously long. And also when the beginning part almost touches each other. Ew to the mutha effin ew.

  • Heavy blush
I've committed this too and what sucks, I have dark skin so I kinda sorta have to pack the blush on more for it to show but then one swipe extra and I look like I made out with a clown. I remember I went into Old Navy some months back and a sale associate came up to me saying she liked my makeup and I looked up to say thank you and bam... blush city bonanza. The rest of her makeup look good because it was natural but the heavy, round pink totally killed it.

  • Liberache would slap you for all that glitter in your eye
I love glitter - but that's something you wear little of or for festivals. Not the whole lid. I dunno, but all that fallout makes one looks crazy.

That's all I can think of for the moment.

Chola Brolas ;)